L’Oréal Paris about Bad Hair Care Habits to Stop Now

Hair that looks shiny and healthy tells about the owner’s attention to hair care details that provide her with such result. Today we’ll speak about the most common hair care habits that damage our locks and make them look dull. L’Oréal Paris has revealed out some of the most popular bad hair care habits you need to stop doing right now. The right and appropriate care for your hair is more than important for luscious and beautiful hairstyles. Let’s see what we do wrong with our mane.

Shampooing Roughly

So, the first bad habit we seldom think of is shampooing our locks roughly. Professional specialists and dermatologists recommend using only high-quality shampoo that goes well with our skin type. For example, if you have oily skin, you must choose shampoos that suit oily skin and scalp. When it comes to washing, you must wash your hair with lukewarm water instead of hot water as well as massage only the scalp with shampoo instead of rubbing the ends. When you rub the tips of your hair with shampoo you make it breakable and weaker. Don’t forget about the conditioner, as it softens and protects hair tips from breakage and other hair problems.

Towel Drying Hair

Right after we step out of the shower the first thing we take is probably the towel. This is not the best idea of drying out our hair. It’s better if you use a cotton T-shirt to dry out hair. Cotton is softer than any other material out there, that’s why it won’t damage our strands. So, replace your towel with a T-shirt when it comes to hair drying.

Brushing Wet Hair

Many women tell that their hair becomes tangled when they escape brushing it while wet. However, brushing wet hair is another big mistake you may make in your hair care routine. In order to keep hair soft and tangle-free you may use a wide-tooth comb instead of a brush and gently comb your hair when it’s damp and not totally wet. It’s better if your hair is air dried up to 60%. Then you can use a hair drier for better styling.

Overusing Heat Tools

The use of heat tools is perhaps one of our most favorite habits in hair styling. It’s not a secret that too much use of heat tools especially in high temperatures can ruin our hair making it shine-free, dull, broken and even ugly. Well, we like the result after styling but we are not pleased with the consequences and effects. For example, the frequent use of hair drier is unnecessary in summer. You can style your hair into lovely beach waves using your braiding skills or high-quality hairsprays.

Tying Hair Tightly

And your final bad hair care habit according to L’Oréal Paris may be tying hair too tightly. What does it do with our mane? First, it weakens the roots and leads to breakage and hair loss. Second, too tight updos cause stress on your mane in spite of the fact that they are too comfortable especially at night. Replace your nigh updos with loose braids. Third, you often feel headaches because of too tight pony and updo hairstyles without even realizing the main reason.

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