The Latest Celebrity Outfits to Copy for SS 2018

Everything that’s associated with fashion is always changeable. However, there is an opinion that every new thing is the improved version of the old. The same is seen in the world of fashion. Whatever you may copy from the trendiest runway looks there is always the touch of retro that makes it so appealing and interesting for you. Today we’ll take a look at the latest celebrity outfits for SS 2018. These are the best looks for the coming warm seasons and they will surely make you think big and change up your current style with modern touches.

Flower Prints

Let’s see who prefers rocking lovely feminine prints for SS 2018. The triumph opens Alicia Vikander at the Tomb Raider premiere. Here she appeared with a long beautiful dress embellished with colorful flower prints. Her stunning look was in the center of attention. She has also chosen a neat and elegant hairstyle to complete her super feminine look. Another printed dress is seen at “Tomb Raider” Premiere in Hollywood again by Alicia Vikander. Other popular celebrities wearing prints are Kendal Jenner, Charlotte Casiraghi and Jessica Alba. They opt for the most lavishing and beautiful flower prints that highlight their real charm and femininity. From the simplest flower prints to the most complicated combinations, you are welcome to make your spring and summer even more colorful.

Monotone Outfits

Monotone outfits are considered as the classiest and most elegant choices both for casual and special days. Here you see some of the best examples of monotone outfits. Be it a casual dress or a posh suit, it always looks more ravishing in monotone shades. We don’t talk about neutral or monochrome colors. We just mention that the entire outfit is in the same color. It can be black, bright red, pure white or something else. The idea is to stand out in the crowd with your personal style. You can wear bold colors if you seek for more attention or you can go for pastel shades if you want to look tender. Monotone beige, grey, brown and black colors are perfect for casual days or official meetings. Take an example from Karlie Kloss, Blake Lively, Emily Ratajkowski and Cara Delevingne.

Glossy Prom Dresses

Glossy prom dresses are becoming more and more popular. Yes, they are back and with a great demand among fashionistas. Fashionable women like Kim Kardashian, Kate Middleton, Jennifer Lawrence and Gal Gadot teach us how to rock super glossy prom dresses. This year you can make your choice between silver or golden tones. They are perfect in glossy details and sparkling embellishments. Glossy dresses can make you very eye-catching and glamorous. They are luxurious and grab attention. So, make sure you wear the right hairstyle and makeup with these dresses to have the desired gorgeous look. Always choose the outfit that suits your body structure and works well with your skin tone. Not every choice is made wisely but some of the stylish celebrities know how to do it right.