Kill it with your Instagram Captions: Tips for Better Engagement

Beautiful photos and compelling images drive the game in Instagram, but you will not be able to dominate this platform if you do not have the right caption writing skills in your social media arsenal. Think about it this way: your caption is your number one tool in driving engagement and eliciting attention and reaction from your followers. Connecting with your online audience in the key and you will not be able to do this without the right captions. Here are some tips that you may use to make sure that you use the right words to complement your photos.


Without a powerful caption, your content will be just like any other photo on Instagram. What will set it apart from the millions of images online is the context that you build around it. What is the back story for the photos that you post? Why are they relevant to your followers? Use your captions to set the right mood around your content and to make your images relevant to anybody who will see it.


Since you want to connect with your followers, you have to make sure that you use a language that they like and actually relate to. Take a cue from the biggest businesses that use Instagram to reach out to their target market. They do not only string words together; they make sure that their captions encapsulate a personality that will draw people in.

To connect with your followers, dig deep into your personal branding and use your unique voice when you craft your captions. This way, every single line that you write will help you build your brand online!


People have very short attention spans, especially when they are using an online medium. This means that you only have a split-second opportunity to capture their attention and make them read what you have to say. For this reason, make sure that you place the most important parts of your caption at the beginning. If you are launching a contest, for example, then say it using capitalized letters at the very start of your caption! This will allow you to hook them in and make them read the rest of your paragraph without hesitation.


When it comes to using hashtags, more is not necessarily better. You have to make sure that you only use tags that are relevant to your post and that will allow your content to be seen by the right people! What most online influencers do not realize is that people tend to be turned off by content that has tons of tags. They see it as somewhat desperate and they tend to avoid these pieces of content. Avoid suffering the same fate for your photos by sticking to handful of high-quality hashtags that will help you drive engagement.

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