Kate Middleton vs. Melania Trump: Who Wore it Better?

When it comes to leaving a lasting fashion impression, royals and first ladies are doing it pretty well. Just take a look at Kate Middleton and Melania Trump; from coats to dresses, these two ladies wear a number of ensembles that are strikingly similar and we can’t decide who wore them better.

Kate Middleton is everyone’s favorite from the British Royal family, both for her lady-like behavior and her style. The first lady of America, Melania Trump, was declared as the rightful heir to the fashion style of Jackie Kennedy. So they’re both strong candidates for who gets the more likings from the public!
The two influential women are in love with the dress coat and have a very similar taste in costumes, so they’re making it really hard on us to decide who the one with better style is.
Why do both ladies prefer to go with a coat dress when attending a formal event? The coat dress is a seemingly simple piece of clothing, but makes so much impact! With the right pair of heels it can do wonders.

On April 5, 2017, when Melania Trump was about to meet King Abdullah II of Jordan and his wife Queen Rania, she once again decided that the coat dress is just the outfit. This time, she picked a green variation, a jewel-colored hue, maybe as a sign of respect for the King Abdullah, since this is one of the colors in Jordan’s official flag.

And here are the first lady and the duchess of Cambridge in a sky blue edition of the coat dress and they are both breath-taking.

To show off their bold side, the two ladies sometimes pick more powerful colors, like red. And it suits them perfectly! When Prince William’s wife was visiting UNICEF Supply Division centre in Copenhagen back in 2011, she wore a red coat dress for the event. 6 years after, the public is still obsessed with this look! In March 2017, for her arriving at the Palm Beach International Airport, Melania Trump wore a very similar red coat dress to the one previously worn by the Duchess. Not everybody can ‘steal’ the Duchess style and own it, but Melania was up to the task!

We also saw the both ladies in a plum coat dresses. While Kate Middleton kept the sophistication of the classic edition, the first lady of America went for a striking, glamorous look.

So what is it now? Are you finally convinced that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication? While Kate Middleton prefers the very basic form of simplicity for her outfits, Melania Trump likes to play with it a bit, adding a touch of boldness.


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