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Dear IGMS Model,

We are giving you the opportunity to cooperate with some of the best world-known brands. Since our goal is to make your dreams come true, we recently started our affiliate marketing program. Affiliate marketing program is a tool used by people worldwide. Why bloggers or Instagram models tend to use it? Well, they kind of make their living with the affiliate marketing thing. Dollars all over the place for both the brand and the model!

Let us start this tour with Tommy Hilfiger! Thomas Jacob Hilfiger AKA Tommy Hilfiger has been on the fashion scene since the 80’ ties. He started his fashion career as a ‘solo artists’ by designing sportswear for a menswear line… his own line, which had zero support. No, he was not working with big fashion names at the time. Fast forward to today, there is not a single living creature on planet Earth that hasn’t heard of him. He’s setting some pretty high ‘achievement unlocked’ goals. Let that sink in.

Once he proved his talent in the 80’ ties, that’s when the big bucks hit the house. Tommy Hilfiger took the scene. Nowadays, Tommy Hilfiger is a synonym for ‘great success’. The once unknown fashion designer is what Britney Spears was in the 90’ ties. She hit us well with “Hit me baby one more time”. Tommy Hilfiger hit us as well, and we can’t seem to recover from the ‘hit’ ever since.

Now, Tommy Hilfiger is more than just a first and a last name. It became a brand.  Tommy Hilfiger sells its products worldwide. You can choose to buy basically anything. Men’s, women’s, kid’s sportswear, or maybe denim, accessories and even footwear. You name it. Tommy’s got you covered.

Oh, and Tommy Hilfiger is also licensed for a range of products that you did not see coming. Did you know that Tommy Hilfiger can offer you fragrances, eyewear and watches? This brand is here to give you a helping hand if you need some home furnishing as well!

Whatever you’re working on, the results are not well furnished -till they are furnished with style! Hmm, that’s Tommy’s thing I guess.

We do offer collaboration between our models and brands. If you’re in for the ride you know where to find us. And for our already signed aspiring models, the world’s gonna hear you roar.

Are you interested to join? Simply leave a comment below and we will contact you.

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