Improve your Photos with these IG Tips

Not everyone has the natural eye to be a great photographer. However, thanks to tools like Instagram, you now have the power to turn even the simplest photos into stunning online masterpieces!

Here are some tips that you may use to improve your photos and to create a sleeker online visual branding. Use these helpful tidbits to up your game and breathe more life to your IG selfies and snaps.

Find your Light

Proper lighting is essential to photography and online photography via Instagram is no exception. However, not everyone has the money to invest on high-end lighting tools and equipment. This is where IG’s Brightness feature comes in. With a simple swipe, you can manually adjust the lighting in your photo. Having said this, you should always keep in mind that solely relying on this feature in a no-no. As much as possible, take photos under natural light.

Use the Grid as your Guide

The grid feature will help you ensure that your photos are always straight and are always on the correct vantage point. For properly-balanced photos, use the Rule of Thirds simply by ensuring that the focal point of your picture lies on any of the overlapping points of the grid.

Play on your Strengths

Colors draw the eye’s attention. As much as you can, take photos that use strong colors and hues! If you want to maintain a more muted and subdues feel to your fees, you may choose to focus on strong lines and shapes. Taking photos that have a certain sense of action and dynamics makes for a very interesting Instagram feed!

Angles are your Friends

Taking and posting photos is a great way to capture moments in angles that are not usually seen by the naked eye. Armed with your trusted camera phone, you can play up the angles and help your followers see your world in a different perspective! While there is nothing wrong with taking straight-on photos, they can be quite repetitive, especially is all your posts are taken in this angle. Do not be afraid to play it up a bit and start taking photos on angles that will look fresh to your followers.

Breathe through White Spaces

One great way to keep the viewer’s focus on your photos’ focal point is to shoot your photos against a light background. While walls and backdrops work best for portraits, because they help maintain the viewers’ attention on the subject: the face of the model. If you are fond of taking selfies and portraits, find a white wall in your home and shoot there! No need to hire a professional studio because a pristine white wall will give the same professional feel.

Go Easy on the Filters

Yes, Instagram filters have a way of improving the tone and feel of a photo; but using too much filter will ruin your picture! To be on the safe side, try to stick to muted, natural-looking filters at around 50%. This setting will help make your photo look more interesting without drowning out the intrinsic appeal of the raw photo.

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