Improve Instagram Strategy for The Business

instagram strategy for the business

Have you been struggling with Instagram lately? Feeling without motivation, inspiration on what to post, how to make a cohesive theme for your feed? Don’t worry, you are not the only one. Whether you are an influencer or blogger, looking to break into a business or you are just an individual, searching for new ways to earn money, you need to know one thing – all social media including Instagram is marketing. That is why you need an Instagram strategy for the business.

There are four most significant parts of brand strategy of your online business:

  • Knowing what you offer, and what your audience needs to hear.
  • Standing out from other people in the business.
  • Making your audience remember and recommend you to the others.
  • Creating content that your audience will find especially captivating.

Always remember this – it is crucial what you are saying with some post, rather than the photo itself. Even though Instagram is all about the visual, you need to find a balance between inspiring images and useful content.

Let’s see which questions you should ask yourself when you want to improve Instagram strategy for the business.

Why Does My Feed Look Like This?

Is your Instagram feed built for your personal preferences or audience?

It is crucial to select colors and theme and to imagine how your feed can look. According to marketing specialists, you should think about your feed as it is some interior space to design.

What Kind of Impression Your Feed is Making?

Is your Instagram feed cluttered or arranged and consistent?

There is a big chance to lose followers if your feed is visually inconsistent. You can easily overstimulate your audience with many different photos. Be careful when choosing what to post on your feed (that is why you have stories, remember?)

What Do Your Followers love About You?

Is there anything that your followers love the most about your Instagram profile?

Always listen to your audience. They will tell you what they love the most, and what you should maybe change. Checking out your analytics is obligatory so you can see the highest engagement. Also, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask your followers what would they love to see the most – poll or ask a question option on Instagram stories is just perfect for doing that.

What is Your Message?

Which ideas are you looking for to spread?

You should write down three most important topics that you would like to share and repeat them through all your content.

What is Your Value?

What keeps your audience to come back to your feed?

It is important to stay consistent on what content you offer – whether it is education, information, product or motivation value.

Where You Want to Be In A Month?

What is your goal?

Don’t make long-time goals. Concentrate on a month, three months goals and work for them. Knowing where you are going will make your content even better.

Did you find these tips useful? If you improve Instagram strategy for business with these pieces of advice, let us know in the comment section below!

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