How to Take Care of Your Sweaters

take care of your sweaters

When cold weather knocks on our doorstep, you know exactly what you need to do. Your silky camisoles, blazers, and T-shirts go out while sweaters go way back into your wardrobe. In the morning, when you need to leave the house, you want to snuggle yourself with a warm and soft pullover, chunky sweater or turtleneck. They become your best friends! Combining them with jeans and ankle boots is easy and very chic. Like any other best friend, your sweaters require special care and love. Some of them can be extremely delicate, so you really need to take care of your sweaters.

This guide will help you in doing that. Your sweaters can last for years if you follow the tips and tricks I have prepared for you.

Remove The Pills When You See Them

Right after you wear your sweater, there appear annoying pills that you should remove. Beautiful and cute wool sweaters can easily be turned into an ungroomed ball or fur if you don’t remove the pills properly. These small pills are caused by rubbing during the wear, and they can appear everywhere – from armpits to sides of your favorite sweater.

What to Do: hold the sweater flat and remove one by one pill with your razor. Another option is to buy an electric pill remover which will speed up the process. Do not pull out pills -it can only get worse.


Clear Away Hair, Dandruff, and Lint

Wearing your sweaters for a whole day can cause them to be full of your hair (or your dog’s), dandruff,  and lint.

What to Do: Use gentle toothbrush or children hairbrush and easily eliminate all these things. Don’t brush harshly otherwise you can create even more pills!


Learn How to Wash Your Sweaters

Doing your laundry is not an easy job at all, but washing your sweaters might be the hardest of them all. You should always (almost) hand wash your sweaters.

Cotton, silk or cashmere should be washed after two wearing, while you can prolong the wear with wool sweaters to at least five times. Don’t clean them profusely, unless there is a stain.

What to Do: fill a bucket with cool water (neither too hot, nor too cold) and add bit of gentle liquid detergent. Let your sweaters soak in for about half an hour. To dry your sweaters, gently squeeze the water out of them and wrap them into a towel. They will soak all the excess water. Lay them flat on a drying rack or on the towel.

Store Your Sweaters Properly

There is one thing you should never do with your sweaters – hang them in your closet. This will cause them to stretch out and lose their shape.

What to Do: Fold them properly by laying them front-down on the surface, then fold each arm. You can either fold them in half or roll them from the bottom to the collar.

Pack Them Up After Winter is Gone

When the time comes for a change and camisoles again, you need to store and pack your sweater correctly. Clean, fold and put them inside the box or some breathable clothing bags. Don’t pack them into vacuum bags – they can easily lose moisture and cause mildew. Take care of your sweaters so you can wear them for many years.

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