How To Style Grey Sweater: Style Guide

Fall palette consists of warm red, orange, dark yellow, and brown shades. They tend to dominate our wardrobe at this time of the year. So it is not a surprise that in that sea of warm tones we have forgotten on grey – the perfect neutral color that works with any and every color and represents an ideal base for your fall wardrobe. Along with all-black-everything, outfits that are entirely grey are not boring at all. On the contrary, they will provide you with a big dose of comfort, while still looking stylish and very sophisticated.

Grey sweaters are more versatile than you think and that is why I have prepared this style guide – to show you how to combine it with other fall and winter clothes that you have.

Grey and Camel

When it comes to grey and camel combination, I have to admit one thing – I didn’t like it at first. I tried wearing my grey sweater with a camel coat that I had, and it just didn’t seem right. However, now I can’t just get enough of this lovely combination. As well as this blogger I can wear it the whole winter!

Casual and Chic

Casual and chic – two words that can perfectly describe this look. It is undoubtedly a combination that you can wear every day without being bored or looking the same. Wrap coat, grey sweater, blue jeans, and two-toned block heels are timeless items that you must have in your closet.

Comfy Look

Grey sweater and mom jeans are comfier than you think. Black ankle boots will give you an edgy and bold vibe. The cable-knit grey sweater is perfect for many different events – school, college or work.


This look can easily be called 5-minutes-outfit. By purchasing a cozy sweater like this, mixing it with black pants, flats, and tote bag, you can be sure that you won’t spend more than 5 minutes dressing up in the morning.

Coat and Sweater in Grey

Making a grey outfit is not so hard as you think. Layer your sweater with the coat in the same shade of grey, and round everything off with blue jeans. This combination is suitable to wear for almost every occasion – from work to a late night drink with your friends.


All-grey-everything sounds perfect the same as the black-everything looks. Flare pants and sweater are items that you can wear at your office, dinners, and even special occasions. Copy this chic look and don’t forget to add a red scarf – it will upgrade your outfit to a whole new level.

Grey Sweater Turtleneck

If you were wondering how to wear a turtleneck to special events, then this look can be a great inspiration for you. As you can see, chunky sweater with turtleneck and chino pants can serve you to make a perfect elegant combination. Strappy sandals and red nail polish will give you a chic and elegant timeless look.

Elegant Look

Even the most chunky sweaters can be good to style for everyday working hours. Style your oversized grey sweater with a pencil skirt and pointy-toe stilettos. This combination might come comfy when working – the sweater will keep you cozy all the time, while the skirt gives you a stylish and chic look.

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