How to Repair Your Skin During The Night

repair your skin

The body enters the reboot phase every night when you sleep. It repairs the damage on your muscles, digestive system, and your skin. And while you should have your daily skincare routines, the night ones are far more important. You should learn some tricks that can repair your skin during the night.

From your pillowcase to your night skincare routine – everything counts. These are some of the tested and proven tips that will repair your skin during the night.

Cleansing Before Bed is Obligatory

Cleansing before you go to sleep should be one of your main habits. We know, sometimes you just want to take your clothes off and go straight to bed. But, don’t do that. If you find hard to do complete cleansing in your bathroom, then keep your micellar water and some cotton pads close – at your nightstand. That way you can quickly remove dirt and makeup from your face.

If you leave makeup on your face while sleeping, it will act as a blanket. You surely don’t want that to happen. Your skin won’t receive any oxygen so the cells won’t be replaced with new ones. Instead of having glowy skin in the morning, the surface of your skin will remain the same and the acne will pop out.

Use Satin or Silk Pillowcase

Even birds on trees know that your skin should be treated well during the night. You can achieve that glowy morning look by switching from regular cotton pillowcases to satin or silk ones. Even though cotton is good, it can soak skin’s natural oils and trigger off some premature wrinkles.

Satin and silk keep your skin hydrated and fresh during your eight-hours sleep. These materials are not only good for your skin. They reduce breakage and frizz in your hair. Don’t forget to change your pillowcase every week.

Give Heavier Skincare Products a Try

Unlike your daily skincare routine, the night one should consist products that are richer heavier. They are usually packed with a lot of nutrients that help your skin get that amazing look in the morning. Don’t hesitate to use night oils – they are not for dry skin only. Even if they give you that dewy feeling when you go to bed, you will be grateful in the morning when you look at your skin in the mirror. Also, put on a lip balms, with ultra nourishing and repairing features.

Dry Skin – Use Humidifier

Humidifiers are a great solution for all people that have dry skin. It comes especially handy during winter when you are mostly indoors with heating on almost the whole time.

When your skin is always in a dry environment, it comes harder to hydrate it. That is why you should keep a humidifier in your bedroom. They are also great repellent for viruses.

Sleep on Time

Night sleep is also known as beauty sleep. And it is not named by that by coincidence. It really is true! If you have problems with sleep, there are things that can help such as satin mask or eye pillows, rain-noise maker app, taking a hot bath before bed, etc. Try some of these things, and I assure you – one of them will repair your skin during the night.

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