How to Make your Planner Works For You

planner that works

It’s never too late to start planning and achieving your goals. Think about what you want to achieve and how to make your dreams come true. The only thing you will need to sort all of your daily activities, and obligations is a perfect planner.

For all of you out there who find it hard to organize and fulfill all your plans, there is no better solution than getting yourself a right planner or even notebook to make a bullet journal. Here are some of the best tricks that will help you make your planner works for you.

Color Coding

We get it – you like your black pen more than anything, and you like your planner to look minimalistic. However, when you filling in your monthly calendar, you can easily be lost in many meetings, events, and dates if you write only with a black pen. That is why many lifestyle bloggers and organization experts recommend starting color coding your days.

For instance, if you have a deadline, don’t forget to color it in some vivid shade so you can absolutely see it before it is too late. Also, use bright, strong colors for important dates, such as paying bills days or some other important meetings.

Stickers are Cool

Yes, stickers are cool, no matter what you think. Don’t look at them as a child thing – they can be really helpful! Make sure your days are themed with stickers. You can find many stickers online these days, so there should be one for all your days. It is a great way to visualize your planner, by making it more eye-catching and cool.

Add Post-Its Cards

To make sure you won’t forget any big event or some important birthday, add post-it card on a day when you have that planned. Write on the card what you think is important and stop worrying about it. You can’t just flip over the pink post-it card, right?

Use these cards also to mark the beginning of a month. In that way, you don’t have to flip through pages to find the following month.

Plan By the Hour

You might have heard for the Pomodoro method, which is practically great for hourly time organization. You set a timer and plan your day in 30 minutes parts, which supposedly increases your productivity. If you find hard to organize during the day, planning by the hour can help you stay in track.

Theme Your Days

Many employees use this technique of theming their days. For instance, it is known that your energy on Monday can be really low, so plan some light activities and finish some low energy tasks, emails, or cleaning your space. However, for Friday, as it is known as high energy day, plan something harder, something that will keep you energized and satisfied as the day ends.

Make To-Do Lists

Even if you have a planner that helps you with the organization, to-do lists are still the perfect way to get through your busy day. Don’t forget to write them down and check them after they are done.

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