How to Deal With Mondays Like Pros

deal with mondays

If there is a person that you know that likes Mondays, don’t hesitate to show her or him to us. Oh, Mondays. They can be really depressing. Tearing yourself away from the couch can come pretty hard. Weekends should serve for wine nights with friends or movie marathons. So, we can completely understand how stressful can that be.


Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to deal with Mondays better. First of all, it is not the end of the world. The Friday will come soon enough. Check out the tips we have found that are tested and proved by many successful people.

They Leave Time for Breakfast

A good and balanced meal is the perfect way to start off your day. That is why you need to leave time for your breakfast. Whether you like to eat banana smoothie or eggs, you should take that time and enjoy your first meal of the day. You can even try to grab a cup of coffee before going out to work.

Researches have shown that healthy and balanced breakfast can improve your concentration and focus.


They Prepare Ahead

Monday rush is more than known to all of us. Therefore, you should leave more time for preparing your lunch, clothes, and pack your bag. It is best if you do that on Sunday evening, even before your Monday alarm rings.

Even though you think those things are basic, they can much improve your morning routine and make your day less stressful.


They Don’t Check Phones

Resist the urge to look at your phone when you open your eyes. It is pretty simple – it increases stress levels. Even if scrolling over Instagram feed can be relaxing, you shouldn’t waste your morning time on that. Instead, mute all your notifications, leave emails for your office and enjoy the time in the morning – do your skincare routine and eat a healthy breakfast.

They Set Goals

When Monday hits, you can easily become overwhelmed with emails, missed calls, meetings, and deadlines. The solution to this problem is to set your goals. Set deadlines, arrange the meetings across working week, and plan everything by priority. You will feel amazing when your week comes to an end, and you see all of your tasks complete.


They Take Some Time To Adjust

Even if you love your job, the transition to Monday is hard for everyone. Try not to dive right in the job as soon as you are in office. Instead, start with something small – arrange your files, or clean your desk. Also, you can read a few articles online and then start fulfilling your tasks.


They Find Time for Both Work and Pleasure

After a pretty stressful Monday day at the office, it is essential to find some time for yourself and enjoy. Whether it is a happy hour with friends or family or just a good movie after dinner, it is important to relax after the first day at work. Making a balance is the best possible solution.

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