How To Create Perfectly Productive Workplace

productive workplace

November is always a challenging time of the year – a busy schedule, a lot of things to finish until holidays and most of all getting all your work done. That is why it is very important to create a perfectly productive workplace. It will inspire you to continue working, even though you think about taking a break (that usually lasts more than you think).


Believe it or not, your desk can make a huge difference when it comes to your productivity. You could easily be distracted by many things that are near you. The solution to this problem is organization. Organizing your desk and creating a productive workplace is a perfect thing to do now, and be prepared for the next month that is coming.

Tools For Planning

The best way to plan your day is to have a planner and the strict to-do lists that will help you achieve everything by the hour. You can find many cool planners round, but make sure to find the one that will fill all your expectations. Write all your to-do lists, goals, and tasks for the month, week, or days ahead.

You can also use a weekly desk pad. That is a fantastic way to keep all your plans right in front of you.


Declutter Your Desk

The more things you have on your desk, the more chaotic your mind can be. You can possibly get distracted by anything. You need to do a simple declutter. Buy some fancy pencil pots, mini storages, folders, etc. You can have all the things that you need, but very nice organized.

Add Some Plants

Plants are known as perfect energy and mood boosters. That is why, you should add one right in front of you on your desk, or somewhere near. They help to reduce fatigue, and they are perfect for detoxing your office. Most of all, a plant can relax your eyes after staring in the screen. They can help you reduce stress and make you more productive during the day.


Scents are Important

Even though you think candles can be counter-productive, some scents can actually make you feel better. Try orange or lemon and add a few drops of some essential oil. You will notice a difference in your productive workplace environment immediately.

Boost Your Inspiration

We all have periods when we are feeling unproductive and uninspired. In those moments it is good to have mood boards that will help you back to the old track again. Whether your job is, you can find images that will make you feel creative again – from magazines or photos of your family. Don’t forget to add some mood-boosting note with an inspirational quote on it.


Find The Right Position

Pay attention to your body posture when you sit for a couple of hours. Even if you achieve a productive workplace, still bad posture can affect your mood, productivity and can cause you pain. Make sure your hips are back, knees equal to the hips and foot on the ground. You can always add a cushion to secure your back.

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