How to Create Perfect Winter Hygge Feeling at Home

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Some time back appeared a word that hardly any of us can spell right. Hygge (hoo-guh) is a Danish word that is not possible to directly translate. However, we do know what does it mean. It is about creating intimacy, coziness, connecting with people you love, and finding happiness in small things.

While Danish people are considered as the happiest on our planet, creating and embracing their way of living is not so hard. Simple changes in your life can lead you to that specific hygge feeling. Unplug, make homemade hot chocolate or soup, and wrap yourself in a cozy blanket.

Here are some ways to bring a bit of winter hygge feeling at home.

As Much Candles As Possible

If you ask Danes what associate them with hygge, they will say candles. So, you know what to do – buy as many candlesticks, aromatic candles and put them in all rooms at home. Candles create the perfect atmosphere, whether you decide to spend a night home alone, or you are inviting your friends over.


More Natural Light

Danes are surrounded by darkness in winter, so it is not surprising the fact of them loving a light and sunny rooms and spaces. Your hyggelig home shouldn’t be only light and with big windows. You can also buy and put lamps on the right places in the house.

The best position for your table is near lamps, where it seems you are inviting to a cozy place. Choose light bulbs in lower temperature.

Add Books

One of the biggest hygge segments is relaxing with a good book. Add more books on your shelves, and don’t hesitate to buy more! There is nothing better than wrapping yourself in a cozy blanket with a good book in your hands.


Create Your Safe Nook

Every hygge home needs to have a cozy room with a blanket and a lot of pillows where you will feel safe and relaxed in every moment of your day. Danes recommend disconnecting from your work, everyday tasks, and everything else that bothers you – let your home be your safe nook.


Pick Warm Color Palettes

Cold shades are not a definite no, but hygge is better to achieve with the neutral, warm color palette. Beige, white, and terracotta are just some of the shades you should invoke. You can incorporate them into your home by placing more pillows, blankets and other details in these lovely shades.

Include Vintage Details

You can make your vintage details even more interesting inside your hyggelig home. Danes believe that items in your home shouldn’t serve only that purpose. They should tell a story or have an emotional value to you. However, be careful not to have too much stuff around. Always use a spring cleaning and throw away things you don’t need. Recover that vintage chair and don’t be afraid to show off that old teapot.

Always Seek Simplicity

Living like a real Danish is also to live simple. They always tend to find simplicity in all stuff they are doing. Use your space wisely and don’t overfill it with stuff.

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