How to Build a Perfect Wardrobe in 2019

build perfect wardrobe in 2019

Sometimes, the perfect wardrobe of your favorite blogger can mislead you to believe that you need a load of clothes to look good. That is absolutely not true, and we are here to prove that.

Building a perfect wardrobe means finding pieces that you can wear all the time. Foundation staples are everywhere, you just have to choose which of them suit your style. With a good wardrobe, you can dress easily and with less effort. You don’t have to hate mornings, hours in front of your mirror and choosing what suits you the best. If you choose to build your wardrobe with pieces that are for only one or two occasions, you will look perfect with minimal effort.

Let’s see how to build a perfect wardrobe in 2019.

Statement Pieces are The Must-Haves

If you want to turn your wardrobe into heaven you will have to invest in a few statement pieces. What is the use of staples you are not wearing, or you wear them only for one occasion?

The perfect statement pieces are a coat, a good pair of shoes, a cashmere sweater, and a leather bag. For this year, pick plaid on your coat, choose a neutral shade for your sweater and buy small handle bag.


Explore New Brands

If you are tired of buying in H&M, Zara, and Asos, then let this year be the year of new brand findings. There are many different street style brands that are not so popular but make perfect clothes. You should always tend to discover more and to get out of your comfort zone. Keeping up with local brands in your country can also be a thing to start doing this year. Give them a chance and a mention on your Instagram profile.

Buy Trendy Staples that will Last

If you like to buy new clothes, go for it. However, try to invest in trendy things that are predicted to last more than a minute. Many trends shown at all fashion shows last as the shows themselves. So, try to buy staples that will last, even though they present a kind of season trend. For example, instead of buying cycling shorts, purchase a good straw bag.


Colors are Allowed

Even if many fashion experts advise to have monochrome wardrobes, there still should be a place for a few colors. No matter if you love or hate wearing vivid shades, you should definitely buy something in the color of the season. For instance, this year Pantone color is living coral. Find a sweater or even better a bag or accessory in this shade and make your outfits interesting.


Uniform Formula

We all have those days – you are bored to think about anything you should wear. When you need to get out from your home quickly or you are just bothered to think about being stylish that day, you should have your uniform formula. Whether it is a pair of jeans with a white shirt or leggings with a long cardigan, you just need to put it on and voila! You are ready for the day ahead.

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