How Successful Women Deal With Time

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Every women challenge is good time management and organization. And whether you are working, mom, or student, dealing with time can be pretty tricky. You need to stay focused on your professional achievements, but it doesn’t mean you should destroy your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Being a successful woman with a lot of personal obligations is not an easy task, but some tricks can help you. Incorporate these habits, and trust me, you won’t be having time problems ever again.


Delegate Your Tasks

If you think – I can do it – you will soon find yourself overwhelmed and burned out. Delegate the tasks you have. In the house, make a list of things everybody should do, kids, make their beds or clean up after eating. On work, delegate tasks that don’t require your expertise. That way you won’t waste your time on something that is not essential.


Sleep Enough

Medical researches say that women generally need to sleep 20 minutes more than men. However, this is usually not the case. Businesswomen can’t function during the day if they haven’t had a good sleep. The solution is – less caffeine, more exercise, and shutting off your phones, tablets, and laptops before bed.


Plan Ahead

Having a calendar is essential for maintaining your time. All successful women do that to organize their working hours, meetings, and free time. If you are a paper-and-pen kind of girl, keep it that way. However, you can also synchronize your calendars on your phones, tablets, and laptops.


Not everything can be done in only one day. However, that is when procrastination can occur. If you are overwhelmed or burned out, even the easiest tasks can hit you the hardest. That is why you need to prioritize. Create a priority list of the most important tasks and do them first.


Say No!

When you are good at what you are doing, people start to think you can do everything! And that is definitely not true. You must set boundaries and say no to those who plan on giving you more and more work. Healthy boundaries lead to good relationships both at work and home.


Stay Focused

The study shows that persons who get disrupted while working feel more stress, frustration, and time pressure. It can also occur that person who is interrupted during working hours frequently can produce faster but lower quality. You need to create an environment where no one will disrupt you – staying focused will help you finish the job much faster, but in the same quality as always.

Always Be On Time

If you are one of those sorry-I-am-late persons and you do it habitually, then you need to change that ASAP. Being late is also a sign of disrespecting other people. In order to be successful women, you need to be on time, and puntional, so other colleagues can respect you.

Don’t Multitask

Our brain isn’t designed to switch that easy from one task to completely another one. Trying to complete two jobs at the same time isn’t that easy, and it can lower your productivity. Focus on one task at the time, and manage your working hours.

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