How Freelancers Should Take Time Off

Many people think that freelancers can take time off whenever they wish. That is actually not quite true. With time and technology, you try to organize yourself the best, to finish all the work for yourself and your clients, and to take some time off for yourself as well. Freelancers’ hours are variable so you can organize each and every day the same.

And while traditional workers have their time off determined in advance, freelancers must organize for themselves. Write an honest letter to your clients, inform them you are taking some time off, mostly to release from stress.

In the meanwhile, check out these tricks in how you should take time off. Because we all need a break.


Plan your Time Off and Give Yourself a Permission

The only thing you should not allow yourself is a burnout. It can occur as a result of too much work and no time off. This can also have an effect on your creativity. So, next time you are thinking about vacation, organize and give yourself permission to do that, even if you are self-employed.

Sleep well. It can help your body and mind recover from the work.

Start with the Day Off

You don’t need to start off with giving yourself a month of vacation. Start small, with only one day. Trust me, you will definitely notice a difference. Practice your new skill of not working (and not thinking about it either).

You should always consult with your calendar and plan in advance. Highlight the day you think is the best for not doing anything. Mark it and stick to the plan.


Monday Off Resolution

While some traditional workers need to start their week with Monday, you should take Me Monday off. Mondays can be tough – according to the scientists, Monday is the hardest day to work for both women and men.

Make your Mondays better by transforming them into Me day. Enjoy, relax, and try not to think about work you already planned for the week ahead.

Combine Work and Pleasure

By effectively combining work with pleasure you can divide your time and have more free time for yourself and family. For instance, you can do your work in the morning, before kids are up, and after they go to school. Try to leave your evenings free and spend them in family’s company or out.


Outsource to Your Assistant

If you plan to take time off but you have some small things to take care off, it might be a good idea to outsource them to your assistant or intern. It is the best to let he or she take care of your business or blog while you are away.

This will make you stop thinking about your job even when on vacation. Make sure to organize yourself and to assign the tasks to all your helpers.


Taking time off is crucial for both of your mental and physical health. Don’t let yourself burn out but try to take some time off whenever you can.