Various hair accessories tend to make a huge comeback especially in autumn. We opt for hats, scarves and a variety of headbands that give us new hair styling ideas as well as keep our head and forehead warm enough on cold days. Today we’ll be inspired by the best headband trends that we have lately seen at many fashion shows. These cute and cozy accessories are so chic and feminine both for casual life and special events.

Velvet Headband

Perhaps the most important factor in a cool headband is its fabric. We all prefer headbands that are up-to-date, soft and comfortable to wear. So, taking into account the facts that velvet is both a trendy and soft fabric, we may think of it as a great material for autumn headbands. While many choose the classic black velvet you are welcome to opt for turquoise, dark cherry or burgundy, warm yellow, dark blue, grey and brown shades according to the rest of your accessories and color combinations in outfits.

Boho Chic Headband

One of the most important accessories in boho looks is the headband. It plays a great role in a complete and beautiful Bohemian style. If you are big fan of this trend then choose boho headbands this fall. Luckily, boho headbands are made of soft cotton materials that are printed with small and cute prints to match with a number of outfits and accessories.

Vintage Headband

The choice of vintage headbands is wide enough because retro pieces are in thing these days. You can find such hair accessories almost everywhere. You can even make your own vintage headbands with the help of old fabrics that your mother or grandmother has. These hair accessories are much more fun and fascinating. They grab attention and highlight your femininity. So, try to match them glamorous makeup ideas. Many girls like to use vintage headbands as prom accessories.

Knitted Headband

Recently Chanel has launched a series of knitted headbands embellished with pearls and other fancy details. Now, we see this trend becoming popular day by day. It’s a new version of knitted headbands and comes in luxurious styles. You can match them with various accessories and makeup trends. They are made the way so that both your head and ears could stay warm. The creative solution attracts many fashionistas.

Animal Print Headband

Consider rocking animal prints on your headbands this fall because animal prints are the most fashionable styles for 2018 and 2019. They come with bright color patterns and look cute on small accessories like headbands. Choose the softest and warmest fabrics and stay stylish with such eye-catching hair accessories.

Scarf Headband

Scarf headbands never go out of fashion. Moreover, they are always taken to the next level with modern effects. So, use your imagination and creativity when it comes to scarf headbands and use the latest styling ideas for this hair accessory. Keep it fashionable with cool tying versions and go for the most comfortable ideas to feel as cozy as possible.