Growing Pains: Tips to Transition from a Shorter to a Longer Cut

Cutting your hair short in time for the summer is a great way to sport a cool and fresh look. However, now that this hot season is coming to a close, you may probably be worried about growing out your tresses.

It’s true that transitioning from a shortcut to a longer hairstyle can be quite tricky. No matter how great your hair looks, you will need to go through an uncomfortable phase where it is too long to be short yet too short to be long. Here are some great tips that you can use to make this growing period more enjoyable.


While you may be in the process of growing out your hair to a longer length, it is highly advised that you go in for frequent and regular trims. Doing this will help you avoid split ends that will not only give your hair a funky texture, but will also make it harder for you to grow your hair out. Keeping split and damaged edges to the bare minimum will help you maintain healthier, shinier, and more beautiful tresses that will reach their ideal length in no time!


Image your hair strands as trees. Now, in order for the trees to grow healthy, you will need to cultivate and take care of the soil where you plant it in. To grow longer hair faster, it is highly advised that you use oils and scalp vitamins that will help your roots get a tighter cling onto your scalp. This will minimize hair fall and breakage, thus helping you to grow out your hair with no problem at all.


While you may be itching to sport a more laid back look and just simply let your hair down, you will need to bust out those bobby pins and snap clips that will help you keep your hair away from your face. After all, there is nothing more infuriating than having to swipe your face off of your forehead every few minutes. Holding your hair in place will help you polish off your look, as well, since you will not need to worry about your baby hairs sticking out. So, stock up on these essentials and have them with you wherever you go!


You will get the urge to style your hair using heating tools every single day will sure be tempting. After all, it will seem that doing this is the only way for you to keep your awkward-length hair will stay in place. However, you have to understand that placing your tresses under intense heat every single day will cause severe damage. So, go easy on the heat and consider using follicle-friendly products instead.

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