Give your Brand a Voice with Mallory Jordan

Models come in different shapes, sizes, and looks. What matters is the personality that exude and the life that they bring to their followers’ Instagram feeds! Brands will benefit from working with models who support different causes, mainly because today’s consumers gravitate towards brands that have purpose. And if you are looking for a model who uses her voice to support a worthwhile agenda, then Mallory Jordan is your best bet!

Mallory is a student who alternates her time between studying Russian and French and building her online brand. She loves everything that has to do with culture and languages. As an aspiring online model, she sees her ambition as her pass to experience these different cultures for herself.

“I love the idea of having an online presence, where the everyday person can have such influence. And I want my face out there!” – Mallory Jordan

She wants to work in a career that will give her more opportunities to use her voice and her influence to help others. Right now, she also spends her time volunteering for a non-profit that helps refugees settle in the country. There is no doubt that Mallory has a multi-faceted personality that online followers will surely relate to and aspire to have.

In addition to all the things that she does, she still finds time to work out! As a matter of fact, she does it five times a week! She also ensures the health of her skin by using minimal make-up. She simply uses mineral foundation and mascara, along with daily conditioning to maintain her hair’s natural wave.

“I love Ulta and I usually use L’Oreal. I like Aussie haircare too. I would want to work with them, or another cosmetics brand. I am also interested in fashion, such as Nike, Adidas, and other sports brands or any fashion brands. I’m very open to everything having to do with style!” – Mallory Jordan

Give your brand a unique and powerful voice by working with a passionate online model. To work with Mallory Jordan, visit her IGModel Search profile and follow her on Instagram.

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