How to Get Modish Weekend Casual Style

Weekend is the time of the week when we want to forget about everything in the world and have a great rest. That’s the time for relaxation, shopping, family and just for a simple walk in the nearest park. While we love wearing the most comfortable outfits on weekends there are several tips on how to look stylish even in casual looks. Check out our guide to modish weekend casual styleand try to stay fashionable no matter what, where and when.

T-Shirt and Jeans

This is probably one of the most popular street styles we see every day. Many women wear it the same way others try to add modern and interesting touches to such a simple look. In order to stand out in the crowd with this lovely style you may put your T-shirt under the jeans instead of leaving it loose and free. The result will also allow you to play with fancy accessories such as narrow belts, watches and sporty items. As for the trousers, you may fold the ends outside, in other words; cuff your jeans. It will show some body and will add a stylish effect to your entire look. In case, it’s a bit cold outside you may take a long denim jacket with you or go for some contrast by combing this street style with a classic jacket. Rock this look with comfy sneakers or sandals.

Casual Dresses

When days get warmer we usually prefer wearing cute and girlish dresses on weekends. Unlike jeans and t-shirt combinations, dresses are not always comfortable. There are millions of styles and our main aim is to find a soft fabric that will keep us cool and beautiful at the same time. What about simple mini dresses with sporty shoes and leather crossbody bags? This matching is very appealing and attractive. Don’t forget about sunglasses, tiny bracelets and small earrings. Dresses have the power to highlight your femininity and he beauty of your body. If you like, you can take a short denim jacket to complete your look.

Casual Street Style with High Heels

There is a separate category of women that can’t live without high heels. They like to wear them even on weekends. If you belong to this category then let’s give you a cool idea of dressing on weekends. So, put on a off-shoulder blouse with trendy floral prints and look for half-classic yet convenient trousers with high waist. Go for a few accessories if necessary and finish the look with a cozy bag, sunglasses and hat. Opt for your favorite high heels that can make you feel well during the whole day. This can become your favorite casual style for weekends.


Since, we have spoken about everything regarding to your casual street style dressing, let’s discuss something about weekend hairstyles. Of course, they are not supposed to be luxurious updos or super fabulous waves, but they should be beautiful too. Those with long hair can go for high ponytails, loose waves and super straight styles. Women with medium locks may rock medium bun hairstyles, messy waves and again straight hairstyles because straight is always nice and practical. Finally, women with short bob and pixie cuts can style their hair into loose and messy waves, cute natural-looking curls or go for straight styles according to their hair type.