Accepted or not, fall is almost here. Trends that are predicted for fall winter 2018 fashion are already shown on the fashion week in February, so now is the right time to check them out.
Wondering what the biggest trends are? Well, most of them have a retro, vintage twist. A brown shade like our moms were wearing back in the ‘70s, or slouchy boots are just some of the comeback items that all the fashion girls accepted with their hands wide open. Along with these items, many others are wearable and realistic. Pastel blue, checkered suits, and many others already waiting for you in the street style stores.


The animal print was considered vulgar for a long time. However, you can’t even go wrong with a leopard-print scarf, stilettos or even a bikini. This season you can find this print not only in natural but also in the multicolored versions.


Blame it on the ‘70s, but the slouchy boot trend is everything that you need to look for this winter. Whether the boots are cowboy, knee or over-the-knee high, you should find the right ones. The ones that look a bit retro, but perfect for midi skirts and floral dresses.


It is obvious for some time now that brown is the new black. From light brown shades to Fendi chocolate brown dresses, you can choose a variety of items to wear in these lovely shades. You will be surprised how nice brown can go with blue, red and any other color – almost like black.


We had all kind of plaid last winter. Well, the period of domination of one print is not over yet. It has just turned red. All variety of accessories and items in red plaid were seen on the street style wear. I love it! Instead of buying a trench coat in classy beige, try to go with the red cloth and vinyl. You won’t be disappointed.


The pastels were one of the biggest trends this season. The lovely shades of baby blue, lilac, blush pink, and light green totally took over the scene. The bloggers have shown us many different combinations with the pastels, and they were all wonderful and charming!


You know that lovely print that you are usually seeing on your mom’s scarves? Well, the designers decided to turn them into dresses for a fall winter 2018 fashion weeks. They are made of the best silk materials and perfect for parties, night outs, and other elegant events.

For this season, prepare for many blasts from the past. As you can see, along with the ‘70s the ‘90s are present as well. The ugly sneakers that were one of the biggest trends for summer will definitely stay in fall as well. You should get yourself a good coat preferably in some nice shade of brown and style it with slouchy boots. You will look fall winter 2018 fashion trendy from head to toe!