Why You Should Create Bullet Journal in 2019: Tips and Tricks

bullet journal

Are you one of those extremely organized people who can handle everything? Or you know to be sloppy, forgetting things all the time because you can’t remember where you have written them down? Well, then I should introduce you to the bullet journal – your perfect way to stay creative and organized in 2019.

Bullet Journal method was invented by web designer Ryder Carroll. Ryder lived with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) for many years, he decided it is time to do something to organize his mind and thoughts, make him less overwhelmed and more productive at the same time. First, he created a system where he combined diary, to-do lists, notebook, and sketchbook. After showing this off to his friend, Ryder created a website, blog and in the end, he has published a book – The Bullet Journal Method. It became very popular.

With this year almost coming to an end, you can start thinking about your new or the first bullet journal. And here are reasons why you should consider having bullet journal in 2019.

You Can Be Utterly Creative

Using bullet journal can evoke your creative side that you even forgot you have. You can design, sketch, and even do a bit of calligraphy. Even when you are not feeling well, just do some section where you can show off all your creativity.


Creating Layouts That Suits You

Bullet journal allows you to create just enough space for all your needs. If you ask me, I look for basic things in a planner – monthly view, daily view with space for my notes and thoughts. Some space for to-do lists would also be great.

If you opt for bullet journaling, make sure your notebook has dots instead of lines. It will be much easier for you to draw and make your own space.

Another good thing about bullet journal is that it is non-committal. If you don’t like the drawings you have done for one week, simply change it. Find what works best for you and be consistent.

Goals and Intention

Maybe one of the best things about bullet journal is assisting you to get to your goal and intention. Even Ryder Carroll mentioned and invented this in his book. He identifies different exercises that are associated with setting your goals. He created 5,4,3,2,1 exercises where 5 stamp stands for years, 4 for months, 3 for weeks, 2 for days, and 1 for an hour.

Bullet journal is great for keeping all thoughts, goals, and tasks at one place. The main property of keeping a journal is to be intentional in saving pieces of information.


Make It Easy

Believe it or not, creating bullet journal is pretty easy. After seeing all those lovely blogs, Instagram posts, and Youtube videos about bullet journaling it is now even easier for you to decide what you want from your journal as well. Remember this    – the best thing about having a bullet journal is that you can make it anything you want it to be.

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