Thank you 21th century for allowing us to connect to the Internet! Where would all the supermodels and media influencers be if there was no Internet? And how other would we spend our days than the usual stalking on Instagram?

Maybe the best part about being online is the fact that it offers countless opportunities. So, Christine Phillips decided to seize the blessing. Christine is a licensed esthetician, working and living in Huntington, New York. Other than her current job, she is trying to make it up to the top in the modeling industry. And she is totally a model material!

You know what they say, choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. That’s what Christine is trying to do. Hey, she’s a licensed esthetician, it’s shouldn’t come as a surprise that she loves everything fashion and beauty related. A girl with passion for fashion, a pure beauty and cutie; for her- it’s gonna be doddle to become a model!

Besides her big blue eyes that look straight into your soul and her seductive lips, there’s something more about Christine. Her nobleness! She wants to inspire people to be the true version of themselves. Regardless of their height, weight or body type, everyone can be in the industry is the message Christine is trying to send.

To make things even more interesting, Christine is the ambassador for Empress Boutique. She really can’t stay away from fashion! When it comes to her style, she’s the ‘mix & match’ type of girl. Express, Urban Outfitters, Tobi, Empress, Free People, Rebecca Minkoff come to top of her mind when asked what her favorite brands are.

Christine finds inspiration in other people’s creativity. She is a firm believer that we can and should learn from one another. There’s something motivational about putting your own spin on things you see other people doing. Wow, beauty and brains, she really is the whole package.

The girl who soon will be rocking the cover pages of Vogue or maybe Elle likes to take care of her body. Don’t let them lie to you; good things don’t come to those who wait. Good things come to people like Christine who are not lazy to walk the extra mile to reach their goals. Aside from her daily activity, Christine recently got into Barre exercises. Go, girl!

Although Christine is currently the ambassador for Empress Clothing Boutique, she can handle more partnerships with similar brands. Can you name a person that deserves them more? I knew you can’t.

I have a pretty strong feeling that we’re gonna be seeing a lot from Christine. And we can’t wait!


Follow Christine’s advice and be inspired by her creativity @tiney.bopper. Oh, and follow her as well!

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