How to Choose Earrings for Your Face Shape

The majority of women wear any earring style they like without matching it with their face shape. Stylists recommend choosing earrings according to your face shape like hairstyles, haircuts and makeup ideas. The right chosen pair of earrings can highlight your best features and draw attention to the most beautiful parts of your face. Earrings are a good way to add softness, more femininity and charm to your face. They make women so eye-catching and attractive. That’s why it’s important to know how to choose earrings for your face shape.

Earrings for Oval Face Shape

We start with the most beautiful face shape that goes well with almost all hairstyles, haircuts and earring styles. Women with oval face shape stand out with lovely cheekbones that need to be highlighted with the right worn earrings. So, you can wear almost any style you like but triangular designs are the best for your face. Even the simplest studs look awesome with oval face shapes.

Earrings for Triangle Face Shape

If you have triangle face shape, that is to say, your forehead is the widest part of your face and the rest goes down narrower with pointy chin, then you must opt for earrings that bring a kind of balance for your features with them. This face shape is similar to heart face shapes and requires earrings that can de-emphasize the wide forehead, and create the illusion of a wider jawline. Consider wearing tear drop or chandelier earrings as they work the best with triangle or heart shaped faces.

Earrings for Round Face

Earrings have the power to make your face look wide, thin, long or fat according to your face shape. Women with round face shapes usually look for haircuts and hairstyles that can make it thinner and longer. Earrings can do it for you too. Think of drop or dangle earrings that can easily elongate your face and make it look slimmer, longer and nicer. You must definitely avoid large circular earrings, hoops and button studs as their main function is to highlight the roundness of your face. You may also avoid wearing drop earrings as they showcase the roundness.Earrings for Square Face

Taking into consideration the fact that square shape is the harshest for women, we must do our best to find out the most sophisticated earrings that can soften it. Square face is structured with similar width of forehead and jawline. His means that you need to choose earrings that can soften the hard edges of the face. So, opt for earrings that are medium to long in their sizes and come with rounded edges. You may consider circular and hoop earrings but avoid square studs or any kind of earring with a square shape or design.  It will only highlight the square shape of your face and its harsh edges. Pay attention to the hairstyles you match with your face shape, as they play a great role in your look.

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