Vintage Floral Trends 2018

Vintage Floral Trends 2018

Floral ascents and details always had a great role in fashion. Women using more floral effects for their spring and summer looks tend to grab more attention by their femininity and subtleness. Since every trend undergoes changes by the time today we’ll focus on the latest floral trends for 2018 to find out what’s new and what we can use to look more stylish with floral details.

Vintage Flowers for Accessories

Vintage inspired hair combs, wedding crowns, scarves, brooches and cute summer accessories are all inspired by pastel-colored flowers that hold the super tender touch in them. These accessories tend to highlight your femininity and inner subtleness. They look nice with many summer looks and go well with modern accessories and outfits too. You can create your own vintage look with flower embroidered accessories. Even the simplest flower-shaped pair of earrings can bring out the beauty of your face.

Floral Prints

Floral prints are mostly seen on soft and sophisticated dresses, skirts and blouses as well as on summer bags, clutches and prom outfits. These pieces are mainly into vintage styles and look very beautiful in small and cute combinations of vintage floral prints. You can find from darkest and brightest to the lightest and loveliest combinations of flowers with different fabrics and materials. These solutions seem to be the best for modern outfits, bags and clutches. Many women prefer wearing vintage florals for prom and match them with suitable floral printed accessories. The result is more than fabulous.

Vintage Floral Cases

Lately hone cases have become a popular way of style statement. We like to change up our case according to seasons and trends. This time you can give a try to the best vintage floral cases that come in millions of shades, color combos and effects. We can’t enough of these sophisticated and cute cases that hold so much brightness, positivity and beauty in them. You may choose several floral cases and update your phone case according to your mood and accessories you choose to wear on this or that particular day. Try to stand out with your super girlish style even when the thing is about phone cases.

Vintage Floral Sneakers

And yes, we love to see vintage flowers even on our sporty shoes. Real fashionistas show us how to rock vintage florals this summer. They rock cozy and high-quality sneakers in various styles of vintage flowers.  Even guys opt for this unique style to grab attention and break down stereotypes. It’s always pleasant to look down and see flowers around, let them be printed on your sneakers. In some cases these flowers are embroidered and not printed, that’s why they make those sneakers richer and luxurious.

Vintage Floral Nails

Finally, here is something for those looking for trendy nail art. Vintage floral nails are all the rage these days. They are prom-ready styles that make you festive, and grab attention thanks to their well-balanced color mixtures.  They look so ravishing and luxurious that it seems as if the wearer won’t ever change it.

Style Guide: How to Wear Floral Dress in the Summer

Style Guide: How to Wear Floral Dress in the Summer

Are you getting ready for the summertime? I  can’t wait to put out from the dark corner of my wardrobe all beautiful dresses, flowy tops, culottes, and shorts. If you are excited too, then this article might be the one for you. I decided to show you some ideas on how to style floral dress in the summer. Personally, I love them. They are flattering, flowy and very interesting. You don’t need to stand in front of a mirror anymore – all you need to do is to pick a floral dress!


Wrap dress in lovely green color might be your favorite piece for the summer. You can style it for a beach, above the bikini or for an evening in the city center. When it comes to shoewear – you can style this beautiful floral dress with flats or strappy sandals. You won’t made a mistake if you pair everything with straw or basket bag.


For more eccentric look, make sure to layer your green floral dress with a printed basic white tee. You think it will not work? Think twice! This Scandinavian blogger and influencer shows us how you can look stylish and chic in this combination. The dress has wrap cut and mini length.


The pink color was one of the most wearable colors last season. Don’t worry – it is here for good and it is not going anywhere. As you can see, this dress can work with any other shade. It is very flattering – with puff sleeves you will add a retro vibe. Finish everything off with black mules and interesting, unique bag.


Red floral dresses are one of the leading trends for this summer. You can choose between mini or maxi. And let me tell you something – you can’t go wrong. This blogger decided to go with a mini wrap dress, styled with strappy rope sandals. It seems like a perfect summer attire.


Who says that you can’t wear dresses and sneakers? Oh, yes you can, my dear! This looks like a perfect everyday combination, styled with a midi floral dress with a white button-down shirt layered below. After all, sneakers will make you comfortable, so you can spend all day long wearing this combo.


Aimee Song decided to go low, so she chooses a floral dress in neutral earth tones. And that is why this outfit looks completely adorable! She styled it with beige boots and brown tote bag. This combo can be your new workwear inspiration – especially in spring and early summer days.


Embroidery is not connected with our grandmas anymore. It became the main part of one fancy and chic girl’s closet. Whether you are wearing embroidery on jeans, shirts or dresses, it always looks amazing and fashionable.


Belt bags or funny packs became one of the chicest items that you can have. And who would guess that? These bags were popular back in the nineties, but they surprisingly experienced even bigger popularity now.

6 Places You Must Visit This Summer

6 Places You Must Visit This Summer

Summer is almost knocking on our doors, and we have to be ready for it. However, if you are one of those wanderlusters and you like to travel anywhere, and not only to the seaside, then this article might be the right for you to check out! I have gathered eight places you must visit this summer. These places are hot and cold, wit or without seaside, but most of all they are bucket list worthy. Oh, what are we waiting for? Let’s check them out!




The cliffs are located on the cost of Ireland. This country is considered to be one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. It is full of green fields and wonderful, magnificent views. If you are an animal lover, you can find many different seabird species there.




Copenhagen is a capital city of Denmark. It is located on the coast, and it is easily connected with other neighbor countries (take a bridge ride to Sweden). You can explore it by visiting some of the popular bars, restaurants and don’t forget to try the famous Danish beer!




If you’ve been wondering where are all these beautiful photos on Instagram took – don’t worry, I have the answer. It is Italian Amalfi coast. One of the most photogenic places on Earth – this place has to be on your bucket list! Take a photo from beautiful balconies with magnificent views on the Positano, or go for a boat ride to Capri island.




Budapest is a capital city of Hungary. If you are a fan of stunning architecture and amazing old buildings, this is the right city to visit in Europe. You should definitely put these places on your to-do list: Fisherman’s Bastion, Hungarian Parliament Building, Buda Castle. My suggestion is to take a night boat ride because most of these buildings are located on the riverside. The view will leave you speechless.




Thailand islands are one of the places on my bucket list that is for sure! Let this be one of the places you must visit this summer. If you are not quite prepared for a big adventure and long plane travel, don’t worry. When you arrive at this place, you will forget all about this. Visit Phuket or any other place to see beautiful sea and wildlife.




The island is located in the southern Aegean Sea, about 200 km southeast of Greece’s mainland. Santorini is one of the most popular fancy Greek islands, and that is not a surprise. You will stand speechless before white facades and blue rooftops that all houses have. If you like, you can go hiking to the volcano or visit cities on this gem of Aegean Sea. Let this island be one of the places you must visit this summer.

Best Beach Bags to Choose for This Summer

Best Beach Bags to Choose for This Summer

Beach vocations and pool parties are perhaps the most expected events of summer. We wait for it for many months and when days get warmer we take all the necessary with us and go to the beach. Today we’ll found out the best beach bags where we are supposed to put all our holiday essentials. Starting from your bikini to the SPF cream, here are the most convenient beach bags where you can put more items than in your common bags. It is obvious, that beach bags are the largest and most comfortable to take with you.

Straw Basket Bags

There are some seriously chic options of straw basket bags that seem to be perfect for the beach. These bags have enough space for all your beach essentials and they look trendy in their modern styles and designs. We have seen many fashion houses representing new straw basket bags for this summer. So, you can make your choice between St Tropez’s colorful designs, Figue’s embroidery detailing or Zara’s fringed tote. All straw basket bags come with cool convenience and go well with the majority of beach accessories.

Tropical Shopper Bags

Shopper bags are other cozy and large bags to consider for the beach. Instead of heavy leather styles you can choose light tropical shopper bags with bright prints and shades. They go well with the warm weather and create a brighter atmosphere around. You can opt for medium to large sizes depending on the quantity of your items.

Canvas Beach Bags

Many moms go for canvas beach bags as they come in the largest sizes and provide with mush room for all items both for parents and kids. These bags are seen in a number of styles and sizes. They are usually more fascinating in their creative solutions and designs. Every fashion house has its special offer of canvas bags for the beach. You can find them in resort collections. Try to do some research for summer canvas beach bags 2018 and you’ll surely find something new and more creative. From the simplest solutions to the most eye-catching styles, there are millions of versions of canvas bags to choose for the beach.

Waterproof Beach Bags

The transparent waterproof beach bags are probably the best beach bag ideas. Of course, their main advantage is the waterproof feature but it’s not the only benefit they stand out with. You can put other small bags in this large bag or you may fill it with all the possible beach essentials without the worry that they may get wet. Some people even prefer taking food with them using waterproof beach bags. There are smaller options for kids too, so you can take care of your kid’s beach stuff as well.

Nylon Beach Bags

Choose monotone nylon tote handbag if you are looking for a classic and elegant beach bag. This is a high-quality and waterproof fabric that comes in a number of colors but looks stylish in monotone effects. Nylon beach bags are quite popular and they are ideal for the beach. You can use them in everyday life as well, as shopper bags.

Extravagant Yet Stylish Hair Highlights

Extravagant Yet Stylish Hair Highlights

Hair colors and hair highlights tend to undergo various changes by smart and creative hairstylists. Leaving alone all the possible hair color and hair highlighting ideas, today we will refer to the most extravagant yet stylish hair highlights that fashionable women prefer for 2018.

Unicorn Purple Highlights

The popularity of purple highlights is becoming more and more common these days. Many women opt for purple highlights but just a few go bolder and edgier. Here you see the latest idea of purple highlights called unicorn purple. Actually, it’s a mixture of purple, pink, silver, pastel blue and gray shades that create such a rich and interesting effect both on dark and light hair. This color combination is great for those who are tired of natural hues and want something fascinating in their style. You can opt for this style both for short and long haircuts.

Silver Highlights

Use the technique of ombre or balayage to achieve fantastic highlights on your locks. Just make sure you choose the best shades and color combinations. What about the trendy silver highlights? They are all the rage these days and everyone wants to experiment with this posh style. Silver highlights are subtle, shiny and fresh at the same time. They look fabulous on naturally dark hair and make your hairstyles smashingly beautiful. The best part about silver highlights is that they don’t ask skin tone and eye shade because they are actually natural-looking tones.

Rainbow Prism Roots Highlights

Get ready for the most eye-catching and ravishing hair color trend for 2018. It’s the rainbow prism roots highlights that grab so much attention with its uniqueness and beauty. Compared to previous rainbow highlights this is something neater and more elegant. You can choose it for dark and light roots equally but the choice of the shades matters. Try to go for lighter rainbow hues if you have light roots and opt for darker colors in case you have dark roots. You’ll reach the desired result only if you keep the necessary balance. Prism roots are bright and they have a kind of joyful energy in them that bring out your inner nature and creative way of thinking.


Rose Brown Highlights

If hairstylists used to offer rose gold highlights for the last two years, this year they come up with rose brown highlights. This warm-chocolate-rose combination is so ravishing and elegant on long hair that it seems as if the wearer doesn’t want to give upon it. Rose brown highlights are fresh and glowing that’s why they look so luxurious especially on wavy hair. It looks like the dark chocolate mauve hair color but is much more beautiful and appealing.

Copper Balayage Highlights

Instead of the old-fashioned red highlights now you can rock copper balayage highlights. These are much more natural-looking tones of red in shinier effects but they look bolder and more feminine. We have seen many celebrities wearing copper hair but we offer you to experiment with copper highlights to stand out with a new style.

Style Guide: How to Wear Denim Skirt This Summer

Style Guide: How to Wear Denim Skirt This Summer

Denim is one of those materials that never goes out of style. It is on the fashion scene ever since Levis has found it and made a famous pair of blue jeans. This summer all the girls will wear a denim skirt. Not only one kind of skirt, but many different types – midi, short, button-down, and vintage. If you were thinking about buying a denim skirt, but you didn’t know how to style it, here is the opportunity to find out. Scroll down to see many different outfit ideas for hot summer weather.


Classy and polished – that is how you will look while wearing this outfit. You can think about wearing this as your workwear. It seems perfect for hot temperatures on the city concrete. You can choose between wearing this white button-down-denim skirt combo with heels or flats. It is on you.


Don’t be afraid of wearing slits. They can be deep, but if you style them right, they don’t have to look provocative. You can take notes from this girl and style this denim skirt with striped turtleneck blouse. It seems pretty chic and sophisticated. If you think where to style it – just think about pool parties and outdoor weddings.


As you can see, Hawaiian shirts are not always bad and funny looking. You can be chic and stylish in this tourist-favorite item as well! This Fashionista decided to style her button-down floral print Hawaiian blouse with high waist denim skirt. You have to admit it looks super nice and interesting!


Layering in fashion is something that you need to know. Doing it right can make your outfits perfectly interesting and sophisticated. Look at this outfit combination in the photo above. It seems pretty brave that this girl layered her long striped button down with this short denim skirt, right? However, she gets a polished everyday look perfect for hot summer temperatures.


So many trends in the photo, right? I present you: slingback heels, denim skirt, and ultimate summer trend straw bag. For breezy summer nights style this Parisian look with a brown tweed blazer and round everything off with polka dot slingbacks.


Off the shoulder, tops are a perfect summer staple. They are the best to wear in bright colors and prints. However, you can make your off-the-shoulder top of your button-down shirt! It seems perfect and very chic in combination with a mini denim skirt.


If you ask me what way of dressing is the most appropriate for summer, I would definitely vote for bohemian vibes. This outfit proves that boho way doesn’t always have to be colorful. You can wear your maxi denim skirt with chunky and oversized blue blouse and some gold pieces of jewelry.


Not all the denim skirts have to be blue. They can be black as well. If you are a fan of black and white combinations, then you can always go with these kinds of outfits. White tee and black mini skirt will make you feel comfortable and most of all – very chic.



6 Popular Instagram Trends in 2018

Although we are just half-way through 2018, there are some Instagram trends that are so popular at the moment. This social app never stops changing, and I think there is a charm in that fact. If you are a fan of Instagram as much as I am, then you probably want to be informed about latest Instagram trends so far. I have summed all of them and now I will show them off to you. What are we waiting for? Let’s start.



Many bloggers, influencers, and models tend to share their editing secrets to their followers. There is no better way to do it than with a simple story carousel. They publish a photo that they edited, first raw, without any filters with a title TAP TO EDIT. And when you tap – voila! You have that same photo, with filters and edited. Some of the bloggers went a step ahead. They are even selling Lightroom presets! You can now copy your favorite blogger, model or any other influencer’s feed filters.



Instagram marketing might be one of the most popular at this moment. A lot of companies use this social network to attract more buyers and to sell their products. You can now see the descriptions below the photos that show you to check out their stories to see more products. Advice plus: put all these stories into Highlights.

New option on Instagram is a re-share function. Posts shared to Instagram Stories display the poster’s username, and in this way, letting users tap it to check out the original post. Very handy, right?



Instagram tends to make selling easier. It became kind of e-commerce place where you can see the price and buy something that you have seen on your feed. This comes quite handy for all fashion retailers, companies and others. Buying directly from the app was never easier!



First appeared polls. And now we have emoji polls that are even cuter than the regular ones! When you see emoji slider just drag to the left or right. After doing this, you will see the average answers. This is the great way to engage with your followers and audience through your Insta Stories.



This trend is not new, but it is definitely here to stay. Personally, I have discovered many beautiful and inspirational people through bloggers shoutouts. Each week, some of them decide to share their favorite profiles. There is nothing wrong with that! If you ask me, I love it! However, you have to understand one thing. It can look kind of spammy. Keep this on minimum and try not to overdo it.



Retro filters are officially back! All the Instagramers love it (including me as well). HUJI cam, 8mm or RNI Films are apps that will make your photos look vintage and very interesting. You might have noticed polaroid templates as well. Unfold app will provide you with wonderful templates that you can share with your followers. Make your feed looks interesting and trendy!

Khloe Kardashian has a Christmas gift for us: A BABY

Khloe Kardashian has a Christmas gift for us: A BABY

Thank you, Khloe Kardashian, for putting us out of our misery. It was about time! Just a few hours ago, Khloe announced her pregnancy! And we are so excited it almost feels like we’re the ones having a baby. Yes, that’s how much she means to us all!
Now it’s official, people. Another Kardashian is coming to this world. After Kim and Kanye gave us the good news about their third child, Khloe only made things better.

Khloe Kardashian is expecting her first born to boyfriend Tristan Thompson. To whoever that friend was who set them up on a blind date – WE LOVE YOU! The 26-year-old basketball player and 33-year-old reality star started dating a year ago.

These two lovebirds are all over each other all the time. Of course, we wanted more. There were some rumours going on about their engagement, but Khloe shut them off in August interview with You magazine. She explained that she is happy with how things are.


We were a bit disappointed to hear this, but they had bigger things in store for us. All forgiven, you guys, now that you are going to be parents! Who needs a ring when they’re about to have a baby! If there’s one thing that can top a diamond, the thing must be a tiny human!

Khloe and Tristan seem to have connected on a much deeper, meaningful level than just holding hands. It’s Khloe’s words, not mine.


How lovely it is to see two people who appreciate each other that much. Even better, it is adorable the things love can produce. A baby is the biggest blessing. They are going to enjoy being stars in this real-life movie called parenthood.
Tristian Thompson is already a father to a 1-year-old son, Prince Oliver. Now, he has the chance to raise a child with the woman of his dreams!

Khloe Kardashian had this dream of becoming a mother since forever. She, and her ex-husband, Lamar Odom were married from 2009 – 2016, although they split in 2013. The ex-pair were also trying to have a baby, but they’ve had some struggles. I guess God had bigger plans for her.


Now that Khloe shared her news with the world, we can’t wait till Kylie Jenner shines some light on her possible pregnancy. Although everybody is convinced that the makeup mogul is about to have a baby with boyfriend Travis Scott, we can’t be sure until she confirms it.

Khloe Kardashian gave us the perfect ending of 2017. Who knows, maybe Kylie Jenner wants to give us an amazing start for next year!

How to Get Ready for Swimsuit Season

How to Get Ready for Swimsuit Season

We wait for the sunny season with such a great excitement as if it’s something very special and important in our lives. Well, actually it’s one of the best times of the year that gifts us unforgettable moments and memories. The lovely sun that shines on the sea and warms up the soft sand is so pleasant when you are on the beach. While men have nothing to prepare for the beach season, women have a lot to care about. Today we’ll discuss some tips on how to get ready for the swimsuit season. That is to say, your final look for the beach should be perfect. So, let’s go!

Get Rid of Unwanted Hair

It’s more than obvious that your first task is to get rid of hair from legs and bikini, but since we are here to discuss everything about the swimsuit season in a detailed manner, we recommend you find the most reliable and useful way of dehair your body. This is perhaps one of the most important things you must take care of before going to the beach. Nowadays, there are several good ideas of getting rid of hair. Choose the one that works well with your skin features. From shaving and waxing to photo and laser epilation, there are a number of useful ways. The choice is up to you.

Choose a New Swimsuit

Your body shape changes by the time and it’s recommended to buy a new swimsuit for each season. In addition, every season comes with new and more fashionable swimsuits trends that make you change your style. So, if you have been using one-piece swimsuit so long but your body shape is smashingly beautiful and slim you may go for a two-piece bikini this year. Also, pay attention to the flaws of your body (if there are any) and wear a swimsuit that hides those flaws. Luckily, today swimsuits can do a lot of cool things such as hiding tummy troubles or perk up your breasts.

Protect your Skin

Moisturize it from head to toe as the harsh rays of the sun can damage your subtle skin. Always use moisturizing creams, sunscreen before going to the beach. Don’t forget about SPF creams to be on the safe side. You can also use anti-aging products after 25, as you may notice your first wrinkles because of the UV rays.  Make sure you take a protective hat with you as well as sunglasses and a bottle of water to stay hydrated during the day.


At last but not least, go for some workout to prepare your body for the desired perfect beach look. Shaping up for summer is definitely a must because even thin and slim women can gain cellulite during winter.  Actually, it’s better if you have your workout routine for the year round. Find your laws and work on them to fix and amuse us with your perfect body shape. Even 10 minutes a day is enough for you to engage with this. So, find that 10 minutes and your body will be thankful.



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