Best Pixie Cuts of All Times

Best Pixie Cuts of All Times

There are haircuts that seem to be timeless and one of them is the pixie cut. This “brave” haircut has been fashionable for a long time and continues to be one of the most requested styles in salons. While not every woman can opt for such a short haircut there are adventurous fashionistas that rock this haircut with great pleasure. Let’s see which are the best pixie cuts of all times.

Short Straight Pixie Cut

The most classic version of the pixie style is the short and straight combination. This is for women with thick and straight hair. If yours is thin and straight, then you’d better stay away from this haircut. Thick hair allows it look textured and voluminous, while thin strands look dull in such short cuts. You can style it into stunning spiky hairstyles with hair sprays and special hair styling products.

Wavy Pixie Hairstyle

The next is the lovely wavy pixie that comes in a number of looks but is best represented in naturally wavy hair. Your locks need to be slightly wavy and not frizzy. Loose waves become more voluminous in short haircuts and bring out all the beauty of your fresh cut. Those with naturally straight hair can use hair styling tools and products for this awesome result.

Curly Pixie Haircut

The cutest of all pixie haircuts is the curly one. This cozy haircut is for curly-haired beauties who are tired of broken and unruly hair. Refresh your locks with a short haircut and enjoy a new trendy look. Sassy curls in short styles are very glamorous and attractive. Compared with many pixie haircuts they look more feminine and girly.

Undercut Pixie

The most extravagant style of the pixie is known to be the undercut. It is a combo of two short haircuts that provide with a unique look. If your facial features allow you to go for this haircut then ask your stylist for the best solution according to your hair type. Undercuts are often softened with two-tone hair colors and long fringes that frame the face from one side.

Two-Tone Pixie Hairstyle

As for hair colors, lately many choose light two-tone hair colors for pixie haircuts. Sometimes a pixie haircut looks trendy only with the right chosen shade or combination of shades. You can mix two pastel hues or silver or blue colors in order to get a fabulous two-tone hair color on your short hair. This is a great way to soften and refresh it.

Pixie with Bangs

Different face shapes require different haircuts and hairstyles. When it comes to pixie haircuts each should look for a style that offer the best bangs for their face shape. From the full side swept bangs to the softest short bangs, there are millions of lovely styles for you to make your choice between. Try the style that highlights your most beautiful features and brings out the advantages of your face shape. Consult with a professional hairstylist before any choice.



Accepted or not, fall is almost here. Trends that are predicted for fall winter 2018 fashion are already shown on the fashion week in February, so now is the right time to check them out.
Wondering what the biggest trends are? Well, most of them have a retro, vintage twist. A brown shade like our moms were wearing back in the ‘70s, or slouchy boots are just some of the comeback items that all the fashion girls accepted with their hands wide open. Along with these items, many others are wearable and realistic. Pastel blue, checkered suits, and many others already waiting for you in the street style stores.


The animal print was considered vulgar for a long time. However, you can’t even go wrong with a leopard-print scarf, stilettos or even a bikini. This season you can find this print not only in natural but also in the multicolored versions.


Blame it on the ‘70s, but the slouchy boot trend is everything that you need to look for this winter. Whether the boots are cowboy, knee or over-the-knee high, you should find the right ones. The ones that look a bit retro, but perfect for midi skirts and floral dresses.


It is obvious for some time now that brown is the new black. From light brown shades to Fendi chocolate brown dresses, you can choose a variety of items to wear in these lovely shades. You will be surprised how nice brown can go with blue, red and any other color – almost like black.


We had all kind of plaid last winter. Well, the period of domination of one print is not over yet. It has just turned red. All variety of accessories and items in red plaid were seen on the street style wear. I love it! Instead of buying a trench coat in classy beige, try to go with the red cloth and vinyl. You won’t be disappointed.


The pastels were one of the biggest trends this season. The lovely shades of baby blue, lilac, blush pink, and light green totally took over the scene. The bloggers have shown us many different combinations with the pastels, and they were all wonderful and charming!


You know that lovely print that you are usually seeing on your mom’s scarves? Well, the designers decided to turn them into dresses for a fall winter 2018 fashion weeks. They are made of the best silk materials and perfect for parties, night outs, and other elegant events.

For this season, prepare for many blasts from the past. As you can see, along with the ‘70s the ‘90s are present as well. The ugly sneakers that were one of the biggest trends for summer will definitely stay in fall as well. You should get yourself a good coat preferably in some nice shade of brown and style it with slouchy boots. You will look fall winter 2018 fashion trendy from head to toe!



There are cases when business ladies want to look as stylish as the rest of world but their lifestyle and job doesn’t allow them to dress up the way they want. When it comes to accessories, they usually go for strict rules and tend to keep everything classic, neat and elegant. If you are a successful business lady who is tired of the same outfits and accessories, then you are in the right place. Discover the best laptop-friendly bags that can hold your most important working “tool” in a safe place as well as make you look fashionable. You don’t need to carry the same bag every day and then feel dull or uninteresting among other women.

Jessica RFID Leather Satchel

This bag comes in a variety of shades from black, grey, white to blue, light pink and brown giving you the opportunity to find the most suitable option for you. It is one of the best bags for laptops and your business documents. By wearing the Jessica RFID Leather Satchel you make sure your laptop is in a safe place. Thanks to its quality and design this bag is loved by many stylish businesswomen who seek for comfort and beauty.

Reversible Tote Bag

Soft, comfortable and fancy; that’s all about this reversible tote bag that comes with enough room for your laptop, important papers and even for your gym essentials. You can take it with your everywhere and feel confident and stylish. This bag is unique in its design and color combination that makes it so ravishing and elegant. You can match it with many outfits.

Classic Leather Zipper Tote

Black or white, the choice is up to you. Make it between the Classic Leather Zipper Tote bags for your laptop. This lightweight and sophisticated bag with simple design and style is special for those that look for minimalism in details and accessories. The bag itself is safe enough for laptops and is a great choice for business ladies.

Simone Leather Satchel

There are many posh bags out there but there is something special about the Simone Leather Satchel bag. This is the true representation of comfort+sophistication. If you are already a boss, then you are surely looking for this business bag. It ideally goes with any look and style and tends to highlight your authority. The bag comes with enough room fitting a 13-inch laptop and other essentials. It stands out with its smart design and neat style.

Straw Travel Tote in Eclipse

Who says laptop-friendly bags need to be made of leather or special fabrics? The Straw Travel Tote in Eclipse bag breaks all stereotypes and makes you think out of the box. Businesswomen looking for lighter and more casual styles of bags for their laptops can opt for this lovely navy woven raffia tote. It is perfect both for weekdays and weekends when you need to take your laptop with you even on the beach. Freelancers will definitely like this idea.



Although there are well-known standards for perfect body shapes but we are here to tell you that your body is perfect just the way it is and you need to showcase its beauty in a wiser manner. The right chosen style and design of outfits can beautifully bring out your best features by hiding the flaws that each of us has. Let’s see how to choose dresses according to your body shape.

Pear Body Shape

When we say pear shape, we mean the structure of body that’s wider in the center and slimmer on the waist. So, you need a dress that can flatter your central part and make it look well-balanced with your waist. In this case, the best choice is a wide shirtdress that allows you to accessorize it with a thin belt. The dress can come with voluminous sleeves in order to create harmony between your hands and downer part.

Petite Body Shape

If you have petite body shape with slim waist and well-balanced top and down part, then you need to rock dresses with fewer curves and provide you with fun simplicity. These types of dresses highlight your most beautiful features and allow you feel cozy. Actually, women with petite body shape look very exquisite and slim, that’s why their choice of dresses is wide enough. Yu can wear both wide and tight dresses. Only, stay smart with tight dresses and often use accessories’ with them to draw attention on your chest and waist. You can also feel free when it comes to mini dresses as they make this body shape cuter.

Athletic Body Shape

Perhaps one of the most eye-catching body shapes among women is the athletic type. This is the case when some parts of your body grab attention with their harsh features and show your strength. You want to look as feminine as possible but your body shape doesn’t allow you to. So, chose the right dress. Show off the most beautiful parts of your body and hide the flaws. However, women with athletic body shape look very attractive with sporty outfits, but since we discuss suitable dress ideas for you, we may offer as exquisite options as possible. So, opt for blazer dresses that look so classy, elegant and feminine. Pay attention to the parts you want to hide and make your choice according to your personal experience.

Large Bust Body Shape

Women with large bus always look for dresses that can make them look slimmer. Flowy midi dresses are perhaps the best options for this case. Go for midi dresses with slight V neckline and draw our attention on your gorgeous figure. You should do your best to look a bit taller and slimmer with the right length of the dress. So, keep it neither too long nor short.

Small Bust Body Shape

Choose dresses that can work well with your waist by creating definition if you have small bust. Trendy ruffles, all types of sleeves and all types of slip dresses can become your best friends. Play with contrasts and go from super simple to complicated styles for various occasions. Having a small bust isn’t a flaw for you to hide. You can show it off with all its beauty and cuteness.



July is a month when we search for summer inspiration. Makeup, beauty products or trendy accessories – whatever you are looking for, fashion and beauty bloggers will definitely provide you with a great amount of inspo. With these stylish and unique bloggers that I have gathered here, you will learn how to wear summer trends, but you can also follow them through the fashion week, their vacations and everyday life. So, let’s have a look.


If you are a fashion freak, then you probably have heard of Man Repeller. It is a website founded by Leandra Medine. However, it has become a place for many more creative girls. They write in a unique, witty voice about fashion, beauty and other important things in life. You should really check them out!

Suggestion plus: read a book Man Repeller: Seeking Love. Finding Overalls. It can be a perfect companion to your vacation.


Pernille is the right representative of the Scandinavian style. She started her blog Lookdepernille in 2012. However, she closed this blog and began working as a creative director for Social Zoo. This is a place for connecting influencers and the brands, and they do social media and influencers campaigns. Her outfits are chic, mostly in earth tones. Pernille published a book – Dress Scandinavian: Style your Life and Wardrobe the Danish Way. It is yet another suggestion for your vacation reading.


Camille Charriere has a wonderful mix of British and French lifestyle. She moved to London for pursuing a career in law and finance. However, she has realized it is not what she wants to do. Luckily, she turns out to be one of the biggest fashion influencers nowadays. Her style is witty, definitely unique with a wonderful mix of chic Parisian woman and urban London girl.


Pandora is a journalist from London. She worked for The Sunday Times Style until January, and then she dedicated her time to her blog and podcast. As a stylist she worked for many different brands – Chanel Estee Lauder, Topshop, and M&M are just some of them. Along with her blog, she currently writes for Man Repeller. You can find her styling tips and tricks, personal style all packed into amazing and very catchy articles.


Kate Spiers is one of my favorite lifestyle, fashion, and beauty bloggers for some time now. I enjoy so much while reading her blog. Her outfits, interior and beauty stories inspire me very much. Her Instagram has one of the most beautiful feed. And, yes it is pinkish! Her style is very classy and chic. This summer she wears a lot of blue, lemon printed and striped flowy items.


Born in Canada, living in London – this blond girl has given us much inspiration mostly through her Youtube videos and her Instagram feed. When she is not talking about beauty products, she walks through her everyday routine – enjoying with her dog Reggie and exploring wonderful new places in London.

Do you have fashion and beauty bloggers that you love to follow? Please, write in the comment section below!

Khloe Kardashian has a Christmas gift for us: A BABY

Khloe Kardashian has a Christmas gift for us: A BABY

Thank you, Khloe Kardashian, for putting us out of our misery. It was about time! Just a few hours ago, Khloe announced her pregnancy! And we are so excited it almost feels like we’re the ones having a baby. Yes, that’s how much she means to us all!
Now it’s official, people. Another Kardashian is coming to this world. After Kim and Kanye gave us the good news about their third child, Khloe only made things better.

Khloe Kardashian is expecting her first born to boyfriend Tristan Thompson. To whoever that friend was who set them up on a blind date – WE LOVE YOU! The 26-year-old basketball player and 33-year-old reality star started dating a year ago.

These two lovebirds are all over each other all the time. Of course, we wanted more. There were some rumours going on about their engagement, but Khloe shut them off in August interview with You magazine. She explained that she is happy with how things are.


We were a bit disappointed to hear this, but they had bigger things in store for us. All forgiven, you guys, now that you are going to be parents! Who needs a ring when they’re about to have a baby! If there’s one thing that can top a diamond, the thing must be a tiny human!

Khloe and Tristan seem to have connected on a much deeper, meaningful level than just holding hands. It’s Khloe’s words, not mine.


How lovely it is to see two people who appreciate each other that much. Even better, it is adorable the things love can produce. A baby is the biggest blessing. They are going to enjoy being stars in this real-life movie called parenthood.
Tristian Thompson is already a father to a 1-year-old son, Prince Oliver. Now, he has the chance to raise a child with the woman of his dreams!

Khloe Kardashian had this dream of becoming a mother since forever. She, and her ex-husband, Lamar Odom were married from 2009 – 2016, although they split in 2013. The ex-pair were also trying to have a baby, but they’ve had some struggles. I guess God had bigger plans for her.


Now that Khloe shared her news with the world, we can’t wait till Kylie Jenner shines some light on her possible pregnancy. Although everybody is convinced that the makeup mogul is about to have a baby with boyfriend Travis Scott, we can’t be sure until she confirms it.

Khloe Kardashian gave us the perfect ending of 2017. Who knows, maybe Kylie Jenner wants to give us an amazing start for next year!

Be aware of a SCAM

Be aware of a SCAM

Hi everyone, there are some scammers that register on our websites and message our members about an offer (see below). THAT IS A SCAM. Please do not reply, don’t give your personal information or send your photos. When in doubt, you can always contact us and we will help you out.

l will like to inform you that W MAGAZINE needed your service
for a fashion magazine shoot.Here is the email to contact for more details.”


Good day! Hope you are fine ? I just wanted to let you know that
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Russian bombshell Irina Shayk knows a thing or two about being flawless. She keeps her natural beauty untouched with some pretty old-school beauty tricks. Truth be told, they work better than plastic surgeries. The 32-year-old supermodel likes to take care of her skin; after all, she participated in Marc Jacobs’ special charity project – “Protect the Skin You Are in”.
Let’s take a look at Irina Shayk’s skincare regimen; who knows maybe we will score a Bradly Cooper too!


Russian beauty Irina Shayk starts her mornings icey and fresh. She rubs her face with an ice-cube, which she believes helps her freshen up her face. A glass of hot water with lemon in the morning and throughout the day is also beneficial for your skin, Irina says. SPF protection is a must, even during winter time. Shayk does not believe in wearing makeup all the time; too much makeup can damage your skin. And who has the time and nerves to apply makeup first thing in the morning; instead follow Irina Shayk’s advice; apply your favorite lipstick and you are good to go.


Irina Shayk can’t get enough of her coconut oil. She either uses it right after she gets out of the shower, or she uses it as a makeup remover. In either case, coconut oil works as a charm. Keep in mind that when using coconut oil you should use a facewash to take the extra oil off.


We’re all in love with Irina’s radiant, glowy skin. Her secret: lots of vegetables and fish oil. Other than glowy skin, your body will also thank you for keeping it healthy.


Even perfect girls like Irina Shayk break the rules from time to time. When she has a food craving – she goes for it! However, she knows when to stop. Whatever she puts in her body, she works it out at the gym. Pasta, meats and French fries are Shayk’s weaknesses; but she tries to go raw at least a week in a month.


To have a rocking body like the Irina Shayk can brag about, you have to work for it. Nothing good came from lying around all day! Although she is not a big fan of cardio workouts, and running is not her thing, Shayk enjoys a good Jujitsu or Pilates training. If the gym is giving you nightmares, find the thing that you are going to enjoy. As long as you keep your body moving, everything works!


Washing your face at least three times a day is what Irina Shayk recommends. Imagine what all the dust from the air can do to your skin if you don’t wash it off; especially if you are living in a busy city. A good face wash will take nothing more than five minutes of your time and nothing less than years off your face in the long run.

It is that simple to be the prettiest version of yourself. You just have to find the beauty regime that works best for your skin; maybe Irina Shayk’s will help you out. Enjoy the compliments, ladies!

Instagram Rules That You Should Know and Follow

Instagram Rules That You Should Know and Follow

As an online model and ambassador, you have to make sure that you learn the necessary skills and tricks that will help you maximize the current Instagram algorithm. In the same way that there are different things that will help you boost your engagement, there are also certain habits that will negatively affect your online ranking.  Below are some of the informal Instagram rules that you should be aware of and that you should follow, especially if you want to succeed as an online model.  Learn the following guidelines and make sure that use them when you engage your audience with your posts.


You may already be aware of the power that hashtags have in Instagram.  You may also be in the habit of using as many hashtags as you can when you launch your content online.  However, you have to understand that not all hashtags are equal and that not all of them will have the same effect on your engagement rate. In order to maximize your efforts, you should do your own a research and find a list of hashtags that are banned in your niche.   This way, you will be able to avoid using them and experience only good results from your posts.


This is a common mistake that online models and ambassadors often make.  Most of the time, in an effort to be highly visible to your followers, you often post photos in quick succession no matter what time of the day it may be. Believe it or not, this habit is causing you more harm than good.  If you flood your followers feed, there is a possibility that they will grow tired of your content and you will unfollow your profile. In order to avoid this kind of unfortunate turn, always make sure that you limit yourself to the acceptable number of posts and that you upload them during key times when your audience are online.


How many times have you reposted a certain content because you can relate to it and you want to share it to your followers?  How many times did you ensure that when you repost, you avoid claiming the content as your own? There are different rules that surround the habit of reposting and you have to make sure that you follow every single one of them.  For one, you should not remove the name or any kind of water mark of the original poster.  In addition to this, you also have to make sure that use the right hashtags that will help your followers understand that the content that you shared is not created by you.


Launching and hosting an Instagram contest and giveaway is a great way to engage more people to boost your following and to have your fans and followers interact with your content.  However, before you host your own contest, you have to familiarize yourself with the different guidelines that Instagram has set for this kind of promotion. It is your responsibility as an online model to ensure that the contest that you will run with also comply with the contest rules in your state or in your country. This way, you will be able to see to it that your efforts will be as fair to all contestants as possible.


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