5 Expert Tips for Instagram

5 Expert Tips for Instagram

1. Strategic Bio-Link and Take Advantage of #Hashtags

Usually, Instagram is for fun and spontaneous use but if you are about to develop marketing chain or be more professional while sharing your brand you have to be more of a thinker before posting. It is recommended to create a plan, goals to reach like some killer business companies that have the strong influence in Instagram like Starbucks, Nike, Addidas and etc and be always willing to plan the posts before posting. Even though it is about a small business, one-time project or else there is a great opportunity in developing a great business.

Instagram offers an additional option which helps you explore and find posts that are related to famous trending hashtags. Not only you can search for related hashtags or trending hashtags and posts, you can also use the ability that offers Instagram and if it is easier for you to search by emoji.

The important thing is not in the way you explore or expect to be explored but the way you show your brand through various tactics like through sharing with hashtags or similar posts and emojis or developing a fun way to be searched for. For example for some companies emojis make a lot of sense of sharing through but not always appropriate for almost every company.

2. Customized Link Shortener and Photos

When creating an Instagram business plan are important to know how much traffic causes their profile and how can they get to your website. Unfortunately, there is no precise analytics engine to track how many users have visited your website. There is a link that accurately monitors click rates and it is suitable for business purposes – bit.ly.


Be always careful with you Instagram feed because it measures your quality how good you display yourself through your photographs. The best way to get better profile is to be more dedicated in your photos, use high-quality photos and of course which are suitable for the kind of business that you are developing. Using digital cameras may solve the problem and also makes the marketing more effective. There are also several types of strategies how to get good at taking pictures, but when talking about marketing and developing business the best way to represent the company and yourself is to shoot square photos. You can use this strategy with the digital camera or smartphone because both have this option of taking photos.




3. Promoting partners and Influencing

Cross-promotion is a type of marketing promotion where the target lays along with promotion on one customer of one product of one related product. So this is a famous strategy most commonly used by marketers and business developers as they advise you to do the same if wanting to achieve a greater success. The main idea is to share as much as you can, tagging others or promoting other companies, products of services.

Influence is made by getting many followers and letting them know that you take care of them and daily reading their mail, ways of showing your dedication.

4. Videos and Photos

Some of the best ways to be more successful at marketing are to mix both photos and videos. The way to do that is to post videos as an addition to your photos.

5. Sponsored Ads

Sponsored ads appear more recently than ever and it is a good way to target their audience. Sponsored ads appear on people’s timeline, through promotions or maybe celebrity sponsoring.

4 Instagram Marketing Tricks to Build your Brand

Instagram is a great platform to promote your brand. In fact, it is one of the leading social networking tools that can help you to build more engagement for your brand than other sites like Facebook and Twitter.  Along with garnering higher engagement for your brand, Instagram also allows you to connect with your customers.

You can use Instagram to post photos and videos about your brand as well as its products or services. No matter if you want to enhance the visual marketing strategy of your business or are just beginning your business, we have jot down 4 tips that can build your brand through Instagram.

1. Post High Quality Images

Make sure that you post high quality images on your Instagram business account. This will allow you to gather more engagement from and attention of your customers. Post inspiring, high quality, and brand relevant images on Instagram that can attract your target audience as well as communicate the story of your brand. High quality pictures also include many other things, such as professional photos, casual photos, interesting subject, great composition, etc.

2. Use Hashtags the Right Way

Use hashtags in all your posts, as they are a great way to get your brand as well as posts noticed among so many brands and posts on Instagram. Instagram allows you to post up till 30 hashtags per post. However, this clearly does not mean that you literally post 30 hashtags on your post in order to get more likes on your posts.

Instead, you must use the right and relevant hashtags for your business and brand. This includes branded hashtags, such as your brand slogan or name. It can also be your brand campaign name. Plus, you can also use the name of a product, your store’s location, or the place where the picture was clicked as a hashtag.

3. Find Influencers and Fans

Many reports show that the information that is received through User Generated Content (UGC) is 50 per cent more trusted as compared to the information received from other media sources, like TV, newspapers, magazines, etc. Plus, UGC is 20 per cent more influential in purchase decisions as opposed to other media.

Thus, UGC can be powerful for your business. It is also a great method to encourage and highlight your fans to engage with your brand and its content. In order to get UGC for your business, you can host a #hashtag competition on your Instagram account.

However, the simplest way to curate UGC is to find it. For this, you need to search a famous hashtag that is related to your business and then find an image that your target audience can enjoy. Do not forget to ask the owner and credit them in your Instagram post.

4. Tell your Story through your Fans

You can take help of your brand’s fans to tell the story about your brand. After all, Instagram is all about storytelling through visuals and connecting through photos. The visual marketing strategy of your company should begin with the story of your brand.

You must allow your fans to tell the story behind your brand to other people. For instance, Tiffany & Co, the famous luxury jewelry retailer, used a number of Instagram posts last year to tell love stories near Valentine’s Day.

These are the 4 Instagram marketing tricks that can help you to build your brand by gathering more followers and engagement for your brand.

The Ultimate Guide to Become a Model

The Ultimate Guide to Become a Model

Are you aspiring to be a model? If yes, then this is the right place for you. Anyone, who wants to become a model, dreams of making it big in the modeling world. They want to be recognized for their work and become famous. And, not just any model, they want to become the best like Naomi or Kate.

You may think that becoming a model is all about being beautiful, having a nice figure, and walking in the right way. However, you are wrong. There is much more to becoming a model than just being good-looking and tall. It is about having the drive, talent, and uniqueness to support your beauty. In this blog post, you get to learn some tips that can assist you in your journey of becoming a model.

  1. Know what type of modeling you like

The first step to become a model is to be aware of the modeling type that you prefer to do. There are several different types of modeling areas to choose from, ranging from print that centers on magazine photo shoots to runway modeling where you need to walk the catwalk for brands.Other than these, there are also other commercial options like being a catalogue or swimsuit model.

There is also plus size modeling, which is soon catching up. No matter which modeling type you choose, most of the female models have a minimum height of 5’7″ and typically girls having a height of 6’0″ are preferred.

  1. Get the right modeling agency

After you have discovered what type of modeling you want to do, you should search for a modeling agency that is specifically dedicated to the modeling type you chose. You can start your search online, which is quite easy to do as you just have to type ‘model agency’ in the search bar. Make sure that you seek a modeling agency that is in your locality or local to your area. After you find one, you should do more research on that agency.

See the models that they represent, the type of jobs they book, etc.Additionally, look if there are any online complaints about that agency. Stay away from any agency that openly asks for money. This also includes some of the modeling schools. There are scores of fake companies that try to take advantage of hopeful talent, so beware of such agencies.

  1. Click impressive photos

When you have got the right agency for yourself, you must contact them. Most of the modeling agencies require you to fill their form online, along with your stats and photos. By stats, I mean your weight, measurements, and height. Additionally, send your nicest photos to them. This does not mean that you have to get a professional photo shoot done.

Many agencies just need to see simple digital photographs. Remember to include a full-length shot and head shot in your photos. Take the picture in natural light, so that the agency people can see your features. Wear pants and a simple tank top without doing any makeup. Then, wait for some time for their response. Typically, a modeling agency replies within 4 weeks.

So, these are some of the tips that can help you become a successful model pretty quickly. Use these tips to get ahead in your modeling career and see how you get more work in this field.

5 Tips to Take Instagram Selfie like a Male Model

5 Tips to Take Instagram Selfie like a Male Model

Are you an aspiring male model on Instagram? Do you want to know how you can click perfect selfies for your Instagram account? If yes, then this blog post is for you. Although, there are a lot of posts on how to click selfies and tips from female models on selfies, there is rarely one for males.

Therefore, we have come out with some tips that can help you to take Instagram selfies like a male model. These tips include some important points that some of the really hot looking models of the Milan Fashion Week have given.

No matter, if you are in London, Milan, Paris, New York, or Florence, you would know the best things including clothes, as these are the places that are famous for their fashion weeks. You would know the best coffee, sparkling water, after-parties, and people.

However, one of the other important things in fashion weeks is the self-inducing selfies of models, both males as well as females. And, these selfies get most of the likes on Instagram due to how perfect they look.

But, now you too can click selfies like models and get lots of likes on your Instagram pictures. How? Just read on about the tips given by male models themselves. Their secrets include group shots, shirtless mirror pictures, famous girlfriends, and so on.

1. Get familiar with your phone

First of all, you must know that a selfie is different from other pictures, as it is taken by you. It is not a picture that is taken by your colleague or girlfriend, but you. Therefore, you must learn how to do it well by practicing and clicking a lot of selfies. This way you can click better selfies, by knowing which pose, what type of light, etc. suits you. Plus, you must get familiar with the buttons of your phone. Experts use the top volume button to click a picture in place of the standard camera button.

2. Arrange your shot

Make sure that your selfie shows something interesting and cool that people would like to see, such as a plane, a baller hotel room, a limousine, the backstage area, your cool friends, etc.  Do not get plain selfies with no one or nothing in the background.  And, go easy on animals and babies.

3. Find the right light

For a great selfie, it is important that it should be clicked in the right light. For this, you can take your selfie in different lights in various angles and see what suits you. Natural light is great. Additionally, you must lift your face and then click your selfie. Avoid backlight, save for if you want to click an artistic selfie, which is very creative if you get it right.

4. Do something

Smile, show your abs, squint a bit, wave, give a blue steel pose, make a peace sign, or do anything else. You must do something in your selfie. No one wants to look at your boring picture, sitting alone in your workplace, doing nothing. So, make sure that you make some pose, while clicking your selfie.

5. Have fun

Most of all, you must have fun in your picture. Enjoy your life and live it in the best way. For instance, you are at a party, get some quiet place like the balcony and click a selfie with your friends or eat something nice and put the picture on Instagram.


These are the five tips that can help you take Instagram selfie like a male model.

3 Tips on How to Become an Instagram Model

3 Tips on How to Become an Instagram Model

Do you want to increase your followers on Instagram?  Do you want to get recognized on Instagram? Are you an aspiring model on Instagram? If the answer to any of these questions is a yes for you, then this blog post is certainly for you.

Instagram is full of models, who post their beautiful photographs on this photos sharing site almost daily. Some people think that these models do not have anything else other than their looks. However, one thing that they surely know is how to do creative marketing.

There are many marketing tricks that you can learn from models. These tricks can help you to grow your Instagram account as well as to become a model on Instagram. So, have a look at the 3 marketing techniques that you can learn from models on Instagram.

1. Time your Instagram posts

You should time, when you post. Do not just post whenever you feel like. This is because it is not necessary that your followers will be online when you post on Instagram, which means they would not see your posts or status updates.If you want to know when you should post on Instagram, you can take help of free tools that can help you to determine the time when a lot of your Instagram followers are online.

Moreover, these tools can also analyze your other social profiles, like Twitter and Google Plus, and let you know the best time to post for you.

2. Cross-promote your different accounts

Most of the people have their profiles on different social networks, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Plus, it is most likely that you do not have the same followers and friends on all of your social media profiles.

This gives you a reason to cross-promote your different accounts. For instance, you can post on your LinkedIn account one or two times a month, asking people to follow you on Facebook or Twitter. On Twitter, you can ask people to be your friend on Facebook.

However, you must make sure that when you do this, you do not cross-promote over one network at one time, otherwise you will get a retreating return. So, if you told your Facebook friends to follow you on both LinkedIn as well as Twitter, then it would not be as successful as if you ask them to follow you on only one social media network.

3. A Shout for a shout

In every social network there are popular users. No matter if you are famous or not, you want to increase your followers. For this, you should network as well as approach other users on Instagram in order to cross-promote your profile.

In simple words, you can ask your followers to follow another Instagram member and that member can do the same thing for you. By frequently following this technique with other Instagram members, you can develop your Instagram account. Plus, it can also work on other social media networks, like Facebook and Twitter, besides Instagram.

These are the 3 tips through which you can become famous and a recognized face on Instagram. You can also become an Instagram model by following these tricks.