Top 10 Instagram Do’s for Businesses

Top 10 Instagram Do’s for Businesses

Instagram is widely used by people across the world. No matter if it is for personal purposes or for business purposes, Instagram has become a favorite of many users as compared to other social platforms. The reason behind this is that Instagram has universal content and is more anonymous that other social media platforms like Facebook.

This shows that Instagram is a very appealing social media platform, particularly for businesses who want to grow their brand and the image of their brand. Instagram is an ideal social platform to make your brand identifiable.

However, you need to follow some guidelines before you use Instagram for your company’s benefit. If you do not use this photo-sharing platform the right way, then it may take long to get your brand recognized.

You need to market your brand properly on Instagram by posting nice and unique pictures with clever captions. Moreover, the pictures should be trending at the time when you post them. So, if you want to become an Instagram master, read these 10 do’s to make your business grow through Instagram.

1. Use high quality photos

You should post high quality photos on Instagram with a consistent style. You can also edit your images. However, make sure that you use a similar set of filters in order to provide a more professional feel to your Instagram account.

2. Use hashtags

Use trending and famous hashtags to categorize your Instagram content. Additionally, you can use hashtags to track content generated for a contest or by your users.

3. Design beautiful quotes

Write beautiful quotes on your Instagram account and share them on your feed of Instagram for variety. You can design your quotes using Photoshop or any other app especially meant for this purpose. You can also use your quotes as hashtags in order to receive additional views on Instagram.

4. Follow and interact

You must follow and interact with users in your niche on Instagram. The key is to be social on Instagram.

5. Share

Share content about your business, such as sneak peeks of the upcoming releases from your brand, behind the scenes of your company, etc. This will allow your customers to know better about your brand and company.

6. Time your posts

You should time your Instagram posts by checking the time when your users are the most active on this photo-sharing platform. Plus, you should post at least one time in a day.

7. Write a good bio

Write a nice bio for your Instagram account. Make sure that you include the link to your company’s website in your profile of Instagram.

8. Write good captions

Add a nice caption to every post. You can also include hashtags in your captions. You can also ask questions in your captions in order to engage with your customers. Captions can enhance the appeal of your picture.

9. Tempt users

Make sure that you give some reason to your customers to ensure that they follow you. You can offer rewards to your followers every now and then. You can also start a contest, offer goodies, or give a promotion to lure your users. Ensure that you share valuable content with your followers.

10. Track your results

Ensure that you track your results in order to see how your efforts work. You can track your posts’ performance on Instagram and see what material engages users the most. You can also see the most efficient time of your audience.

So, use these top 10 do’s in order to promote your business on Instagram. By using these tips, you can grow your brand and make it more popular.

Top 10 Instagram Don’ts for Businesses

Top 10 Instagram Don’ts for Businesses

Instagram is a great social media network for your company’s visibility and branding. You can curate and share images as well as videos on this social networking platform in order to attract customers for your brand. By posting unique and great content, you can enhance the experience of any Instagram user who visits your company’s account. However, it is imperative that you use this photo sharing platform in the right way to benefit from it.

Just like there are marketing guidelines for all other social media platforms, Instagram too has some set of rules for businesses, which are important to create an authentic and continuously growing Instagram feed. In this article, you will learn about the top 10 Instagram don’t for your business, which you should avoid in order to be on the right path to maximize the social media presence of your business through Instagram.

  1. 1. Do not post irrelevant content

Make sure that your posts focus on your brand and are related to the interests of your target followers or audience. Context is important, which means your content should be relevant. You should not post irrelevant content to boost attention or get engagement.

2. Do not over post

Although, it is important that you post on Instagram every day, you should avoid posting too much on Instagram. If you post a lot, you can annoy your customers. You should just post 3 posts at the maximum in a day, unless you have an audience that reacts better to more posts.

3. Do not ignore your profile

You should not ignore your Instagram profile and must pay attention to it. Write a good bio of your company, which describes it well to your customers.

4. Do not like your own posts

You should not like or favorite your own posts on Instagram even if you like them. Instead, you should encourage your staff to like and share the material of your company.

5. Do not use follow bots or auto-commenters

You must not use follow bots or auto commenters for your business Instagram account as they can annoy your customers. Generic auto comments and getting followed repeatedly by the same person is vexatious.

6. Do not ignore networking

Make good connections on Instagram and thus grow your brand by building quality relationships and networking on Instagram. This way your brand can get popular and you can get recognition.

7. Do not overshare

Although, you must share your posts on Instagram, make sure you do not share too much information with your followers or audience. For instance, if you post pictures or hints of a new product that you are going to launch, then you can destroy the whole product launch.

8. Do not be spammy

Do not spam your followers or customers on Instagram. This means you should not post the same information again and again or not inundate your followers with lots of content. If you do this, you can lose your followers and even become a nuisance for them.

10. Do not connect with everyone

You should not follow everyone who follows your Instagram account. Only connect with people who can represent your business or you in a good way.

10. Do not delete negative comments

You should not delete negative comments about your company on Instagram, but rather you should acknowledge what problems your customers are having with your product(s). It will make your customers happy and satisfied as well as prevent your company from a PR problem later on.

Avoid these 10 don’ts of Instagram and make your business grow through this social media platform.

The Most Discussed Issues on Facebook and Instagram

The Most Discussed Issues on Facebook and Instagram

Both Facebook and Instagram are popular social media networks that are used by over millions of active users every day. Where Facebook is most used to connect with friends through chatting and posts, Instagram is used to connect to people by posting pictures. Both these social media networks are famous in their own way.

Besides personal fun, many people today use social media to grow their business. They let their customers know about their business by posting pictures on Instagram as well as Facebook. Through social media, people get to know about the latest happenings that are going on in their favorite company or brand.

Both Instagram as well as Facebook have their own hot topics that change in every few months. In this article, we will discuss some of the latest trending topics on Facebook and Instagram right now. So, read on to find out about the most discussed issues on Facebook and Instagram.

1. Halloween

One of the biggest focuses on Instagram and Facebook was Halloween. This famous event, which appears every year, got the most attention from young female users. On the other hand, baseball was a major area of focus among male users.

3. Politics

The US elections were a key topic of discussion on Instagram and Facebook among everyone, including journalists and politicians. These people used Facebook Live in order to report on and promote their campaign. Both Hillary Clinton as well as Donald Trump got a lot of mentions. Apart from these, Robert DeNiro and Michael Moore were discussed for their contributions in the elections.

Another most discussed topic on Facebook and Instagram was Wikileaks. There was also discussion about the BBC News coverage of Brexit.

3. Entertainment

The return of the famous television series, The Walking Dead, was a trending topic in entertainment. Besides this, the recent ordeal of Kim Kardashian in Paris, where she was robbed at gunpoint, was also discussed by many people on Instagram and Facebook. The theatrical release of Doctor Strange, Beauty and the Beast, Christmas, Veterans Day, and Black Friday was also hot topics among the ladies on Facebook and Instagram.

4. Music

The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and their return was the most discussed topic in music on Facebook and Instagram. Besides this, there was Dita Von Tease, 80s pop stars Culture Club and Boy George, and EDM star Basshunter.

5. Sports

The highest trending sport event on Instagram as well as Facebook was NBA during the month of June. In this, the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Golden State Warriors, along with superstar LeBron James. Then, there was the 2016 State of Origin that was a hot topic among young male users on Facebook and Instagram.

These are some of the hottest topics at present on Facebook and Instagram. These topics can help brands to get a better understanding of the subjects and issues that are most relevant to their target audience. These topics cover every field, ranging from sports, music, and entertainment, to politics.

Celebrity-Inspired Hairstyle Ideas

Celebrity-Inspired Hairstyle Ideas

Celebrity-Inspired Hairstyle Ideas

Want some hairstyle ideas? Look no further and find out the latest and stylish hairstyle ideas from celebrities. There are many different hairstyles for you, ranging from pretty twists to curls and braids. No matter if you are going to a prom or a wedding, you can try these hairstyles and look your best. They can also work for a small occasion or gathering, where you just want to do something different with your hair.

1. Hair gems

Make a regular bun stylish by accessorizing your hair with dangling hair gems. This will give a fresh spin to the ubiquitous hair bun. Take cue from Emma Watson’s hairstyle, where she flaunts scattered gemstones.

2. Updos

An updo is a fun way to style your hair. It not only keeps your hair away from your face and neck, but also makes you look pretty. You can rock it like Kristen Bell, like she did at the NYC Ballet Spring Gala. She smoothed her bangs to make a side swept hairstyle and wore cat eyeliner. You can also make a chic updo like Emma Roberts by pulling loose wavy strands from one side. Finish the look by accentuating your eyes with smudged, smoky eyeliner.

3. Plaited updo

Make a simple updo even better by braiding it up. This romantic hairstyle can be done just like Imogen Poot, where she beautifully braided her updo. To finish the look, pull loose locks from the sides to give an airy effect.

4. Wavy bob

Style your bob in a wavy style. Recreate Emma Roberts for your big day by creating that vintage look with a deep side part and soft waves.

5. Retro waves

Rock retro waves like Lea Michele. You can style your hair in old and sleek Hollywood waves for an ultra glam look that will make heads turn on your big day, no matter if it is your prom or wedding.

6. Half up half down

Now, wear your hair like Jessica Chastain in an utterly romantic yet striking way. She wore a wavy hairstyle with simple makeup to the Oscars of 2012. You can style your hair like her by pulling half of your hair up and adding a subtle additional height on the top. Complete your look with a little winged out black eyeliner to add on that extra dose of sexiness.

7. Slick back do

Straighten your hair with a flat iron like Zendaya Coleman to get that slick back hairdo. Make sure that you apply a hair gel at the front of your hair and then brush it back. In order to keep the hair from coming in front and making it stay put, put bobby pins at the sides behind your ears.

8. Side swept waves

Try side swept waves to give a twist to a regular blow out just like Lucy Hale. For this, you need a big barrel curling iron. This will give a bouncy look to your waves. Now, make a deep side part on any side of your hair, which suits you the best, and put bobby pins at the back of your hair.

So, try these awesome hairstyles, which are donned by famous celebrities. You can try all or some of these hairdos and look your best on any occasion.

Style Errors That Make You Look Older

Style Errors That Make You Look Older

Do you know that you can dress up to make yourself look older than your actual age? Yes, it is actually true! There are some women who purposely wear something in order to make themselves look taller, wider, or shorter than they really are.

Now, you too can willingly wear styles that can make you look older just like these women. This may sound a bit weird to you, but people do it and you too can do it, if you think that you have a childish face or if you want to look older than your age.

1. Reading glasses

You can wear reading glasses. Make sure that you choose upcoming and fresh brands, such as Warby Parker to buy your reading glasses, so that you can stay in fashion while rock this look. This optical accessory can make you look much older than your age. This will also make you look more serious like studious people.

2. Tweed

While some fabrics look youthful such as denims, there are also a few fabrics that have an older edge to them, such as tweed. This fabric is mostly associated with vintage British hunting clothe and matronly suits. If you want to wear the look of an old man, go for over-sized or navy hounds-tooth, pinstripes, rather than tweed.

3. Gray hair


This is one of the very obvious things that can make you look older. However, there is definitely a certain style and a certain look for woman that can make their gray hair look chic like Nicole Richie. Additionally, you can opt for colors that flatter your skin tone, instead of opting for gray color if you are in your middle age.

4. Comfort shoes

If you wear comfort shoes or sensible shoes, then you are thought of as a mature person who prefers their comfort and overlooks fashion. You can ruin a perfect look by wearing comfort sandals. Instead, you can opt for shoes that look cute yet are comfortable. They do not have thumping soles and yet have all the features of comfort sandals.

5. Cardigans

Cardigans can add years to your age, as they lack structure and shape. This is especially for heavier women, who display their bumps and lumps by wearing a cardigan. Although, a cardigan may seem a perfect layering piece, you must stay away from a cardigan.

Instead, you can opt for a blazer or a jacket with some construction, like a collar, seaming, set-in sleeves, etc. This will make up for your middle age. However, if you still choose to wear a cardigan, make sure that you do not tie it around your waist, as this will make your hips look bigger rather than hiding them.

6. Big bauble necklaces

A hefty necklace with big baubles looks very bad. Moreover, wearing too much jewelry makes you look older, particularly if it is made of gold. Nonetheless, it is so old-fashioned and looks tacky. You can wear something in silver, white gold, or platinum to update your look. Additionally, never wear a brooch; instead opt for a statement necklace piece.

If you avoid these things, you can look much younger than your age. And, if you want to look older than your age, then you can try one of these things at a time.

Latest Fashion Trends & Clothing for Teens

Latest Fashion Trends & Clothing for Teens

Why should the younger generation stay behind in fashion? Teens too can make a style statement by wearing the latest clothing and following the hottest fashion trends. They can experiment with their clothes and looks by putting some effort and thought into them. Have a look at some of the popular clothing ideas and trends for teens.

  1. 1. Fashionable jeans

Jeans are one of the most common dressing elements for everyone, whether teens or adults. Now, you can give a twist to your regular jeans by wearing it in a fashionable way. You can shorten your jeans till your ankle or even turn them into shorts by cutting them.

Other than this, torn jeans are in fashion, including jeans with scrapes, cuts, and real holes. They not only look stylish, but also make your overall look better. You can also decorate your old jeans with lace, inscriptions, numbers, or letters or buy a readymade one. Polka dots on denim jeans are one of the hottest new trends for teens.

2. Dresses

There are many unique and unusual dresses for teens available in the market. All of them have a different style to them. You can wear a sexy dress in your own way. You can make your kid a fashionista by opting for some classic dresses. The dress can be asymmetrical or can have a loose fit. Make sure that the dress should be so unique that it stays in your memory. You can also opt for a gentle dress with an attention seeking print on it.

3. Prints

Pick floral prints, quirky and funky designs, etc. in order to look chic in whatever you clothing piece you wear. You can also go for zigzags, images of animals, numbers, signs, large circles, dots, etc. Jacquard print is the new trend in teen clothing, whether it is a dress, blouse, shorts, or a skirt. Designers commonly use jacquard fabrics as well as its imitation in collections and prints for teenagers.

4. Colors

The latest trends for teens tell you to opt for pastel and vibrant colors for your clothes. Make sure that you opt for bright colored clothes and dresses, such as peach, green, coral, blue, and turquoise colors. Monotonous colored clothes are also in focus right now. In fact, they are the new fashion trend for teenagers.

5. White lace dress

A white lace dress looks elegant as well as fashionable. Purchase a nice crochet dress to stay in trend this year. Wear this dress with a pair of brown boots or sneakers. The dress should be short with its hem finishing just at the middle of your thighs. You can also wear a fedora hat with your short trendy dress. You can carry this look in various events and thus look your best. Now, you can create your own fashion statement by taking help from these latest fashion trends for teens. Your main goal should be to look beyond common, yet not excessively extravagant. Moreover, do not just copy the latest fashion trend, but put some thought into it and make it even better for yourself. Give some interesting twists to the hottest trend by adding your personal styling to it.

Top 5 Fashion Trends for 2017

Top 5 fashion trends for 2017

The New Year has finally arrived. People have made their resolutions, though some have even stopped following them. Nevertheless with new changes in every field, the fashion industry too has seen some changes.

In 2017, there will be new fashion trends that every fashionista must follow. So, if you too like to keep up with the latest trends or be ahead of them, then this article is for you. We have listed the top 5 fashion trends that will be a hit in 2017.

1. Stripes

Stripes are a fashion staple in the same way like a white t-shirt was earlier. Stripes are said to have nine lives. Already two to three seasons have gone in which we have seen this trend and it will continue for some more seasons. In stripes too, seaside stripes are one of the major stripe trends in 2017. Seaside stripes perfectly fit in for the upcoming summer season.

Plus, banker stripes are also in, which are inspired by Wall Street. However, these stripes are tweaked and tinkered in order to work for both casual and formal looks. This shows that stripes are here to stay and are totally wearable and timeless. You can wear them in all colors and sizes and on everything, ranging from oversize shirts and knit dresses to chunky sweaters.

2. Sneakers

Sneakers are not only comfortable to wear, but they also look chic. Sneakers will be very popular in 2017. Since sneakers are available in different styles and are quite versatile, you can have a lot of them. Whether you opt for glitter, satin, or leopard style sneakers, you should certainly have two to three pair of sneakers in 2017.

Sneakers effortlessly gussy up an ensemble. This is why you should have multiple pairs of sneakers in your footwear section. You can buy sneakers with logos, emojis, or embellishments in order to spruce up your look.

3. Painterly prints

The year 2017 will see many artistically inspired prints and painterly patterns. Many designs showcased such prints on the runway, including Roksanda, Céline, J.W.Anderson, Valentino, Marni, Proenza Schouler, and many other brands. Their designs were directly or indirectly inspired by the works of artists. Thus, strong art references in clothes will be very much in the new season.

4. Athletic-inspired pieces

Easy elegance is the new norm in the fashion industry. Many athletic-inspired garments were seen in fashion shows, which simply mean that simple yet modish should be your new fashion statement. Opt for athletic clothing.

5. Mule shoes

In footwear, one of the other trends in 2017 will be mules. There are different varieties of mules available, ranging from flat mules, espadrille mules, and low-block-heel mules to heeled mules and sneaker mules. Plus, mules are available in different colors and fabrications, including velvet, canvas, embroidery, and satin. Although, this fashion style was hit in 2016, it will be a much bigger hit in 2017.

So, all the fashionable ladies out there follow these trends in 2017 and see how heads turn wherever you go. Look your best by dressing up in the most stylish ways and carry them with oomph.

Top Trends That were a Hit in 2016

Top trends that were a hit in 2016

Although, the year 2016 has finished, there are many fashion styles that continue in the New Year. 2016 was a year full of new fashion trends, with a mix of high fashion, street wear, and boots. So, let us have a look at the biggest fashion crazes and fads of the previous year.

1. Bardot tops

Breezy bar dot tops were a rage in 2016. Almost every fashionable lady wore it. They ruled the year 2016. These tops are fluffy, comfortable, and light to wear. They were one of the biggest fashion trends of 2016. However, since they have been worn plenty of times, they will not be a trend in 2017.

2. Exposed shoulders

Exposed shoulder tops were many much in fashion in 2016. They looked formal, fashionable, as well as charming. This type of style is also known as cold shoulder and is a variation of the famous off-shoulder trend. It can be seen in tops, bridal wear, dresses, swimwear, and jumpsuits. However, they have been worn a lot of times, which is why they would not work in 2017.

3. Bomber jackets

Bomber jackets were one of the biggest fashion trends of 2016. Google informs that the bomber jacket was one of the most searched fashion trends of 2016, with an increase of 612 per cent as compared to 2015.

Although, the bomber jacket is a menswear staple, it has now become a statement piece in the wardrobe of a woman too since it is very versatile. This is an absolute classic piece and is a cornerstone of the women’s as well as men’s wardrobe. This trend is going to continue in 2017 too.

4. Micropleats

The micro-pleats were mostly seen on long skirts and long dresses in the year 2016. They look chic as well as very feminine. This was one of the breeziest styles of summer 2016. It was seen on everything, including tops, tunic, skirts, and pants. This style was made famous in 1993. It may continue to be a fashion style in 2017 too.

5. The choker

Every woman who has an Instagram account was following this trend and tried it at least once. The choker was a huge hit in 2016 with different variations, including the black lacy ones to strings ones. Wannabe girls wore the choker in order to look cool. This trend may continue in 2017 too.

6. Combat boots

People seem to have got bored with sneakers, as a lot of guys are turning to combat boots. This type of boots looks chic. This trend was started by Kanye West, who also began the Chelsea boot fashion wave. You can wear sand-colored combat boots. These are easily available in the market, including versions of Rothco that cost nearly $70. However, this is a short-lived trend and may not continue in 2017. So, these are the top fashion trends that were a hit in 2016. Some of these fashion styles will continue to rock in 2017 as well and some of them will not. Make sure that you follow the latest fashion fads, so that you can turn heads wherever you go.

4 Innovative Ideas to Recycle your High-End Outfits

4 innovative ideas to recycle your high-end outfits

If you are a fashionista and like to stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trends, then it is most certain that you would often buy high-end outfits for yourself. Since, some fashion styles change after a few months, you may see that your expensive apparels may become useless after sometime, even when you have not worn them much.

This leaves you with lots of expensive attires that you do not want to wear now, just because they are out of fashion now. So, what can you do in such a case? Should you throw away your high-end outfits or keep wearing them and look very old-fashioned?

None of these is an option; neither throwing the clothes, nor wearing them. What you can do is recycle those pricey jeans, tops, and dresses. So, how can you do so? Have a look at 4 innovative ideas to repurpose your expensive clothes.

1. Add some bling

You can add bling and shine to your expensive tops and dresses. It can be anywhere, such as on the collar or on the hem. You can make a silver glitter collar of your old-fashioned top and make it brand new. For this, you just need a boring old blouse and some craft supplies.

2. Revamp your jeans

Now you can make your ripped and frayed denim jeans look brand new and fashionable. You can make jean shorts out of your old jeans by cutting off the extra fabric. Then, you can embellish your shorts. Your worn-out jeans can also be turned into a nice beautiful denim rug. You can also make your old denim colorful and new by simply dying them.

3. Use your old tee wisely

If you have a nautical T-shirt, you can make it a tank top. You just have to make some easy snips and this will transform your top into a detailed and unique nautical tank top. If you do not want to make a tank top from your old tee, you can also make a reusable grocery bag with it.

You just need to do a couple of stitches and snips and turn your unwanted t-shirt into a bag. You can also use your shrunken polo shirt and make a feminine and flattering boat neck top with it. A neglected tee can also become soft jammy shorts for your kid.

4. Revive your sweaters

Now, you can improvise a hand-me-down sweater with the help of gems and sequins. This will make your old sweater sparkly new. You can also highlight the neck of the sweater by putting the gems like a necklace. Besides, this you can also make a pillow with your sweater.

An old sweater with raggedy sleeves can be saved by stitching its torso and making a super cuddly pillow out of it. Another thing that you can do with your old sweater is to make toasty mittens with it by just cutting shapes and sewing them together.

So, these are some of the ways through which you can recycle your high-end outfits, so that you can wear them again.

What Does Your Handbag Says About You?

What does your handbag says about you?

A great bag not only accentuates your outfit, but also tells the fashion type you love to follow. Different women like different types of handbags. Moreover, what they have to carry in their handbag also dictates the type of handbag women buy.

The way you carry your bag reveals a lot about your personality. It tells whether you are carefree, practical, show-off, or very relaxed. So, let us have a look at how the way you carry your handbag on a daily basis reveals about your personality.

1. On the shoulder

If you carry your bag on the shoulder, then you are a multitasker. This means that you do a lot of things together. You may have to attend meetings and after-hour parties. And for this, you stuff your handbag with a lot of things, such as show invitations, chocolates, gum, floss, lipstick, etc. No matter if you are unorganized, you are effortlessly on the move, which means that your hands are free every time. Moreover, if you keep your bag near to your body, then you are a practical person and have utilitarian motives.  It shows that you prioritize your freedom of movement as compared to the flaunting elements.

However, if your bag swings freely and is open, then it indicates that you like to display it and prioritize easiness. Although, when you keep it closed, buckled, and place it at the front of your body, it allows the passerby to see the color, fabric, shape, or brand of your bag in a better way, but it would not be as convenient.

2. In the elbow’s crook

If you carry your handbag in the crook of your elbow, then you are certainly a sophisticated lady. Although, this is not a very comfortable position of carrying a bag, it nevertheless requires some polish. If you do so, you like to show yourself as a modern day lady and you are fond of structure in every form. This way of carrying a bag shows a priority on position and status. Moreover, this manner shows off the brand of the bag that you are carrying, in turn telling your status to other people.

3. In the hand

If you hold your handbag in your hand, then you are a showoff. You want to tell people that you have bought a new bag and so you make it on full display by holding it in your hand. You do not want to put your hand or arm in your handbag’s way; therefore you hold it in your palm. This will make all the eyes in the street turn on you.

4. Going bag-less

If you do not carry a bag at all, then it shows a status level, where other people handle your everyday issues like schedules and money. This type of personality is very self-assured as compared to others, as she simply relies on her staff so that she can walk with attitude.

So, this is what the way in which you carry your handbag reveals about your personality. No matter how you carry your handbag, you must always do it in a manner in which you are most comfortable.