4 Innovative Ideas to Recycle your High-End Outfits

4 innovative ideas to recycle your high-end outfits

If you are a fashionista and like to stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trends, then it is most certain that you would often buy high-end outfits for yourself. Since, some fashion styles change after a few months, you may see that your expensive apparels may become useless after sometime, even when you have not worn them much.

This leaves you with lots of expensive attires that you do not want to wear now, just because they are out of fashion now. So, what can you do in such a case? Should you throw away your high-end outfits or keep wearing them and look very old-fashioned?

None of these is an option; neither throwing the clothes, nor wearing them. What you can do is recycle those pricey jeans, tops, and dresses. So, how can you do so? Have a look at 4 innovative ideas to repurpose your expensive clothes.

1. Add some bling

You can add bling and shine to your expensive tops and dresses. It can be anywhere, such as on the collar or on the hem. You can make a silver glitter collar of your old-fashioned top and make it brand new. For this, you just need a boring old blouse and some craft supplies.

2. Revamp your jeans

Now you can make your ripped and frayed denim jeans look brand new and fashionable. You can make jean shorts out of your old jeans by cutting off the extra fabric. Then, you can embellish your shorts. Your worn-out jeans can also be turned into a nice beautiful denim rug. You can also make your old denim colorful and new by simply dying them.

3. Use your old tee wisely

If you have a nautical T-shirt, you can make it a tank top. You just have to make some easy snips and this will transform your top into a detailed and unique nautical tank top. If you do not want to make a tank top from your old tee, you can also make a reusable grocery bag with it.

You just need to do a couple of stitches and snips and turn your unwanted t-shirt into a bag. You can also use your shrunken polo shirt and make a feminine and flattering boat neck top with it. A neglected tee can also become soft jammy shorts for your kid.

4. Revive your sweaters

Now, you can improvise a hand-me-down sweater with the help of gems and sequins. This will make your old sweater sparkly new. You can also highlight the neck of the sweater by putting the gems like a necklace. Besides, this you can also make a pillow with your sweater.

An old sweater with raggedy sleeves can be saved by stitching its torso and making a super cuddly pillow out of it. Another thing that you can do with your old sweater is to make toasty mittens with it by just cutting shapes and sewing them together.

So, these are some of the ways through which you can recycle your high-end outfits, so that you can wear them again.

What Does Your Handbag Says About You?

What does your handbag says about you?

A great bag not only accentuates your outfit, but also tells the fashion type you love to follow. Different women like different types of handbags. Moreover, what they have to carry in their handbag also dictates the type of handbag women buy.

The way you carry your bag reveals a lot about your personality. It tells whether you are carefree, practical, show-off, or very relaxed. So, let us have a look at how the way you carry your handbag on a daily basis reveals about your personality.

1. On the shoulder

If you carry your bag on the shoulder, then you are a multitasker. This means that you do a lot of things together. You may have to attend meetings and after-hour parties. And for this, you stuff your handbag with a lot of things, such as show invitations, chocolates, gum, floss, lipstick, etc. No matter if you are unorganized, you are effortlessly on the move, which means that your hands are free every time. Moreover, if you keep your bag near to your body, then you are a practical person and have utilitarian motives.  It shows that you prioritize your freedom of movement as compared to the flaunting elements.

However, if your bag swings freely and is open, then it indicates that you like to display it and prioritize easiness. Although, when you keep it closed, buckled, and place it at the front of your body, it allows the passerby to see the color, fabric, shape, or brand of your bag in a better way, but it would not be as convenient.

2. In the elbow’s crook

If you carry your handbag in the crook of your elbow, then you are certainly a sophisticated lady. Although, this is not a very comfortable position of carrying a bag, it nevertheless requires some polish. If you do so, you like to show yourself as a modern day lady and you are fond of structure in every form. This way of carrying a bag shows a priority on position and status. Moreover, this manner shows off the brand of the bag that you are carrying, in turn telling your status to other people.

3. In the hand

If you hold your handbag in your hand, then you are a showoff. You want to tell people that you have bought a new bag and so you make it on full display by holding it in your hand. You do not want to put your hand or arm in your handbag’s way; therefore you hold it in your palm. This will make all the eyes in the street turn on you.

4. Going bag-less

If you do not carry a bag at all, then it shows a status level, where other people handle your everyday issues like schedules and money. This type of personality is very self-assured as compared to others, as she simply relies on her staff so that she can walk with attitude.

So, this is what the way in which you carry your handbag reveals about your personality. No matter how you carry your handbag, you must always do it in a manner in which you are most comfortable.

3 Tips to Boost your Modeling Career through Instagram

3 Tips to Boost your Modeling Career through Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks across the world with more than 100 million users. This photo-sharing platform is perfect for aspiring actors, models, producers, and talent agencies to like, share, and connect.

If you too are an aspiring actor, model, producer, etc., then you should definitely be on Instagram. Instagram is an important platform for any model who wants to be successful. Social media, especially Instagram, enables clients to see a different layer of an actor or model, including their candid shots with friends, their personality, their interests and lifestyle, and their day to day looks and life.

Believe it or not, many clients look up on Instagram before hiring a model for their photo shoot. So, in other words, Instagram now works as a portfolio extension for models. Thus, models should use Instagram to get more popular and get noticed by clients and talent agencies.

When doing so, models can learn from our 3 tips that will help them to boost their modeling career through this pho-sharing app. Moreover, through these tips, models will get to know about the things that they should do to stay popular and relevant on Instagram and how they can use Instagram to their advantage.

1. Post daily

We have heard this many times and yet only a few of us follow them. If you want to be a successful model on Instagram, then post your pictures regularly, especially if you are new to this photo-sharing platform.

Instagram is one of the simplest sources to get an insight about a person. Most of the clients now find their models through Instagram. Thus, this social media platform is where many modeling scouts find talents, who otherwise are unable to make the best use of their potential.

2. Your photos should depict your personality

Make sure that the photos you post on Instagram reflect your personality. Do not think that sexy photos can get you the deal. In fact, sexy photos are not that important to build your modeling career. It is not about showing your skin or posting over-the-top sexy pictures on Instagram. Instead, it is about creating strong and tasteful posts that portray your career as a model, your interests, and personality.

Instagram is full of half-naked girls who exploit themselves as well as their sexuality. So, it is better that models concentrate on posting pictures about their career with new tear sheets and work, their interests like fashion, cooking, health and wellness, fitness, etc., and their personalities  by sharing posts like the type of “a day in the life.”

3. Get more followers

One of the important things for models is to increase their fan following on Instagram. The social influence of a model is a powerful leverage for him or her. If a client is confused between two models, then he will definitely choose the one that has a bigger social presence and more followers. Moreover the fan data and other information of models on Instagram are also used to help customers pack digital media campaigns, which would target the specific fans of a model through online advertisements.

These are the 3 tips that can help models to boost their modeling career through Instagram. So, use these tips and see how your modeling career reaches new heights.

5 Tips to Sell your Products on Instagram

5 Tips to Sell your Products on Instagram

Do you want to know how you can sell your products on Instagram? Are you looking for some tips for selling your products on Instagram? If yes, then this is the right place for you, as here you will discover 5 tips that can help you to sell your products on Instagram.

Have a look at the 5 tips for selling your products on Instagram.

1. Create a signature look

Before you post the pictures of your products, think about the position of your products on your Instagram page. If you place your product in the right way, you can get more engagement and sales. Determine the aesthetic of your page and then follow it. After you take the shots of your product, use internal filters of Instagram or filtering apps such as VSCO Cam that can make your pictures more visually clearer and sharper.

2. Use hashtags

In order to promote the visibility of your product in search, you can use popular and relevant hashtags for each of your product. This way your products can get discovered by customers on Instagram. In order to see the top hashtags for your vertical and demographic, you can use the Search and Explore feature of Instagram. Then, you can use four to five of these hashtags in your selling campaigns on Instagram.

3. Make purchasing simpler

Make your purchasing process easy in order to convert your Instagram followers into real customers. You can use selling tools on Instagram such as Have2Have, which can help you to add a shopping link to the bio of your Instagram account. This in turn will reduce the irritating user experience in case of adding a website in the posts of your products.

4. Give something extra in your product descriptions

White it is imperative to clearly write about what you are selling, it is also important to attract the interest and attention of your potential consumers with your product descriptions. One of the ways through which you can do this is by adding some relevant emojis. Similarly, you should add something extra in your product descriptions to make them more appealing and to increase their sales.

5. Associate with influencers

In order to increase sales and expand brand awareness of your product, you can partner with influencers on Instagram. This will help you to reach your target audience, which is specific to your services and products. You can use tools like Captiv8, which can help you to simplify the connecting process between influencers and your brand. You can make the relationship stronger with your influencer, with workflow management, discover, and search.

In order to make the most of your posts and interactions with clients on Instagram, make sure that your descriptions and images stand out from others and the purchasing requirements are easy and quick. If you follow these tips, you will be able to sell more of your products online through Instagram.

Every day people are noticing new products and services from new brands on Instagram. Your brand too can get discovered and stick out from the crowd, when you clearly define your social selling style on Instagram.

Successful Brand Partnerships Begin with a Strong Personal Brand

Successful Brand Partnerships Begin with a Strong Personal Brand

It’s not a secret that many Instagram models aim to be successful on the social media platform through brand partnerships or event promotions. Shanghai-native Chicagoan Angelene Sun (@imangelenesun) agrees.

“There are many opportunities on Instagram and it is important to be strategic in taking advantage of them,” Sun said.

What does it take to make it big on Instagram? How can you measure success?

Some may think that the amount of money you make is the way to measure success. But Sun believes that the long-term success directly correlates to the strength of a personal brand.

“The initial reason I decided to pursue business opportunities was not specifically to make a lot of money, but rather to create a strong personal brand,” Sun said. “There are many brands that reach out to me but are not a great fit. My rule is: if the brand doesn’t fit with my persona and image, I will not represent it. I am pretty cautious with that.”

Sun has been approached by brands that do not align with her own brand, such as a popular car company. Sun commented, “I don’t even drive!

Companies find influencers like Sun through website services that act as agencies for partnering popular Instagram models and brands looking to promote through the social media platform. Sites such as Boost Insider, Scrubber, Social Native and Harper and Blake act as blogger reward programs and create partnerships between two users.

“These programs are great. They eliminate the search process for partnerships, but sometimes it is not the right fit,” Sun said. “If you are promoting something that is a mismatch with your own brand, you will not only confuse your followers but also present yourself in a disorganized way. It’s not a wise move for your personal brand.”

This is the secret to Sun’s success. First, she identified her own attributes and makes sure every post reflects that identity. Right now, she is in partnership with Rocksbox, a monthly jewelry subscription website.

The details of her partnership are simple: she gets a free box each month and she is assigned a personalized code that she can promote on her account. Her followers who use the code receive 20% off their subscription. There is also motivation for Sun: the more people who sign up using her discount code, the more rewards she can get. Rewards can include promotions like featuring Sun in the Rocksbox member-wide email and on its Instagram page.

In addition to brand representation, Sun is also offered many photo shoot opportunities through Instagram

“It’s a great way to get yourself out there,” Sun said. “I have been able to participate in photo shoots with great photographers because my account has gained some traction. I have met extremely talented people from this platform.”

Although there are millions of Instagram users, there is a tight-knit community of like-minded influencers.

“The community is a small circle of bloggers, models, influencers and content creators. It is a strong and efficient group of people,” Sun said. “There is a mutual interest: they build their portfolio and so do I.”

Sun is looking forward to continuing her Instagram business.

“It is a great gate into another world than I am physically and literally in. It connects me with organizations and people all over the world,” Sun said. “Without that, I will never know those people and have a chance to work with them. You never know what can come of it.”

6 Instagram Tricks for Fashion Photographers

6 Instagram Tricks for Fashion Photographers

It is very necessary for fashion photographers to post perfect photographs on their Instagram account. After all, this is what their profession is all about. Taking perfect pictures is what they should know the best.

Instagram should be on the top of your most used apps, if you are a fashion photographer. Through this photo-sharing platform, you can keep your followers updated, showcase your most recent work, impress new customers, and attract new associates.

However, you cannot build a respective and loyal Instagram following overnight. You have to work for it every day. In order to help fashion photographers to click the best pictures for their Instagram account, we have jot down 6 Instagram tricks that can increase your followers and make you the next superstar on Instagram.

1. Select a nice username

Make a good username on your Instagram account. It should not be complicated and should be short, sensible, and easy to spell. This will allow people to easily find you on Instagram. Moreover, make sure that your username is related to your work and your personality.

2. Put quality above quantity

You should focus on the quality of your pictures, rather than the quantity. Although, you do not want your followers to forget about your work or you, which is why you constantly post on your Instagram account, it is not that much necessary.

Your followers have other accounts too that they follow besides yours, so it is not that their lives depend on your Instagram account updates. So, give importance to your work rather than posting 24/7. And, post only when you have got a really good picture. In any case, one amazing picture is much better than ten useless ones.

3. Engage more and more

It is important to engage on Instagram, that is, to like the photos of other people. You should connect with people other than your followers by liking their photos and finding new users. Other users too want likes on their photos and if you have liked some of their pictures, then they will most likely see your profile. Moreover, if you post high quality pictures, they will surely follow you.

4. Follow the 1-2-3 rule

You can engage with other Instagram users by following the 1-2-3 rule. According to this rule, when you post 1 picture of yours, you should comment on 2 pictures, and like 3 pictures. This will help you to get more engagement on Instagram.

5. Do not purchase followers

Let your followers come automatically to your Instagram profile. Do not purchase Instagram followers. After all, one loyal and good follower is worth thousand followers.

6. Do not spam

Although, you should share your posts regularly, you should not spam. Ensure to spread all your high quality pictures. Wait for atleast 2 to 3 hours, before you post your next picture. You should not post a lot of high quality pictures at one time because it is not clever to do so, as only the followers who are online at that time will check your pictures. Moreover, it is annoying to see someone always hogging your Instagram feed. When you spread out your posts, many people can see your pictures.

You can follow these 6 Instagram tricks, if you are a fashion photographer. Make sure that you use your Instagram account as a continuation of your brand individuality as a fashion photographer. Do not see it as a playing field and post anything on it.