Winter Outfits and Accessories: Elevate your Looks

Winter Outfits and Accessories: Elevate your Looks

With February on our doorsteps, we kinda wish winter to end. Dealing with winter outfits can become boring, and we totally get it. Eventually, you end up wearing your cozy, warm knits, with a few layers of wardrobe. But the question is – how to elevate your looks without spending so much money on buying new stuff? We got the answer – use your accessories. It might sound pretty simple, but that is just the way it is.

Whether it is a belt or a statement bag, you can always count on these accessories to upgrade your winter outfits. Let’s see how our favorite bloggers and influencers use their accessories in the winter time.


From handle to belt bags – this year you can look utterly trendy with any of these bags. Belt bags are not reserved for tourists and the 90s anymore. Since the last year, they are very trendy and super stylish accessory many girls wear with their winter outfits.

If you are sick of big tote bags, we have good news for you. This winter, choose small saddle or baguette bag a la Fendi or Dior. Wear them with your knit dresses, blazers or flowy blouses.


This winter, don’t hesitate to wear gold jewelry. Oversized is totally stylish, so combine your favorite pieces together. If you are wearing a turtleneck, try stacking a few necklaces. Along with that, add big hoops, they are always in style.

On the other hand, pearls are always kind of jewelry you can come back to. Whether it is a winter or summer, pearl necklace should be your choice. You can style it with a striped sweater, turtleneck or classy V-neck knit.


Whether you are turned to classy or trendy, belts are an unavoidable accessory in your wardrobe. From those wide ones in neutrals to gold hoop chains belts – you can style and upgrade your winter outfits with them. If you like to wear blazers, don’t hesitate to put a belt on.

Make your winter looks even more interesting with belt bags and your knit dresses with hoop chains belts.

Hair Accessories – Pins, Headbands

Headbands a la Blair Waldorf are back! And we can’t be happier about it! This winter embraces your inner Gossip girl character and wears velvet headband. Bows, hair pins, and hair slides are some of the accessories that you must give a try this winter season. Thanks to some brands, they are reborn again.


Wearing a silk scarf is one of the safest and possibly chicest ways to look classy and sophisticated. You can wear it around your neck, but we suggest something even posher. Wear it around your head to embrace your inner Hollywood star.

For cold days, opt for a furry coat, cotton knit, and silk scarf. Learn from the best – Pernille Teisbaek is the Scandinavian girl with perfect winter outfits.


So, next time you wonder what to wear and not to look the same, turn to this short style guide for inspo. I hope it will help you to elevate your winter outfits.

How to Repair Your Skin During The Night

How to Repair Your Skin During The Night

The body enters the reboot phase every night when you sleep. It repairs the damage on your muscles, digestive system, and your skin. And while you should have your daily skincare routines, the night ones are far more important. You should learn some tricks that can repair your skin during the night.

From your pillowcase to your night skincare routine – everything counts. These are some of the tested and proven tips that will repair your skin during the night.


Cleansing Before Bed is Obligatory

Cleansing before you go to sleep should be one of your main habits. We know, sometimes you just want to take your clothes off and go straight to bed. But, don’t do that. If you find hard to do complete cleansing in your bathroom, then keep your micellar water and some cotton pads close – at your nightstand. That way you can quickly remove dirt and makeup from your face.

If you leave makeup on your face while sleeping, it will act as a blanket. You surely don’t want that to happen. Your skin won’t receive any oxygen so the cells won’t be replaced with new ones. Instead of having glowy skin in the morning, the surface of your skin will remain the same and the acne will pop out.

Use Satin or Silk Pillowcase

Even birds on trees know that your skin should be treated well during the night. You can achieve that glowy morning look by switching from regular cotton pillowcases to satin or silk ones. Even though cotton is good, it can soak skin’s natural oils and trigger off some premature wrinkles.

Satin and silk keep your skin hydrated and fresh during your eight-hours sleep. These materials are not only good for your skin. They reduce breakage and frizz in your hair. Don’t forget to change your pillowcase every week.  


Give Heavier Skincare Products a Try

Unlike your daily skincare routine, the night one should consist products that are richer heavier. They are usually packed with a lot of nutrients that help your skin get that amazing look in the morning. Don’t hesitate to use night oils – they are not for dry skin only. Even if they give you that dewy feeling when you go to bed, you will be grateful in the morning when you look at your skin in the mirror. Also, put on a lip balms, with ultra nourishing and repairing features.

Dry Skin – Use Humidifier

Humidifiers are a great solution for all people that have dry skin. It comes especially handy during winter when you are mostly indoors with heating on almost the whole time.

When your skin is always in a dry environment, it comes harder to hydrate it. That is why you should keep a humidifier in your bedroom. They are also great repellent for viruses.


Sleep on Time

Night sleep is also known as beauty sleep. And it is not named by that by coincidence. It really is true! If you have problems with sleep, there are things that can help such as satin mask or eye pillows, rain-noise maker app, taking a hot bath before bed, etc. Try some of these things, and I assure you – one of them will repair your skin during the night.

Capsule Wardrobe: Cashmere Sweater

Capsule Wardrobe: Cashmere Sweater

I don’t know about you, but lately, I am completely into transforming my wardrobe into a capsule one. That means having necessary and basic items that I can wear every day without spending (so) much money. A capsule wardrobe is an amazing way to re-organize and declutter your closet. You can also let yourself invest in some good quality pieces. Such as cashmere sweater.

In the winter season, my favorite item becomes a sweater. I wear it with jeans, skirts, pants, and even leggings if I am too lazy for anything else. The most important thing – cashmere sweaters are very irresistible and versatile. You can wear them for years.


About Cashmere

Cashmere usually comes from Mongolia or China. It is produced from the fleece of goats. The raw material is very hard to work with. In case you wondered why it is more expensive than other materials – there is the answer. However, by picking good-quality cashmere you will be sure it will last for more than one season.

Not all sweaters are made of 100% pure cashmere. You can find many different blends on the market today, and that is why their price can vary as well.


How to Style Cashmere Sweater

Camel and Black for Every Day

Cashmere sweaters are versatile. That makes them perfect for everyday wear. You can choose to wear them with black chino pants and loafers. Such a chic and simple look. Always choose a sweater that is not too close to your body. It is better if you can tuck it in or just leave it casually over your pants.

Layer it Down

Capsule wardrobe allows you to combine basic and simple items. Cashmere sweater in one size up than yours is perfect if you want to layer it with a plain white button-down. You will need jeans, suede boots, and brown leather bag to achieve a perfect workwear style for everyday wear.

Cashmere and Leather

If you want to look trendy and stylish you should take some risks. Black midi leather skirt with front gold buttons looks gorgeous when styled with classy black cashmere turtleneck. If you are following trends, you know that snakeskin print is more than IN for this season!

How to Take Care For Your Cashmere Sweaters

Cashmere sweaters as part of your capsule wardrobe require some special care. Never hang your sweaters. Fold them carefully on and offseason. Moth repellents are necessary during the summer when you store them in boxes or in your closet. You should definitely buy de-piller which you can carry while traveling and use it every time you notice your sweater starts to have pills.

If you are not sure about washing your cashmere sweaters, then take them to professionals. Otherwise, always hand-wash them with a gentle shampoo for wool and cashmere. This can save you money from dry cleaning, and trust us – it is not so hard!


Do you have cashmere sweaters? How do you style them? Let us know in the comment section below.

The Best Apps to Keep You Organized

The Best Apps to Keep You Organized

Let’s talk about organization and success. It’s the best time for it – January is not even over yet, so it is not too late to find out the best apps to keep you organized.

I don’t know about you but I can’t leave without a planner and a few apps that I keep close in my smartphone. They keep me not only organized but calm as well. I write down all my wishes, deadlines, books I read/want to read, recommendations I have got, etc. Otherwise, I couldn’t remember all the stuff. Sometimes I feel my head is just drowning in the amount of important and not so important information, so it is good to get them out of your head from once in a while.

No matter if you are more paper and pen or millennial smartphone kinda girl. It is important to find things that keep you organized. Here are some suggestions for successful women.



If you get many movies, books, or restaurant recommendations from your friends, now you can actually keep track of them all. Soon is an app that helps you make your to-do lists for creative things. You can add your own, but when log in you get few lists in general. For instance, movies you want to see – click on the list, search or add a new movie from the trending list. You can do the same with books, music, restaurants, hotels, etc.

I find this app useful for tracking my readings, and for not forgetting any recommendation I have got!


Not all the girls keep the tracks of their periods. Personally, I find it truly helpful and do it for many years. I tried all the apps out there, but none of them I like as Clue. It is super simple to use, you have many options to list, PMS, periods, and sex. You can track your ovulation days, as well as your mood changes. So, next time you feel a bit strange and you don’t know why, check out the app – maybe your PMS is coming.

Google Drive

From Google calendar which is one of the most used apps, to the Google photos – you need everything to keep your phone in order. We all had these sorts of situations – our devices crush and we don’t have any backups. What to do? Let Google Drive do everything for you. You can access your work wherever you go – while traveling or at home. Connect your devices and you will see a big difference – these apps will definitely keep you organized.


Trello keeps you to-do lists short by creating a board for each project. Within each board, you can add lists, and on each of those lists, you add cards which you can always organize, shuffle and share with people you decide. You can also show your creative side and color everything for easier search. If you are tired of those classic apps that keep you organized, then you should definitely give Trello a try.

How Freelancers Should Take Time Off

How Freelancers Should Take Time Off

Many people think that freelancers can take time off whenever they wish. That is actually not quite true. With time and technology, you try to organize yourself the best, to finish all the work for yourself and your clients, and to take some time off for yourself as well. Freelancers’ hours are variable so you can organize each and every day the same.

And while traditional workers have their time off determined in advance, freelancers must organize for themselves. Write an honest letter to your clients, inform them you are taking some time off, mostly to release from stress.

In the meanwhile, check out these tricks in how you should take time off. Because we all need a break.


Plan your Time Off and Give Yourself a Permission

The only thing you should not allow yourself is a burnout. It can occur as a result of too much work and no time off. This can also have an effect on your creativity. So, next time you are thinking about vacation, organize and give yourself permission to do that, even if you are self-employed.

Sleep well. It can help your body and mind recover from the work.

Start with the Day Off

You don’t need to start off with giving yourself a month of vacation. Start small, with only one day. Trust me, you will definitely notice a difference. Practice your new skill of not working (and not thinking about it either).

You should always consult with your calendar and plan in advance. Highlight the day you think is the best for not doing anything. Mark it and stick to the plan.


Monday Off Resolution

While some traditional workers need to start their week with Monday, you should take Me Monday off. Mondays can be tough – according to the scientists, Monday is the hardest day to work for both women and men.

Make your Mondays better by transforming them into Me day. Enjoy, relax, and try not to think about work you already planned for the week ahead.

Combine Work and Pleasure

By effectively combining work with pleasure you can divide your time and have more free time for yourself and family. For instance, you can do your work in the morning, before kids are up, and after they go to school. Try to leave your evenings free and spend them in family’s company or out.


Outsource to Your Assistant

If you plan to take time off but you have some small things to take care off, it might be a good idea to outsource them to your assistant or intern. It is the best to let he or she take care of your business or blog while you are away.

This will make you stop thinking about your job even when on vacation. Make sure to organize yourself and to assign the tasks to all your helpers.


Taking time off is crucial for both of your mental and physical health. Don’t let yourself burn out but try to take some time off whenever you can.  

5 Workout Motivation Tricks to Embrace

5 Workout Motivation Tricks to Embrace

The hardest part of a workout is not the training itself. No, it is resisting the urge to postpone it, to snooze that alarm button, and to avoid working out. Sometimes your best intentions won’t be enough – preparing your sneakers or gym bag and setting the alarm just won’t do the job every time.

The fact is that not every day is the fitness day. When you accept it, you will learn how to be not so hard on yourself. However, if you are skipping your training, it is possible that you won’t get back to it again. So, before postponing it, think about it – is it only today or you are struggling to find motivation at all?

If you do struggle, we can help! We have gathered some of the best ways for you to boost workout motivation. Let’s check out them.

Write Down Your Goals

Whether you workout to lose or gain weight, build muscles or something else, you should put your goals on the paper. You can look down at that list often, the best when you are feeling down and not so in the mood for training. First results will be visible after a few weeks – put some reminder one the list. It will instantly make you feel more motivated.


Make a Workout Pack with Friend

If you are not ready to start training on your own, you should make a deal with your best friend. This is also a great motivational trick for both of you. When you are feeling down and not in a mood for working out, your bestie can push you to do it together, and vice versa.

Share fitness boards on Pinterest and send one other motivational quotes. Trust us, this is one of the best tricks for finding training motivation.

Prepare Your Workout Playlist

You should always have your headphones in your ears when working out. It gives you more motivation and strength if you train with the best of your favorite music. No matter what music genre you listen, you should make a list of your favorite songs and listen to them everytime you train.

If you are not into music playlists, then you can always turn to podcasts. They can make workout time shorter, and more interesting.  


Eat Good

It is usual to connect diet and training. However, when you train you shouldn’t eat less. The old saying goes like this – the abs are made in the kitchen. If you want to lose weight you should definitely moderate your diet, but also try to eat as clean as possible. After training, your muscles need to be healed with some good food.

Put Yourself on The First Place

If you are starting workout to find self-worth, then you are on the wrong path. The newest researches prove that having a positive image of your body is a better way to start your training. You will know you are doing it for the right reason. Focus on how your workout makes you feel, and not how you will look.

6 Easy Ways to Boost your Confidence

6 Easy Ways to Boost your Confidence

How you feel about yourself can greatly influence everything else you do in life. If you feel confident about yourself, you easily talk with others and tend to see yourself in a positive light only. However, there are people who don’t feel confident enough or at all, and that can affect their lives. Your shyness can withdraw you away from many job opportunities, while anxiety can drag you away from connecting with new people. That is why you should do anything to boost your confidence.

Trust us, there are some pretty easy ways on how you can boost your confidence. Hopefully, this article will help you get rid of anxiety, pressure, and act at your best.

Stop Putting Labels on Yourself

When you say I am a shy person, your mind will subconsciously act accordingly to this message. However, when you say for yourself I am a confident and brave person, that is a bit different story. Just a saying is worth a thousands of dollars – you can easily make jobs, talk to other (unknown) persons and just try to enjoy as much as you can.

Positive affirmation is something that provenly can make you feel better. Imagine and say that you are confident – this can lead you to many new things.


Focus on Other People

This doesn’t mean you should focus only on other people and their lives. However, when you are in a group and don’t feel confident about talking and making new friendships, focus on people as opposed to yourself. Make them talk, and transfer your focus from your awkwardness to what they say.

Ask them about themselves – by being curious you will show that you are interested in what they have to say. Focusing on other people can help you become comfortable in bigger groups.


Accept Who You Are

Knowing and accepting yourself starts with understanding that people are not the same and that while one love big gatherings, the others like small groups of people.

We are all unique and it doesn’t have to mean anything if you like to spend more time alone. That can just mean you can listen better. Introverts are by mistake considered to people that like to spend time alone. However, their ability to listen is better.

Dress Nice

Dressing into things you like will instantly make you feel better about yourself. This doesn’t mean you should wear expensive staples, but staples you love. Always try to look polished and stylish. You will notice a big difference in your confidence level.


Do Activities You Like

By doing things you like you will boost your confidence and be happy. Whether it is reading a book, go for a bike ride or just sitting in some nice bar, drinking coffee, it is important to have these little rituals of yours.


Face with Uncomfortable Situations

Running away from uncomfortable situations and people means that you are scared. This can only highlight and make your shyness even bigger. The more you face your fears, the more you will be strong and confident.

How to Build a Perfect Wardrobe in 2019

How to Build a Perfect Wardrobe in 2019

Sometimes, the perfect wardrobe of your favorite blogger can mislead you to believe that you need a load of clothes to look good. That is absolutely not true, and we are here to prove that.

Building a perfect wardrobe means finding pieces that you can wear all the time. Foundation staples are everywhere, you just have to choose which of them suit your style. With a good wardrobe, you can dress easily and with less effort. You don’t have to hate mornings, hours in front of your mirror and choosing what suits you the best. If you choose to build your wardrobe with pieces that are for only one or two occasions, you will look perfect with minimal effort.

Let’s see how to build a perfect wardrobe in 2019.

Statement Pieces are The Must-Haves

If you want to turn your wardrobe into heaven you will have to invest in a few statement pieces. What is the use of staples you are not wearing, or you wear them only for one occasion?

The perfect statement pieces are a coat, a good pair of shoes, a cashmere sweater, and a leather bag. For this year, pick plaid on your coat, choose a neutral shade for your sweater and buy small handle bag.


Explore New Brands

If you are tired of buying in H&M, Zara, and Asos, then let this year be the year of new brand findings. There are many different street style brands that are not so popular but make perfect clothes. You should always tend to discover more and to get out of your comfort zone. Keeping up with local brands in your country can also be a thing to start doing this year. Give them a chance and a mention on your Instagram profile.

Buy Trendy Staples that will Last

If you like to buy new clothes, go for it. However, try to invest in trendy things that are predicted to last more than a minute. Many trends shown at all fashion shows last as the shows themselves. So, try to buy staples that will last, even though they present a kind of season trend. For example, instead of buying cycling shorts, purchase a good straw bag.


Colors are Allowed

Even if many fashion experts advise to have monochrome wardrobes, there still should be a place for a few colors. No matter if you love or hate wearing vivid shades, you should definitely buy something in the color of the season. For instance, this year Pantone color is living coral. Find a sweater or even better a bag or accessory in this shade and make your outfits interesting.


Uniform Formula

We all have those days – you are bored to think about anything you should wear. When you need to get out from your home quickly or you are just bothered to think about being stylish that day, you should have your uniform formula. Whether it is a pair of jeans with a white shirt or leggings with a long cardigan, you just need to put it on and voila! You are ready for the day ahead.

6 Podcasts You Need to Listen in 2019

6 Podcasts You Need to Listen in 2019

Do you listen to podcasts? Do you even know what they are? If you are nodding, don’t worry. On the first listening, you will become a huge fan.

Podcasts roots date back to the 1980s. They had a real comeback we can say! Diverse shows are now available. They are covered by amateurs or professionals. Some topics are serious, political, while the others are great for those who like to relax and enjoy in their bus or metro ride.

Naturally, the fashion industry got caught on podcasts. If you like to follow news and controversies from fashion, beauty, and lifestyle industry in general, then these are some of the podcasts you should download.

The Business of Fashion

The Business of fashion podcast is one of those you NEED to listen. This podcast is considered to be a fashion bible, for all those fans who like to hear real fashion stories. It is perfect for all those interested in fashion interviews, and all sorts of news and controversies. Listen to CEO of BOF Imran Ahmed talks with many people from the industry – from Kim Kardashian to Tim Blanks.

Fashion No Filter

This podcast is hosted by two women – Monica Ainley, living in Paris and Camille Charriere, Londoner and Parisian. These two influencers and journalists break some of the most controversial stories, such as what men think about fashion, what is feminism or how Instagram is occupying our lives. Listening to this podcast will show you how truly fashion looks – without filters.

At Home With…

Anna Newton and Lily Pebbles combine beauty, interior, and fashion into one podcast. Surprisingly, they do it perfectly! Every episode those two bloggers go to their guests’ houses and talk with them. If you think that might look good on the screen as well – I can’t agree more. However, don’t hesitate to listen this podcast, every time you need inspiration.

Monocycle with Leandra Medine

Even though Man Repeller founder Leandra Medine is not recording anything new at the time, I don’t hesitate to listen to old episodes all over again. Leandra is one of the most funnier people in the fashion industry. She is witty, but also very serious when she talks about some important things. From personal struggles to conversations with her husband and friends – this podcast is an amazing way to make your train rides short.

Second Life

Second Life podcast is hosted by co-founder of MyDomaine and Who What Wear. I don’t know about you but these two websites are my fashion and lifestyle bibles. Hillary Kerr talks with all women who succeed in business and changed their careers. If you are interested to hear how they do that, were they afraid and many other things, listen to this podcast. 

Breaking Beauty

Behind every best selling beauty product, there is a story. How did they made millions, which products you need to have in your bag, etc are just some of the topics that this podcast covers. Join magazine beauty editors, Jill Dunn, and Carlene Higgins as they chat about the background of many beauty stories.

How Bloggers Make Money: 6 Proven Ways

How Bloggers Make Money: 6 Proven Ways

Many of us probably wonder if it is possible to be a full-time blogger. Some will say yes, while others still don’t recognize that as an actual job. Believe it or not, bloggers make money – and they work hard for it. Starting your blog is easy, but if you want to turn it into the money-churning machine you have to do a lot of planning, organization, and connect with a lot of people.

From some common ways on how bloggers make money to the hard ones that require more resources and effort – I will show you how to turn your blog into a business.


Sponsored Posts

If you have been seeing a hashtag on Instagram like #sponsored or #ad but you didn’t exactly realize what they have meant, I will explain further. A blogger or influencer publish a sponsored post when brand paid them to promote their product(s). These posts can be included on your blog, social media, or both.

In the beginning, when your blog is still new and you are not so popular, it might come hard to find brands to collaborate with. However, you can look into many talent agencies that exist nowadays and try to find brands that suit you and make the best deals out of it.

Affiliate Marketing (Links)

Most bloggers started earning through a blog with affiliate marketing. It is great for the beginners – you don’t have to do anything except putting a link to a product. How to implement affiliate links? Well, the best way to do it is through networks like rewardstyle or ShopStyle.

Don’t be afraid to contact smaller boutiques as well – they can offer good deals as well.


Banner Ads

This might be the most common way for bloggers to earn money. You allow advertisers to use certain parts of your blog – whether it is a header, sidebars, footer or between posts. Google AdSense or Mediavine are services that can help a lot, they act like your ad manager, keeping all data and analysis.

Bloggers that decide to have banner ads are paid according to monthly impressions and clicks.   


Become Brand Ambassador

To become the brand ambassador you really have to put a lot of effort into it. You need to have a certain number of followers who you can convince to buy some product. Brands are usually searching for somebody who can:

  • Influence people to buy something
  • Bloggers with a long list of followers
  • Bloggers that already cooperated with brands from the same niche

Offer Products

When all these things stop making sense and your blog is functioning perfectly, then it might be the right time to think out of a box. That is when you can start thinking about making your own goodies. Whether those are free templates, lines of clothes or shoes – if you have been successful in selling, this will absolutely be the bull’s eye.


Offer Services

If making products isn’t your thing, then think the other way – bloggers make money by offering services. If you are good in graphic design, photography or you produce killer content, then you might want to share that with the world.