Kate Middleton vs. Melania Trump: Who Wore it Better?

Kate Middleton vs. Melania Trump: Who Wore it Better?

When it comes to leaving a lasting fashion impression, royals and first ladies are doing it pretty well. Just take a look at Kate Middleton and Melania Trump; from coats to dresses, these two ladies wear a number of ensembles that are strikingly similar and we can’t decide who wore them better.

Kate Middleton is everyone’s favorite from the British Royal family, both for her lady-like behavior and her style. The first lady of America, Melania Trump, was declared as the rightful heir to the fashion style of Jackie Kennedy. So they’re both strong candidates for who gets the more likings from the public!
The two influential women are in love with the dress coat and have a very similar taste in costumes, so they’re making it really hard on us to decide who the one with better style is.
Why do both ladies prefer to go with a coat dress when attending a formal event? The coat dress is a seemingly simple piece of clothing, but makes so much impact! With the right pair of heels it can do wonders.

On April 5, 2017, when Melania Trump was about to meet King Abdullah II of Jordan and his wife Queen Rania, she once again decided that the coat dress is just the outfit. This time, she picked a green variation, a jewel-colored hue, maybe as a sign of respect for the King Abdullah, since this is one of the colors in Jordan’s official flag.

And here are the first lady and the duchess of Cambridge in a sky blue edition of the coat dress and they are both breath-taking.

To show off their bold side, the two ladies sometimes pick more powerful colors, like red. And it suits them perfectly! When Prince William’s wife was visiting UNICEF Supply Division centre in Copenhagen back in 2011, she wore a red coat dress for the event. 6 years after, the public is still obsessed with this look! In March 2017, for her arriving at the Palm Beach International Airport, Melania Trump wore a very similar red coat dress to the one previously worn by the Duchess. Not everybody can ‘steal’ the Duchess style and own it, but Melania was up to the task!

We also saw the both ladies in a plum coat dresses. While Kate Middleton kept the sophistication of the classic edition, the first lady of America went for a striking, glamorous look.

So what is it now? Are you finally convinced that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication? While Kate Middleton prefers the very basic form of simplicity for her outfits, Melania Trump likes to play with it a bit, adding a touch of boldness.


#TB to when Karlie Kloss gave us major inspiration

#TB to when Karlie Kloss gave us major inspiration

Karlie Kloss, as any other model, is someone many people look up to. She is one of the most recognizable models of today, Yes, she does make money (once again, as any other model) out of her fabulous psyche.  But, if every beauty queen out there spent her money the way Karlie Kloss spends them, the world would be a much . MUCH better place to live.

What makes Karlie Kloss step out from the model crowd? Other than her unique beauty (lol, once again, as any other model) and personality, Karlie Kloss’ secret is – her soul (like any other model – NOT). I guess it is true what they say; beauty really comes from within.

Back in 2015, Karlie Kloss put her beauty into a worthy cause. Percentage of her funding went to giving scholarships to young women. While we are going through the past, let’s mention not forget to mention this. She modeled for Dior, Marc Jacobs, Gap, Victoria’s Secret and many other. Karlie Kloss has been on the covers of world-renowned magazines and has been praised for her beauty all over social media. Here, we face the same question again. What makes her different than any other beauty queen?
While many would settle for their famousness and already- built public character, Karlie Kloss, the model, took a 2-week coding class. Motivated by her learning experience, she knew she had to share her achievement with others.

But she did not only share and brag about her experience; she shared her money too. In an effort to encourage your women to take coding classes, Karlie Kloss offered 20 scholarships. Why don’t I just quote her; nothing I can say can top her words.


And here’s how she offered her help to 20 other young women:


Many would wonder, what’s Karlie goal here? Many would also say that she was (is) doing all this for publicity. But many would also argue with that (like me). Her goal is to put her best in creating an equal world, where everybody gets a fair chance at success.

Given the fact that people know Karlie Kloss as a model and nothing more than that – this may come as a surprise. Karlie Kloss nailed math in school and she was what many would call a geek. She started her career at the young age of 13, and by 2014 she already made it to Forbes’ list of highest paid models.

Karlie Kloss is more than just another pretty face. She is, and never fails to be, A MAJOR INSPIRATION.  Say what you will, but one thing is for certain. This girl knows the secret code to being an inspiration!

Dude of the month: Lucky Blue Smith

Dude of the month: Lucky Blue Smith

Lucky Blue Smith has been modeling since that age when we were playing hide and seek. He is born in 1998, and his beauty was recognized by the young age of ten. Lucky was lucky enough to be signed to an international modeling agency by the age of 12. Today, Lucky Blue Smith is 19-years-old and is already achieving so much on both professional and personal level. It really makes me question WTF am I doing with my life, but okay, I don’t have his looks.

As mentioned above, Smith was scouted when he was just 10, in the small Spanish town Utah. Upon being signed with Next Management, the right decision for the whole family was to move to Los Angeles. Right after their arrival, Smith was photographed for Vogue Homme Japan. The guy was 12 and he made it to Vogue… Ever since then, Smith’s career never stopped growing.

Blondes really do have more fun, and Lucky Blue Smith is a living proof! Smith is a natural ash blonde, but his agent advised him to dye it platinum blond. We would have loved him the same if he kept his natural blonde hair, but I guess agents know better. This blue-eyed cookie shot a dozen of magazine covers, and he appeared in editorials for American, French, Spanish and Ukrainian Vogue. He must have made a strong impression when he was photographed for Vogue Japan!

GQ, Elle, Marie Claire, V, Harper’s Bazaar and much more also wanted a piece of him. The runways wouldn’t be the same if he didn’t walk for Chanel, Roberto Cavalli, Fendi, Armani, Ralph Lauren, Balmain, Versace, Michael Kors and so on. The list is endless! On top of that, Lucky Blue Smith appeared in numerous advertising campaigns – and he’s only 19!

You know who else wanted a piece of him? Stormy Bree , model, singer and actress. But on a personal level. Now, let’s draw the line between professional and personal right here. Lucky Blue Smith and Stormy Bree have been dating for quite some time. They are basically the hottest modeling duo the world has seen in a long time. And when two beautiful people like these two pair up, they’re about to make some pretty-looking babies. As they did.

Lucky Blue Smith’s proudest achievement is his daughter. No fashion brand can top the experience of holding your baby in your arms. Summer 2017 was a happy summer for these two. They welcomed their daughter Gravity. You know what wasn’t discussed at the time? Who Gravity would look like. We knew she’s gonna be a beautiful baby either way!

Stormy Bree is 7 years older than Lucky Blue Smith, which once again proves that age is irrelevant when it comes to love. After all, Smith was in the adult world ever since he was 12-years-old. It’s fair to say he is mature enough to know his way around beauty Stormy Bree.

Lucky Blue Smith is one of the most in-demand male models of today. Okay, Stormy Bree may have him, but as long as we get a piece of him on the runways, we’re happy!




Thank you 21th century for allowing us to connect to the Internet! Where would all the supermodels and media influencers be if there was no Internet? And how other would we spend our days than the usual stalking on Instagram?

Maybe the best part about being online is the fact that it offers countless opportunities. So, Christine Phillips decided to seize the blessing. Christine is a licensed esthetician, working and living in Huntington, New York. Other than her current job, she is trying to make it up to the top in the modeling industry. And she is totally a model material!

You know what they say, choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. That’s what Christine is trying to do. Hey, she’s a licensed esthetician, it’s shouldn’t come as a surprise that she loves everything fashion and beauty related. A girl with passion for fashion, a pure beauty and cutie; for her- it’s gonna be doddle to become a model!

Besides her big blue eyes that look straight into your soul and her seductive lips, there’s something more about Christine. Her nobleness! She wants to inspire people to be the true version of themselves. Regardless of their height, weight or body type, everyone can be in the industry is the message Christine is trying to send.

To make things even more interesting, Christine is the ambassador for Empress Boutique. She really can’t stay away from fashion! When it comes to her style, she’s the ‘mix & match’ type of girl. Express, Urban Outfitters, Tobi, Empress, Free People, Rebecca Minkoff come to top of her mind when asked what her favorite brands are.

Christine finds inspiration in other people’s creativity. She is a firm believer that we can and should learn from one another. There’s something motivational about putting your own spin on things you see other people doing. Wow, beauty and brains, she really is the whole package.

The girl who soon will be rocking the cover pages of Vogue or maybe Elle likes to take care of her body. Don’t let them lie to you; good things don’t come to those who wait. Good things come to people like Christine who are not lazy to walk the extra mile to reach their goals. Aside from her daily activity, Christine recently got into Barre exercises. Go, girl!

Although Christine is currently the ambassador for Empress Clothing Boutique, she can handle more partnerships with similar brands. Can you name a person that deserves them more? I knew you can’t.

I have a pretty strong feeling that we’re gonna be seeing a lot from Christine. And we can’t wait!


Follow Christine’s advice and be inspired by her creativity @tiney.bopper. Oh, and follow her as well!



Amiyrah Joseph is the name you’ll be hearing a lot in the future. The second year Abnormal and Clinical Psychology student has big plans for the future. Other than getting a college degree, Amiyrah is very passionate about the modeling world. And her beauty tells me she’s going to climb to the very top!

This aspiring model is a girl of many talents. Even thought she is a full time student, she is also a self taught artist, henna artists and tattoo designer. On top of that, Amiyrah is making her way to the modeling industry. Oh, and she’s only 19 years old and is already such an inspiration!

Hey there modeling companies and brands, search no more, Amiyrah is here! What attracts Amiyrah the most about modeling is the fun it goes with it! She also appreciates the chance to work with many different brands and broaden her horizons. Amiyrah is the friendly type of gal who loves people. And that is my friends, the best type of girl!

So, what drives Amiyrah? Her personal motivation is – her failures. You didn’t see that coming, didn’t you? A pretty girl is a pretty girl, but a pretty girl with a brain is the most lethal combination! She takes pride in the lessons she learned from her past failures. Amiyra keeps on pushing until she achieves her goal! With a brain like that and her positive attitude, this girl will soon take over the world!

To maintain her stunning looks and physique, Amiyra has chosen to live a healthy life. And it’s working pretty well for her. She’s basing her diet on fresh fruits and vegetables, home cooked meals and a lot of herbal tea.Just take a look at her perfect body. Well, she works for it! Ballet workout is her thing, 4 days a week. She prefers walking over public transport. Maybe she takes the hard way, but it totally pays off!

When she has a few extra minutes on her hand, Amiyra likes to dedicate herself to her artistic self. She creates art pieces and designs for people, and is into henna designs as well. Just look how talented she is.

If her friends need a model for their projects, they know who to call. And Amiyra is happy to help! This inspiring girl also did a photoshoot for a modeling portfolio. I don’t know what it is about this girl, but everything about her screams SUPERMODEL! Maybe it’s her well maintained body figure or her perfect height, but this girl can easily put a spell on any brand!

While speaking of brands, Amiyra has some pretty high standards. She names Marc Jacobs, Fenty, Givenchy, Vera Wang, TUK Shoes, Gucci, Hellbunny, Dolce & Gabbana and Versace as her favourites. It is really surprising that she does not have any existing partnerships with brands, but it is certain that she’s a gem just waiting to be found. And it is happening soon!

In no time Amiyra will be singing: “Started from the bottom, now I’m here”. To follow her journey towards her goals, follow her at @Amiyrah_Artistry.


Spreading Smiles with Trina Phillips

Spreading Smiles with Trina Phillips

When it comes to working with online models in ambassadors, brands should be very careful in choosing personalities who will be able to share the right brand values online. Spreading positive vibes is a sure way to capture the heart of the market and to build a brand. For this reason, brand scouts should find models who will be able to share positive feelings about their products and services.

One of the aspiring models who have the natural knack for spreading smiles all over the internet is Trina Phillips. A quick look through her Instagram account is all that anybody needs to be captivated by her smile. She is the embodiment of confidence and charm; and any brand would be lucky to work with her.

What most people do not know about Trina is that she is very patriotic. Her love for her country is deeply rooted and she celebrates freedom and the land she calls home. This is why she would love to work with different homegrown brands and help local businesses flourish.

She is naturally gifted with an amazing physique and beautiful features. In a world full of beautiful women who are fighting over the spotlight to be a top online model, Trina naturally stands out.

Her personality shines through her photos. Followers online will feel the warmth of her smile and her outgoing personality through her posts. Her happiness is surely contagious and, as an online model, she will surely be able to build the right rapport with the audience.

Join her mission of spreading smiles and happiness through the World Wide Web. Work with Trina Phillips by visiting her IGModel search profile and by following her on Instagram.



More often than not, brands need to work with online models and influencers who are still on their way to the tops. Because of this, they need to wait a certain amount of time in order to maximize the mileage of their contracts. What brand scouts do not understand is that they can save a great deal amount of time by working with models and ambassadors who are already established in the field.

With thousands of followers on Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram, Kail Peery is surely one of the most promising online models of today. There is no reason for brands to not work with her, especially since she has already established a solid base of fans and followers. Brands will be lucky to work with her because she has an extensive network across different online platforms.

Kail is a young lady of many talents. In addition to online modeling, she also acts and produces videos for her own Youtube channel. Being an online ambassador is something that she loves and enjoys, and the feeling is mutual, as far as her followers are involved.

This beautiful bombshell is open to working with different kinds of brands, especially ones that are cruelty-free. Her amazing features, body, and charm will work best for any kind of fashion, beauty, and photography campaign. Brand scouts should make her their first priority, as far as their online marketing efforts are concerned, because this beautiful young lady surely has what it takes to help build an online following.

Maximize your online reach and make sure that your brand messages are reaching the right audience. Work with Kail Peery by visiting her IGModel Search profile and following her on Instagram.