Boho Chic Accessories for Every Casual Look

Whatever you wear with your outfits to make them more fashionable and eye-catching, there is always a series of accessories you have never discovered. Leaving aside all your jewelry, embellishments and style statement items here we represent the best of boho chic accessories for every casual look. Boho chic has become one of the most favorite styles in fashion. It always comes with interesting solutions and accessory ideas worthy to wear in any season and for any occasion.

Bohemian Headwraps / Headbands

There are thousands of beautiful and stylish headbands in the world of fashion but women make their choice between bohemian head wraps and headbands. Many brides opt for floral and futuristic headbands for their cozy and casual-kind wedding look instead of posh and luxurious crowns. These headbands are very exquisite and feminine. They go well with subtle dresses and look fabulous for any special occasion where you want to stay beautiful and casual at the same time.

Bohemian Bracelets

The next big trend from Bohemian accessories is the lovely set of leather, turquoise and ethnic-like bracelets inspired by old Indian tribes. These bracelets stand out with their cool combination of hues, interesting patterns and mysterious details. It seems as if they come from ancient times and only the wearer owns such priceless items. You can add a personal touch to these bracelets with DIY ideas. Bohemian bracelets ideally go with street style outfits and sporty clothing.

Bohemian Rings

As for Bohemian rings, they mainly come in combinations of silver, turquoise and other expensive stones. You can find boho rings of all sizes and geometrical shapes. There are even triangle-shaped designs for these unique accessories. Some choose bracelet+ring combination as a more modern version of rocking the lovely boho chic.  Here you see some of the latest examples that grab attention with their beauty and harmonious balance. If you like wearing multiple rings at the same time, then boho rings are your cup of coffee.

Bohemian Necklaces

The many mixtures of old and new styles are obviously reflected on the trendy pieces of Bohemian necklaces. They are usually in layered designs, which give them a fascinating and attractive touch. You can see coin boho necklaces, silver pieces, well-balanced combos of various expensive stones etc. The list is endless.

Bohemian Sandals

Perhaps the most comfortable sandals you can ever meet are Bohemian sandals. From simple fringed styles to the brightest patterns there is a wide range of Bohemian sandals for summer 2018. Like the rest of accessories, boho sandals also bear ethnic designs and rich color combinations. Each can easily find the desired pair of sandals between Bohemian designs.

Bohemian Bags

When it comes to the choice of bags, we give preference to the design and coziness. Luckily, Bohemian bags are both practical and beautiful. Of, course, they can’t be called classic and formal but we wear them with great pleasure in everyday life. Handbags made of leather and styled with fringes are the most favorite trends of 2018. Other options include beach bags, casual clutches and unique wallets.

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