French Bob Haircut

The popular French bob is the well-known retro style that has become so required lately. This is a short straight cut with blunt finishes and bunt bangs. Compared with many short styles this one is quite eye-catching and bold because of its vibrant look. It is often accompanied by short bangs, dark black shade and straight thick hair. You may rock this haircut if you are really tired of long hair and seek for a big style change.

Razor Cut Bob

As for razor cut bobs, they are much more fascinating and attractive. You may feel the modern touch of pixie cuts on these bob haircuts. They are accompanied by sharp tips and sometimes messy tousled waves. The front hair is usually longer than the back part. You can soften razor cut bobs with light hair colors. Besides blonde tones you may also opt for pastel shades like sky blue, silver, rose gold, lavender and mint green.

Lob Haircut

Lobs have become the favorite styles for many celebrities. They are the most feminine medium haircuts that look so fresh and stylish at the same time. If you want a mid-length haircut that’s something reminding of the trendy bob, then this is your style. Anyone can wear the lob haircut in spite of the hair type and color. However, you should know that lobs require frequent care to stay so fashionable.

Curly Asymmetrical Bob

Take an example from black celebs who teach us how to deal with curly hair. Go for a short asymmetrical bob and your curls will look fresher and more beautiful. You won’t even need to change your hair color to soften your short haircut because curls are soft and always stunning.

Tousled Bob Haircut

Tousled bobs are special for women with thin hair. This hair type always waits for haircuts that can make it look more voluminous and vivid. Short haircuts or layers come for help when thin hair becomes dull. If you have such hair then let your next haircut be the tousled bob. You can style it into loose waves and you are done with a super voluminous hairstyle.

Asian Bob Haircut

And we are happy to see the influence of the Asian style in the fashion world. Asian haircuts are perhaps the most modest, elegant and feminine styles you can choose for your hair. They come in a variety of styles but the most recent trend is the short and simple bob. This classic haircut is styled into the simplest straight or wavy styles that make hair look very soft and stylish.