The Biggest Trend Guide for 2019

trend guide 2019

We have already entered 2019. Now, it is the right time for us to check out trend guide and see what you should put in, and what should go out from your closet.


Fashion shows and clothes that designers created for this year show a new feminine look. The wardrobe is wearable again, making you feel confident and powerful. Suits, utility jumpsuits are just some of the trends predicted to be huge this year.


These are the biggest trends predicted for this year. Scroll down to find more inspiration.

Sage Green

Pastels were a big trend last year. From lilac to sage green – we adore wearing blush shades of some not so popular colors. There is even a debate about this shade name – is it pistachio, mint or seafoam? However, whatever you decide to call it, one thing is sure – you can wear it as beige or black.


Fashion experts say that ruffles go out and fringes go in. Fringes are something you will see everywhere – from hems to bags and dresses. Also, bohemian fringes counts – crochet blouses with fringes will be perfect for summertime.

Animal Print

Surprised to see animal print this season? Me neither. However, leopard print looks more sophisticated and elegant this season. Most of all, it is wearable and decent – perfect for both office and night-out. From Burberry to Gucci – it seems like designers really love animal print this year.


Combine two trends in one – beige and neon suit dressing. Suits are great for office wear, but you can also look interesting in a cool combination of beige suit and red neon turtleneck.


If you ask me, beige was never out of style. It is utterly chic and sophisticated. This year it is more trendy than ever. Whether you opt for coats, dresses or high waisted pants in beige or any other shade like oatmeal or biscuit you will look fashionable and in trend.


Vibes from the 80s never stop! This year they came in form of neon clothes. Green, pink or blue neon – you choose! This trend already has been shown in street style, so now it is the right time to start thinking about it. If you don’t want to be feet-to-toe in neon shades, opt for detail only – crossbody or belt bag.

Small Handle Bags

Switch from wearing super big tote bags to small kind of Dior saddle bags. If you were asking how to manage to wear all your stuff with you in such a small bag, the answer is – choose bare necessities. Top handle bags trend will be huge this year, so make sure to have even one of these chic and sophisticated bags in your closet.

Utility Dressing

Utility or boiler suits are not only reserved for home wear. These jumpsuits are loose fitting but belt waisted which is great for showing off your figure. Even if you don’t believe it, you can wear these utility clothes with ankle boots, heels or sneakers.

How do you like this trend guide? Which of these trends you would like to try?

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