Best Hair Care Tips and Tricks

Healthy and shiny hair is a dream for every woman with problematic hair type. Check out our list of the best hair care tips and tricks if you know your locks need extra care and attention. The best way to bring your tresses to the possible sparkling and healthy look is keeping up with the most effective hair care ideas. You can find millions of tips, but we have collected just the best for you. So, stay with us to discover the secret to beautiful locks.

How to Wash Hair

Dry Hair

Well, I believe you know how to wash your hair but I am not sure you do it right. There are some aspects you should consider while washing your hair not to damage the scalp and the tips. So, if you have dry scalp then you must definitely oil your hair with essential oils before washing. This will protect your scalp and hair from becoming drier and dull. There are several types of essential oils that ideally work with the scalp boosting better blood circulation, hair growth and adding more shine. Besides, the harsh chemicals of your shampoo and conditioner may loosen down their harmful effect if you protect your hair with essential oils.

Oily Hair

When it comes to oily hair, you are expected to use the best shampoo and sometimes even avoid conditioner if it’s also thin and straight. Remember that when you use hot water to wash your hair it makes your scalp even oilier and forces you to wash more frequently. In order to escape this, you should wash hair with lukewarm water. You know how hot hair styling tools damage hair; the same effect is seen after the use of hot water.

Hair Products and Styling Tools

The products you use for washing and styling your hair tell a lot about the state of your locks. When you opt for low-quality and cheap products you may not expect healthy locks. It’s better to find a single shampoo made special for your hair type than use tones of cheap shampoos and conditioners. The same refer to hair products. Actually, women with healthy hair avoid too much use of styling products. You can go for them only if you need to get a prom hairstyle. Dermatologists and hair stylists recommend avoiding using hair styling tools and products in everyday life. Your natural hair can look more beautiful in its healthy shine than in any other look. All kinds of hair sprays, gels and mousses and heating tools work against the quality of your locks especially when they are of low-quality. As for styling tools, you can consider using rollers instead of curling iron to get fantastic curls. In fact, there are many DIY hair styling techniques without heating tools.

Hair Drying and Brushing

Drying and brushing are quite important for the quality of hair. Do you use the right towel and combs for your locks? It’s better if you pre-dry your hair with a microfiber towel when you step out of the shower. Make sure the fabrics you use are soft enough and they won’t damage or cause to breaking or frizz. Don’t use blow drier when your hair is still wet. It should be partially dry (60%) to stay safe from the heat of the blow drier. Use a wide-toothed wooden comb to brush your hair. Avoid cheap combs made of plastic or chemical-based material.

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