How to Become Stylish with No Money

If you think that you need lots of money to change up your style and look more fashionable, then you are in the right place to change up your mind first. We are here to tell you how to become stylish with no money. These tips and tricks are special for those who seek for modern improvements in their looks. It’s not a secret that a women sparkles with all her beauty when she is confident and stylish. So, let’s find out the best way of sparkling with fancy touches and interesting solutions.

Review What You Have

Review all of your clothes and accessories and start thinking on refreshing your wardrobe. You don’t always need to buy new clothes to update it. Just give up keeping the clothes you don’t use anymore. Even if you think that you have old-fashioned pieces, there are always creative ideas on how to beautify them. Check out some YouTube tutorials on how to update your old clothes. Your mind will light up just after a few minutes of watching those tips. As for accessories, you can use them with modern solutions. If you are tired of your old jewelry, start combining them with newer options. Don’t be afraid of big contrasts as they are in thing these days. Many celebrities like to match contrasting shades and accessories to show off their own taste.


Another cool way of looking stylish is picking up accessories wisely. What does this mean? Most women hate accessorizing, but these little beauty tools are always useful. They play a major role in any look. A simple belt, scarf, sunglasses, bracelet or a collection of rings can make you look richer and more fashionable. All you need is just highlighting your personal style and taste. For example, if you wear a black dress, make sure you embellish it with a piece of jewelry, light-colored belt or something modern. A simple black dress is too casual, but it looks very elegant and posh once completed with cute accessories.

Mind your Makeup Routine

The less you use makeup the more attractive you look. Those thinking that too much makeup makes them fancy, should spend some time on reviewing the latest celebrity looks. The fact is that the majority of famous women say no to heavy makeup. They use it only for special parties and red carpet events. When it comes to casual days and everyday parties, they usually opt for light and natural-looking makeup ideas. Why? Because heavy makeups go well with luxurious prom outfits and your look needs to be harmonious. All in all, beauty is in simplicity. In addition, heavy makeup ruins your skin and therefore you use more products to recover it. Try using DIY face masks and wear little makeup (just to cover flaws and make your skin tone nicer). This is a great way of saving money as well as becoming more stylish. Don’t forget about the latest trends and makeup ideas that come and go by the time.

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