How to Become Popular on Instagram

Many people use Instagram not just for fun but to have many followers and become popular. While some get the desired fame in a few days or even hours, others don’t get even a minimal success in years. Today we will find out how to become popular on Instagram by several easy steps.

Build a Unique Instagram Feed

When we say unique we don’t mean every type of abnormal photos and stuff. Uniqueness gains more attention when it’s more interesting than the rest of the feed, when it’s more beautiful than the rest of the offers and when it’s more fascinating than what the majority of us see. So, your first and most important task is to create an engaging and unique Instagram profile that looks great. If you focus on photography, then make sure ALL of the posted photos are of high quality and look stunning. They should be original and bring out your personal taste. Try to concentrate on 15-20 o your best photos and upload them once you create your Instagram profile. In case you have fewer photos, you’d better wait for a while until you have enough quantity of photos that are both beautiful and hold a meaning. They must be eye-catching. People usually like to follow photographers that have their own creativity and use their fantasy to capture fantastic moments. Avoid any kind of similarity and try to come up with something new and more original each time you post a photo. According to many photographers there are several types of photos that gain more attention and popularity. For example, beach, sunset photos, reflection and silhouette photos as grab most of the attention. They can easily make you popular on Instagram. As a rule, portraits, on the other hand, get fewer likes.

Make Your Profile Noticeable

The easiest way to make your profile noticeable is starting with your friends. Almost all Instagram users also use some other social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. So, we believe that you have many Facebook or Twitter friends who will follow you on Instagram once you message them. Use this great opportunity to gain popularity. Don’t forget to keep your profile public and often use hashtags so that other people could also reach your profile. Always keep it updated even if you are in a vocation. Try to post new photos every single day as your followers will surely wait for them. There are cases when enthusiastic followers keep up with the profiles and photos liked by them and check out them every day to take a look at something new. Hashtags and appropriate words or phrases that describe your photo will make it more fascinating and engaging.

Build a Relationship with Your Followers

Instead of just posting and checking it’s quite important to contact with your followers and sometimes even chat with them. Of course, you can’t keep up with every single message or comment, but you can answer to some of the most liked comments and most interesting questions. This will make you more popular as followers like to chat with the authors of the photos. It’s recommended posting not more than once every six hours. Share only great photos and work on the quality and not on the quantity. Your number one aim should be keeping your followers as engaged as possible. When you answer their comments they will never ever leave you. Moreover, many followers tend to share your profile and photos when they see you are not indifferent to their comments. This is how they like you and make you more popular on Instagram.

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