Beauty Enthusiasts: Organize Your Bathroom Space

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If you are a member of ‘beauty enthusiasts’ group, then you probably imagine your bathroom space as heaven. Everything organized, in their places – is there anything better. Between moisturizers, face masks, nail polishes, and hair straighteners, nothing should come between you and your beauty products. And that is why you need to take care of your space. Having your products organized, in beautiful, clean jars, boxes, and cabinets seems like a perfect oasis. No matter what size your bathroom is, you can always arrange your products. Here are ways to organize each and every product that you have.


Throw Your Expired Makeup Away

Throwing your expired makeup away not in the first place by accident. It is the first thing you need to do before starting decluttering your beauty space. No one, and I repeat, no one should use makeup that has expired. It can not only destroy your skin, but it also won’t be the same on your face as something that is new.


Keep Your Everyday Products Together

Instead of searching for your everyday products tired in the night, keep them organized in one place. Let that be an easy-to-reach area that will be seen and practical at the same time. I have noticed that bloggers tend to keep their products on chic containers – you can copy their organization tips.

Type Products Organization

When decluttering make sure to organize all your products in groups – body lotions, makeup, skincare products, etc. Next time you want to put on a scrub on your face or body oil, you will know exactly where you can find it.


Keep Duplicated Separately

You know those situations when you buy something and then realize you already have it?! Don’t worry, it happened to all of us. Instead of keeping those duplicates with the rest of your products, put them in a separate box or cabinet. Mixing and duplicating them again won’t be possible again.


Use Jars and Glasses For Cotton-Made Products

Keeping all cotton products such as pads and earbuds will be much easier and prettier if you decide to switch from their package to glass or jars. That way, your bathroom will look less chaotic, chic, and definitely well organized.

Use of Your Medical Cabinets

Not everybody has medical cabinets, but if you do, then try to use all of them. If your bathroom is extra small, even doors of your cabinet can serve pretty well. Use small magnetic organizers for those small items such as tweezers, bobby pins or hair-ties. You know, those things that are always lost after the first use.


Acrylic Organizers for Makeup

Many beauty bloggers advice us to organize our makeup into acrylic boxes. They are perfect because they can go to shelves, drawers or left somewhere visible. In this containers, you can see all the makeup you have so you won’t end up using something all the time while forgetting about something else.


Do you organize your beauty products? If you have some other beauty enthusiasts tricks for easy clutter, let us know!

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