How to Pack for a Weekend Getaway

How to Pack for a Weekend Getaway

For some girls packing for a weekend getaway is a piece of cake. If you are a master of organization and you like to keep your things in order, then you probably can be ready in not more than half an hour. However, there is the other group that finds packing exhausting, and annoying. For all of you out there – you are not alone.


In this post, we will share some of the secrets of weekend getaway packing. If you are going to some place where the climate is cold, make sure to bring all items needed, as well as cosmetics. If you want to get rid of that travel anxiety and you would like to learn how to pack quick, scroll down to see more.

Make a List of Necessary Things

Even if this trick sounds pretty elementary and obvious, sometimes it is the only thing helping you from forgetting things like chargers, headbands or toothpaste. Always write a list down – you can do it on your phone or on a piece of paper. Once you start packing, you can check all the things you put in your suitcase. This way you leave no essential stuff behind.


Pack the Night Before or Earlier

To avoid stress, pack the night before or a day earlier. Go through your list, and make sure that you have packed everything. Also, don’t panic if you see or remember that something is missing. You will get that done the next day. Don’t forget to pack your carry-on bag – put in a wallet, ticket, passport, and other important documents and items. Set two alarms if you are going somewhere early.


Check Weather Conditions

Even if you are going for two or three days away, it is important to check weather conditions. There is nothing worse than showing up unprepared for cold, warm or rainy weather. If you check the weather before start packing, you will have a better idea of what you should bring.

Plan Your Outfits Ahead

The best travel tip someone can give you is to plan your outfits ahead. Therefore, if you want to travel light, we suggest picking only the things you need. For instance, if you are going for a winter getaway, pick one coat in a neutral shade, one or two pairs of jeans (black and blue), two tops and two sweaters for layering. For longer trips, you can expand your wardrobe in the exact same way.


Prepare the Skincare

When it comes to skincare, you should always pack your essentials – products that you use every day. Mini, travel packages of these products are perfect, so if you have them, they will save a lot of place in your cosmetic bag. Don’t try new products while away from home – you surely don’t want to wander through the new places, searching for skin breakdown solutions.

How do you pack for a weekend getaway? Let us know in the comment section below!

How to Deal With Mondays Like Pros

How to Deal With Mondays Like Pros

If there is a person that you know that likes Mondays, don’t hesitate to show her or him to us. Oh, Mondays. They can be really depressing. Tearing yourself away from the couch can come pretty hard. Weekends should serve for wine nights with friends or movie marathons. So, we can completely understand how stressful can that be.


Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to deal with Mondays better. First of all, it is not the end of the world. The Friday will come soon enough. Check out the tips we have found that are tested and proved by many successful people.

They Leave Time for Breakfast

A good and balanced meal is the perfect way to start off your day. That is why you need to leave time for your breakfast. Whether you like to eat banana smoothie or eggs, you should take that time and enjoy your first meal of the day. You can even try to grab a cup of coffee before going out to work.

Researches have shown that healthy and balanced breakfast can improve your concentration and focus.


They Prepare Ahead

Monday rush is more than known to all of us. Therefore, you should leave more time for preparing your lunch, clothes, and pack your bag. It is best if you do that on Sunday evening, even before your Monday alarm rings.

Even though you think those things are basic, they can much improve your morning routine and make your day less stressful.


They Don’t Check Phones

Resist the urge to look at your phone when you open your eyes. It is pretty simple – it increases stress levels. Even if scrolling over Instagram feed can be relaxing, you shouldn’t waste your morning time on that. Instead, mute all your notifications, leave emails for your office and enjoy the time in the morning – do your skincare routine and eat a healthy breakfast.

They Set Goals

When Monday hits, you can easily become overwhelmed with emails, missed calls, meetings, and deadlines. The solution to this problem is to set your goals. Set deadlines, arrange the meetings across working week, and plan everything by priority. You will feel amazing when your week comes to an end, and you see all of your tasks complete.


They Take Some Time To Adjust

Even if you love your job, the transition to Monday is hard for everyone. Try not to dive right in the job as soon as you are in office. Instead, start with something small – arrange your files, or clean your desk. Also, you can read a few articles online and then start fulfilling your tasks.


They Find Time for Both Work and Pleasure

After a pretty stressful Monday day at the office, it is essential to find some time for yourself and enjoy. Whether it is a happy hour with friends or family or just a good movie after dinner, it is important to relax after the first day at work. Making a balance is the best possible solution.

How To Create Perfectly Productive Workplace

How To Create Perfectly Productive Workplace

November is always a challenging time of the year – a busy schedule, a lot of things to finish until holidays and most of all getting all your work done. That is why it is very important to create a perfectly productive workplace. It will inspire you to continue working, even though you think about taking a break (that usually lasts more than you think).


Believe it or not, your desk can make a huge difference when it comes to your productivity. You could easily be distracted by many things that are near you. The solution to this problem is organization. Organizing your desk and creating a productive workplace is a perfect thing to do now, and be prepared for the next month that is coming.

Tools For Planning

The best way to plan your day is to have a planner and the strict to-do lists that will help you achieve everything by the hour. You can find many cool planners round, but make sure to find the one that will fill all your expectations. Write all your to-do lists, goals, and tasks for the month, week, or days ahead.

You can also use a weekly desk pad. That is a fantastic way to keep all your plans right in front of you.


Declutter Your Desk

The more things you have on your desk, the more chaotic your mind can be. You can possibly get distracted by anything. You need to do a simple declutter. Buy some fancy pencil pots, mini storages, folders, etc. You can have all the things that you need, but very nice organized.

Add Some Plants

Plants are known as perfect energy and mood boosters. That is why, you should add one right in front of you on your desk, or somewhere near. They help to reduce fatigue, and they are perfect for detoxing your office. Most of all, a plant can relax your eyes after staring in the screen. They can help you reduce stress and make you more productive during the day.


Scents are Important

Even though you think candles can be counter-productive, some scents can actually make you feel better. Try orange or lemon and add a few drops of some essential oil. You will notice a difference in your productive workplace environment immediately.

Boost Your Inspiration

We all have periods when we are feeling unproductive and uninspired. In those moments it is good to have mood boards that will help you back to the old track again. Whether your job is, you can find images that will make you feel creative again – from magazines or photos of your family. Don’t forget to add some mood-boosting note with an inspirational quote on it.


Find The Right Position

Pay attention to your body posture when you sit for a couple of hours. Even if you achieve a productive workplace, still bad posture can affect your mood, productivity and can cause you pain. Make sure your hips are back, knees equal to the hips and foot on the ground. You can always add a cushion to secure your back.

5 Things You Shouldn’t Share On Instagram

5 Things You Shouldn’t Share On Instagram

Social media became an unavoidable part of our lives. Sharing photos and videos on Instagram is not only because ‘your family and friends will see it.’ You are now creating content that will represent your personality, brands, or everything else that you are doing.

That is why it is no longer advisable and vise to post everything that pops into your head. Your feed can easily turn into a chaotic place, without any order. Smart girls that are blogging have already learned that their Instagram feed represent who they are, and so they take good care of what they are posting. Here are the things bloggers would never post on their Instagram – so you should not as well.


Unauthorized Videos or Photos

Sharing someone’s else content on your personal Instagram feed is very tricky. Always contact a person before sharing their videos or photos. Also, be careful when you are filming something in your surrounding – if it is not allowed to take photos at work, just don’t do it. Simple as that!

Political Views that Are Uninformed

Expressing political views is more present on Twitter than on Instagram, but it spread like a fire. Therefore, if you want to post something political, then try to research that topic as much as you can. There is nothing worse than an uninformed political view. You can engage with a lot of different people, but is that the way you want to do it, through various comments and spams?


Personal and Emotional Cries For Help

The situation is following – you have just broken up with your partner, and you need to share it with the world. Any post is dedicated to him/her – you want them to feel bad for losing you. However, you can easily get a reputation of a sad person, that post too much personal stuff out there on Instagram. That is why, you should always think twice, at least 24 hours before finally deciding you want to share it with the world.

Kids That Aren’t Yours

Every parent has rights to post their baby’s photos on Facebook or Instagram. However, in the era of social media, personally, I don’t consider that as a good idea. If you are only a friend of a family with kids and you want to post it on your feed, you shouldn’t do it without permission. Along with the fact it is illegal, it can also fill in your feed with unnecessary comments under the photo.


After Gym or Drunk Photos

You won’t get any kind of support if you post that dead-after-gym photo. It can only ruin your perfectly aesthetic feed. You are not looking good all sweat, so don’t even think about sharing it with the rest of the world. Another big no-no when it comes to sharing is a drunk photo. Instead of clicking on a share button, send it to your friends so you can laugh together. The next day, they will be your best support, along with a bottle of water.

How To Prepare For First Day On a New Job

How To Prepare For First Day On a New Job

The first day on a new job is more than stressful. It usually implies meeting a bunch of people and trying to remember all their names. Also, you are running from one place to the other one, figuring out what your responsibilities really are. It can come pretty intimidating to all of us, no matter what position or job you are in.

Here are a few tricks we have prepared for you to set up all your goals and be ready for the first day on a new job.


Try On Your Clothes

Successful women would advise us to prepare all your clothes ahead for a next working day. Let that be the case with your first day on a new job as well. Don’t just prepare your clothes – you should as well try it. Trust me, there can be some small hole, or a button missing – and this is a chance to see it. Also, test your shoes and pick the jewelry you think a match with your outfit.


Pack Your Bag With The Essentials

Every woman fills a bag with a lot of (not so) necessarily items. For your first day on a new job, try to pack only the essentials. Don’t forget a notebook or planner – you will be writing down a lot of stuff. Second, pack a quick snack – granola bars will be perfect for those moments when your blood sugar is causing you to think less. You can always bring something personal, to remind you of your home office.

Learn About Your New Company

When you pass your job interview tests, that probably means you have prepared well, and find out all about your company. However, Google your company a bit more, and find out if they published some updated that you don’t know about. That is how you will be thoroughly prepared for a day ahead of you.


Plan a Route to Work

Your first and most important task for the first day on a new job is to be puntional and to arrive if not on time, then before. You should definitely plan your route to work, even for a first day. Always think about subways, buses or car jam that can occur in the morning. Extra 15 minutes will buy you some time if you are held up somewhere along the route.


Check Out Your Paperwork

If you have reviewed and signed all papers received after the interview, then it is not a mistake to check them once again. Thinking about bringing your own laptop? Check out your paperwork, maybe something is mentioned there.

Relax Before Bad

Sleep well before your first day. However, that is not an excuse to toss yourself in bad early. Go out with your friends, take a casual stroll or read your favorite book. Take some time for yourself and relax by doing things you like. Whether you love to soak yourself in a hot bath or going out with friends. As long as it suits and relaxes you – do it.


Beauty Enthusiasts: Organize Your Bathroom Space

Beauty Enthusiasts: Organize Your Bathroom Space

If you are a member of ‘beauty enthusiasts’ group, then you probably imagine your bathroom space as heaven. Everything organized, in their places – is there anything better. Between moisturizers, face masks, nail polishes, and hair straighteners, nothing should come between you and your beauty products. And that is why you need to take care of your space. Having your products organized, in beautiful, clean jars, boxes, and cabinets seems like a perfect oasis. No matter what size your bathroom is, you can always arrange your products. Here are ways to organize each and every product that you have.


Throw Your Expired Makeup Away

Throwing your expired makeup away not in the first place by accident. It is the first thing you need to do before starting decluttering your beauty space. No one, and I repeat, no one should use makeup that has expired. It can not only destroy your skin, but it also won’t be the same on your face as something that is new.


Keep Your Everyday Products Together

Instead of searching for your everyday products tired in the night, keep them organized in one place. Let that be an easy-to-reach area that will be seen and practical at the same time. I have noticed that bloggers tend to keep their products on chic containers – you can copy their organization tips.

Type Products Organization

When decluttering make sure to organize all your products in groups – body lotions, makeup, skincare products, etc. Next time you want to put on a scrub on your face or body oil, you will know exactly where you can find it.


Keep Duplicated Separately

You know those situations when you buy something and then realize you already have it?! Don’t worry, it happened to all of us. Instead of keeping those duplicates with the rest of your products, put them in a separate box or cabinet. Mixing and duplicating them again won’t be possible again.


Use Jars and Glasses For Cotton-Made Products

Keeping all cotton products such as pads and earbuds will be much easier and prettier if you decide to switch from their package to glass or jars. That way, your bathroom will look less chaotic, chic, and definitely well organized.

Use of Your Medical Cabinets

Not everybody has medical cabinets, but if you do, then try to use all of them. If your bathroom is extra small, even doors of your cabinet can serve pretty well. Use small magnetic organizers for those small items such as tweezers, bobby pins or hair-ties. You know, those things that are always lost after the first use.


Acrylic Organizers for Makeup

Many beauty bloggers advice us to organize our makeup into acrylic boxes. They are perfect because they can go to shelves, drawers or left somewhere visible. In this containers, you can see all the makeup you have so you won’t end up using something all the time while forgetting about something else.


Do you organize your beauty products? If you have some other beauty enthusiasts tricks for easy clutter, let us know!

How To Style Grey Sweater: Style Guide

How To Style Grey Sweater: Style Guide

Fall palette consists of warm red, orange, dark yellow, and brown shades. They tend to dominate our wardrobe at this time of the year. So it is not a surprise that in that sea of warm tones we have forgotten on grey – the perfect neutral color that works with any and every color and represents an ideal base for your fall wardrobe. Along with all-black-everything, outfits that are entirely grey are not boring at all. On the contrary, they will provide you with a big dose of comfort, while still looking stylish and very sophisticated.

Grey sweaters are more versatile than you think and that is why I have prepared this style guide – to show you how to combine it with other fall and winter clothes that you have.

Grey and Camel

When it comes to grey and camel combination, I have to admit one thing – I didn’t like it at first. I tried wearing my grey sweater with a camel coat that I had, and it just didn’t seem right. However, now I can’t just get enough of this lovely combination. As well as this blogger I can wear it the whole winter!

Casual and Chic

Casual and chic – two words that can perfectly describe this look. It is undoubtedly a combination that you can wear every day without being bored or looking the same. Wrap coat, grey sweater, blue jeans, and two-toned block heels are timeless items that you must have in your closet.

Comfy Look

Grey sweater and mom jeans are comfier than you think. Black ankle boots will give you an edgy and bold vibe. The cable-knit grey sweater is perfect for many different events – school, college or work.


This look can easily be called 5-minutes-outfit. By purchasing a cozy sweater like this, mixing it with black pants, flats, and tote bag, you can be sure that you won’t spend more than 5 minutes dressing up in the morning.

Coat and Sweater in Grey

Making a grey outfit is not so hard as you think. Layer your sweater with the coat in the same shade of grey, and round everything off with blue jeans. This combination is suitable to wear for almost every occasion – from work to a late night drink with your friends.


All-grey-everything sounds perfect the same as the black-everything looks. Flare pants and sweater are items that you can wear at your office, dinners, and even special occasions. Copy this chic look and don’t forget to add a red scarf – it will upgrade your outfit to a whole new level.

Grey Sweater Turtleneck

If you were wondering how to wear a turtleneck to special events, then this look can be a great inspiration for you. As you can see, chunky sweater with turtleneck and chino pants can serve you to make a perfect elegant combination. Strappy sandals and red nail polish will give you a chic and elegant timeless look.

Elegant Look

Even the most chunky sweaters can be good to style for everyday working hours. Style your oversized grey sweater with a pencil skirt and pointy-toe stilettos. This combination might come comfy when working – the sweater will keep you cozy all the time, while the skirt gives you a stylish and chic look.

How Successful Women Deal With Time

How Successful Women Deal With Time

Every women challenge is good time management and organization. And whether you are working, mom, or student, dealing with time can be pretty tricky. You need to stay focused on your professional achievements, but it doesn’t mean you should destroy your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Being a successful woman with a lot of personal obligations is not an easy task, but some tricks can help you. Incorporate these habits, and trust me, you won’t be having time problems ever again.


Delegate Your Tasks

If you think – I can do it – you will soon find yourself overwhelmed and burned out. Delegate the tasks you have. In the house, make a list of things everybody should do, kids, make their beds or clean up after eating. On work, delegate tasks that don’t require your expertise. That way you won’t waste your time on something that is not essential.


Sleep Enough

Medical researches say that women generally need to sleep 20 minutes more than men. However, this is usually not the case. Businesswomen can’t function during the day if they haven’t had a good sleep. The solution is – less caffeine, more exercise, and shutting off your phones, tablets, and laptops before bed.


Plan Ahead

Having a calendar is essential for maintaining your time. All successful women do that to organize their working hours, meetings, and free time. If you are a paper-and-pen kind of girl, keep it that way. However, you can also synchronize your calendars on your phones, tablets, and laptops.


Not everything can be done in only one day. However, that is when procrastination can occur. If you are overwhelmed or burned out, even the easiest tasks can hit you the hardest. That is why you need to prioritize. Create a priority list of the most important tasks and do them first.


Say No!

When you are good at what you are doing, people start to think you can do everything! And that is definitely not true. You must set boundaries and say no to those who plan on giving you more and more work. Healthy boundaries lead to good relationships both at work and home.


Stay Focused

The study shows that persons who get disrupted while working feel more stress, frustration, and time pressure. It can also occur that person who is interrupted during working hours frequently can produce faster but lower quality. You need to create an environment where no one will disrupt you – staying focused will help you finish the job much faster, but in the same quality as always.

Always Be On Time

If you are one of those sorry-I-am-late persons and you do it habitually, then you need to change that ASAP. Being late is also a sign of disrespecting other people. In order to be successful women, you need to be on time, and puntional, so other colleagues can respect you.

Don’t Multitask

Our brain isn’t designed to switch that easy from one task to completely another one. Trying to complete two jobs at the same time isn’t that easy, and it can lower your productivity. Focus on one task at the time, and manage your working hours.

Winter Capsule Wardrobe: All Items That You Need

Winter Capsule Wardrobe: All Items That You Need

What if I tell you it is possible to maximize the time you spend in bed in the morning and get ready for only 30 minutes? Don’t believe me? If you are wondering how is this even possible, the answer is pretty clear – creating a perfect winter capsule wardrobe. It will save you a lot of time, choosing, mixing clothes that you have already tried and decided not to wear. Avoiding all those I-don’t-have-anything-to-wear moments, all you need to do is to pick perfect items that you can combine with everything. Scroll down to see what these items are and how to combine them.


Bright Colored Knits

winter capsule wardrobe

Even though bright colored items might seem hard to combine, with other neutral winter capsule wardrobe items you can style them pretty easy. For this fall and winter seasons try bright yellow, pink, or green knits. They go perfectly with jeans, skirts while you can be unique and style them over a floral dress.



winter capsule wardrobe

Berets made a huge comeback last year, but this year they are definitely at the peak of their popularity. Many stylish girls were seen wearing this accessory – so why don’t you try it? It gives you certain Parisian chic, makes your outfits interesting, and after all, it keeps you warm. Red beret will undoubtedly make you like you are born and raised in Paris, while you can also choose some neutral shade like grey or brown.


Checked Pants

winter capsule wardrobe

Checked fashion items also made a huge comeback last winter. They were all around and on runway shows. Personally, I purchased a pair of checked trousers last year, and I am convinced I will wear them this season too. They are versatile, you can style them with any other item you already own, including knits in bright colors. When it comes to shoes, checked pants are perfect to wear with ankle boots, flats, and even sneakers.


High-Neck Dresses

winter capsule wardrobe

Winter season doesn’t mean you should put aside all your dresses. Instead of wearing ruffles, mini lengths, and V-necks opt for high-neck dresses and midi hemlines. With ankle boots and a cozy coat, you won’t have to worry about the cold.


Camel Coat

winter capsule wardrobe

A camel coat is one of those basic and timeless staples that you need to buy ASAP. You can wear it for more than six months and not be bored of it. Camel coat mixes with (almost) every other piece – you can wear it as an everyday item, and for special occasions.


Leather Skirt

winter capsule wardrobe

Even if you don’t believe it, you can still get away with cool leather mini skirt even in cold winter weather. Worn it with tights, and cozy ankle boots. Leather mini skirts always add that cool factor to all your outfits.


Perfect Ankle Boots

winter capsule wardrobe

Always make sure your boots are clean. You need to find some wipe-clean booties that you can wear every day. For this season, go with unexpected white shaded boots with block heel.


I hope those winter capsule wardrobe items will help you avoid long preparations in the morning.

Self-Care Ideas to Start Doing This Fall

Self-Care Ideas to Start Doing This Fall

Fall can be a tough time. Along with all pretty things in fall – pumpkin potages, warm soups, tea, and a fireplace, some things can really soak all your energy. The fact that days get short, the dark comes early, and holidays are just around the corner, can make you feel depressed and in lack of energy. Here are some of the self-care ideas to start doing this fall, that might help you feel good every day.


Clean Up Your Space

It is a fact that (whether the season is) messy house cause even messier thinking and feeling overwhelmed. Taking care of your working space, as well as for the kitchen, living room and other places in your house will help you feel better. Decorate your home for fall – add candles, warm-shaded details, and fresh fall flowers. Trust me, this will make you drink your morning coffee with more elan and good will.

self care ideas

Limit Screen Time

It has happened to all of us – we have read some sad story on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and that had an influence on our whole day. There is a way to avoid that. One of the universal self-care ideas is to limit your screen time. Disconnect from wifi, don’t look at your phone, because there will always be some notification that can disturb you. Many apps can help you in achieving this idea.


Take a Warm Bath

When fall and winter time comes, you should take more baths. Don’t forget to take a book, sip a glass of wine or a snack. You can always add some aromatherapy oils or salts to relax. Enjoy that time and disconnect as much as you can from all everyday worries – work, family, etc. Leave that all behind, just relax and breathe.

self care ideas

Transform Self-Care Ideas to Habits

For some, self-care routine ideas mean brushing their hair or taking a late night shower after a long day at the office. For some, these ideas are skincare routines, putting on your mask, and detox oil before bed. Everything that suits you is fine. Make sure to turn these ideas into regular things you will practice from now on.


Eat Chocolate

Is there anyone who didn’t crave for hot chocolate or those Ferrero Rocher balls on those cold fall days? Don’t count me there, because when I am depressed, I usually want to eat that whole chocolate box. And that is not a bad thing, you know! Eating chocolate can lift up your mood, and even scientists tell us that. Try those chocolates with the big percent of cacao or make your own brownies and cookies.

self care ideas

Start with small things – turn off your TV or disconnect from your wifi. Focus on your breathing, clean up space where you instead spend your me-time and just enjoy.

Do you practice any self-care ideas yourself? Write to us which of these ideas you liked the most.