Aromatherapy as a Big Fighter against Stress

There are various ways of overcoming stress and win it. If you have tried all of the medical solutions but couldn’t fight against depression and stress then the biggest fighter for you may be aromatherapy. It is believed that people used to fight against stress with aromatherapy in ancient times. This secret is unveiled by a little number of specialists, but we believe that it will become more popular in the near future. Why? Because the result is obvious. People suffering from headaches, different kinds of stress and depression find a kind of peace and harmony once they start using essential oils in their everyday life. Any fragrance has a magical power of healing and making a human feel better. It leads to balance and harmony of body and mind. Here are our best ideas of aromatherapy to consider in your lifestyle.

The Use of Essential Oils

A number of essential oils are used in aromatherapy. These are highly concentrated liquid oils with foundation of aromatherapy. The main idea of using aromatic oil from a plant comes from ancient times. They were mostly used for healing purposes. Nowadays everyone can find aromatic oils of any plant. You can use them in massages, as some aromatherapy oils are too concentrated to apply directly to the skin. However, you shouldn’t confuse essential oils with perfumes or other fragrance oils. Another way aromatherapy diluting the chosen essential oil by water and diffuse into the air. Researches have shown that many essential oils used in aromatherapy really help to relieve stress, relax the body, and promote better sleep. Essential oils are made of natural plants, while fragrance oils have chemical specifications. There are various types of essential oils and among them the most required options are as follows; lavender, tea tree, patchouli, jasmine, bergamot, rosemary.

How it Works?

Scents are very powerful and even a simple smell can remind you of a memory, place, or person. Fragrances and all kinds of powerful smells evoke emotions and memories. They can change your mood, thoughts and emotional state. That’s why aromatherapy has a direct association with your big struggle against stress. When a human breathes in aromatic molecules, they go to the top of the nose and the molecules get in touch with specific nerve cells called Olfactory cells. These cells have tiny hairs that immediately recognize the aroma thanks to the ‘lock and key’ process. In fact, each hair recognizes a specific aroma. After a while the nerve impulses work with your emotions. The studies also show that this activity has the power to change the mood by altering brain chemistry. As for skin massages with essential oils, they say that the molecules of those oils travel through the top layer of skin and reach the deeper layer including blood vessels allowing them to circulate through all body areas. This process is both enjoyable and healing. It makes you feel relaxed and brings kind of calmness in your attitude, thoughts and mind.

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