Amiyrah Joseph is the name you’ll be hearing a lot in the future. The second year Abnormal and Clinical Psychology student has big plans for the future. Other than getting a college degree, Amiyrah is very passionate about the modeling world. And her beauty tells me she’s going to climb to the very top!

This aspiring model is a girl of many talents. Even thought she is a full time student, she is also a self taught artist, henna artists and tattoo designer. On top of that, Amiyrah is making her way to the modeling industry. Oh, and she’s only 19 years old and is already such an inspiration!

Hey there modeling companies and brands, search no more, Amiyrah is here! What attracts Amiyrah the most about modeling is the fun it goes with it! She also appreciates the chance to work with many different brands and broaden her horizons. Amiyrah is the friendly type of gal who loves people. And that is my friends, the best type of girl!

So, what drives Amiyrah? Her personal motivation is – her failures. You didn’t see that coming, didn’t you? A pretty girl is a pretty girl, but a pretty girl with a brain is the most lethal combination! She takes pride in the lessons she learned from her past failures. Amiyra keeps on pushing until she achieves her goal! With a brain like that and her positive attitude, this girl will soon take over the world!

To maintain her stunning looks and physique, Amiyra has chosen to live a healthy life. And it’s working pretty well for her. She’s basing her diet on fresh fruits and vegetables, home cooked meals and a lot of herbal tea.Just take a look at her perfect body. Well, she works for it! Ballet workout is her thing, 4 days a week. She prefers walking over public transport. Maybe she takes the hard way, but it totally pays off!

When she has a few extra minutes on her hand, Amiyra likes to dedicate herself to her artistic self. She creates art pieces and designs for people, and is into henna designs as well. Just look how talented she is.

If her friends need a model for their projects, they know who to call. And Amiyra is happy to help! This inspiring girl also did a photoshoot for a modeling portfolio. I don’t know what it is about this girl, but everything about her screams SUPERMODEL! Maybe it’s her well maintained body figure or her perfect height, but this girl can easily put a spell on any brand!

While speaking of brands, Amiyra has some pretty high standards. She names Marc Jacobs, Fenty, Givenchy, Vera Wang, TUK Shoes, Gucci, Hellbunny, Dolce & Gabbana and Versace as her favourites. It is really surprising that she does not have any existing partnerships with brands, but it is certain that she’s a gem just waiting to be found. And it is happening soon!

In no time Amiyra will be singing: “Started from the bottom, now I’m here”. To follow her journey towards her goals, follow her at @Amiyrah_Artistry.


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