How to Add Safari Vibe to Your Summer Outfits

Making your outfits interesting in summer is not so hard. There are plenty of items that you can mix and patterns that you can combine. However, this year everybody from fashion industry was talking about famous safari style. Olive green, khaki and brown are the earth tones that describe this style the best possible way, so it is no surprise that they are very dominating this season. The question we will solve in this post is how to add safari vibe to your summer outfits. Trust me, your looks will appear fabulous, and you will be ready for all your seaside travels.


Brown and khaki tones are very easy to work with – they match perfectly with one another as well with all other shades. Suede wrap dress seems like a perfect summer staple. It will definitely make a statement, whatever you choose to match it with. The Vogue Turkey editor opted for a khaki button down which is bit oversized and flat sandals.


Olive green tote bag combined with long khaki duster jacket seems like a perfect summer combination. This blogger shows us her combination for a trip to Africa, but you can quickly mix and add safari vibe to this combo for your everyday wear on the hot city concrete.


Stripes are an unavoidable part of any summer outfit. French girls made it famous, and we can’t thank them enough for doing that. This fashion blogger though styles her black-and-white striped top with olive green wide leg pants. The combination seems very casual and chunky. With a comfortable pair of espadrilles, this can be your perfect everyday outfit.


Oversized button-down shirt with stripes in black, white and beige looks very comfortable and cute. You can style it with beige shorts and round everything off with sandals or block heel mules. Black belt with an attractive buckle will be a fantastic detail that will provide you with that famous safari vibe.


Vogue Australia editor Christine Centenera likes basic and earth-toned shades. You will not see her wearing pink, blue or some other bright and trendy colors, but her black outfits are impeccable. She is also known for her olive green and khaki looks – layered skirt and safari button-down shirt seem like two perfect items to go with.


Nothing can beat a classic white dress that has a button-down front. Because of this, it has safari vibe that you will adore. Match it with your white crossbody bag and add patterned silk scarf in the form of a turban.


When it comes to accessories, they can also help you to add safari vibe to your outfit combinations. This street style star matches her animal printed bag with a classic white tee and high waisted wide leg pants. You can opt for lace-up or Roman sandals to finish off with the lovely casual combination.


If you thought that khaki is not so easy to color to combine, then let this outfit proof you wrong. As you can see, this oversized button-down shirt is combined with high waist wide leg pants and burgundy belt which is surprisingly long, but it looks beautiful!

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