Acroyoga’s Bonnie Argo: Full of Soul

Internationally known, Bonnie Argo is the founder of “Soul Flow” and “SOULution Yoga” and has taught a number of yoga teachers for a long time. She is known for conducting trainings that bring a strong impact among her students, therefore turning them into strong and well educated teachers.

“She empowers others with fierce love, tender care and intentional direction that transforms self-limiting beliefs and deepens self-worth. She is renowned for new thought paradigms that make it possible for anyone, at any age, to be received as a teacher, healer, and leader and most importantly as the essence of themselves.” – SOULution Yoga

A native of England but now staying in Boston, the beautiful bodied Bonnie is mostly associated as a Prana Flow Teacher. Prana flow is designed to be the transformational path to vital living. It was founded by Shiva Rea, in which Bonnie studied extensively with, along with Vinyasa Collective of Teachers, Prana Flow Vinyasa is a creative and holistic approach to finding, and embodying, the dynamic flow of yoga. With inspiration from Tantra, Ayurveda, Bhakti and the teachings of modern yoga’s unofficial founder, Krishnamacharya, classes are taught to upbeat music and inspired poetry. She has definitely worked her way up to who she is now as she now travels around the world; seeking people who are in need of physical and spiritual healing. She holds workshops, trainings and retreats for Shiva Rea, grabbing the attention of audiences through her skill in teaching, public speaking and also singing. No doubt, what a talented woman!

She is a part of AcroYoga –  a mixture of acrobatics, thai massage and yoga, where she is a senior teacher training and certifying  aspiring yoga teachers. Indeed, she is a skilled Body Worker. Through yoga, she helps other people transform and heal by the sacred blend of deep physical practice and mystical, spiritual teachings. She is given high regard because of her authentic shares of sequencing rooted in a deep knowledge of anatomy, believing that having knowledge of your own body is as important as breathing. Aside from those mentioned, she also has personal interests in Kirtan, Yin Yoga, Shiatsu Anma, Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki and Reflexology.

In everything that she does, she does with conviction. She also helps others bring out the teacher, healer and leader in them, teaching them that age and status do not matter and that being one is always possible for anyone.

This yoga babe is also an ambassador of “Lululemon”, a company that makes technical athletic clothes for yoga, running, working out, and most other sweaty pursuits.

People have been fond of Bonnie’s life teachings and wellness tips that made her have over 50 thousand followers in Instagram (@bonnie_argo) and Twitter (@bonnie_argo). There, she posts not only stunning photos but also motivational words making her page an esteem booster and a sight for sore eyes.

She continues to share some basic steps as well as simple workshops online ( Her class schedules may be found in

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