8 Resolutions Every Women Should Set in 2019

resolutions for 2019

Christmas is already here and you still have a lot of things to finish – food, cards for gifts, wrapping. Do it with joy and try to be less stressed out about the things. In the meantime, this is also a great opportunity for you to think about your next year goals and resolutions. Think about what do you want, how you would like to push yourself into trying new things, such as learning a new language or travel more.


Here are some of the goals every woman should set for herself in 2019. Try to remember or write them down, so you can always check them out from time to time.

More Travel

Let your next year be a year for new travels. That doesn’t necessarily mean you should travel far away or out of your country. You can explore places near you, something you have visited as a child or always wanted to visit. Travel not only broadens your mind it also help you unwind and not think about work and other problems that bother you.


More Discipline

Start a new year with new resolutions – you will need more discipline if you want to achieve every goal you have set. You can buy a great planner and start planning ahead. Make sure they have in-depth spaces for all your notes and goals.


Learn New Language(s)

With so many useful and easy-to-use language apps you can now choose which language you would like to learn. Choose language that can even help you in achieving your goals. Plan to travel somewhere? Go online and find some quick but effective courses that will be interesting enough for you to stay consistent. Who knows what can happen in 365 days?


Special Saving

Save for something big. Whether you plan to buy a piece of jewelry, designer bag, or travel with your boyfriend to some exotic place – stick to your budget and try to save every month.

Go Offline

Even though it is hard with all social media, phones, tablets, and laptops, you should definitely go offline sometimes. Let this be one of your weekend resolutions, detox from work in the evenings and just do something you love.


Follow Your Dreams

We all should follow our dreams. Even though this resolution might sound cliche and old, this one can bring you a lot of joy in the incoming year. Whether it is opening your business, blog or simply learning some new skill, don’t hesitate to commit yourself to it.


Take Care of Your Body

Let 2019 be the year of eating good and taking perfect care of your body. You should plan ahead your trainings, daily menus and stick to it. Even though it can be quite challenging, you can always give yourself a few cheating days and continue working on getting in the right shape.


More Books

I don’t know about you, but I adore reading, especially fashion books. Lately, I have been reading biographies, and it is inspiring. You should read more in 2019. Don’t stick to only one field – read whatever interest you.

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