6 Ways to Detox Your Body and Mind This Fall

Even though summer isn’t officially over – at least not until September 22, nevertheless, you can feel the presence of fall in the air. Lazy summer days are over for those who started school a few days ago and for those who feel like partying season is definitely done for one year. Just because of many barbeques, pool, sea parties, and drinking you should start thinking about detox. Not even detoxing your body only – your mind should be part of this too.

Here are some simple, yet very effective ways on how you can detox your body and mind this fall.


Give Up Drinking

Let this be your September goal – giving up drinking on weekends will be refreshing for you your body, and your mind altogether. Even if you are not a heavy drinker, you can practice this from time to time, just to give your body some fine detox time. However, don’t throw a glass of white or red wine for good. All the studies claim that one glass from time to time after lunch is good for our bodies.

Clean your Closet

One of my favorite activities that I try to do in both spring and fall is cleaning my working space and closet. It comes kind of relaxing, really releases you from stress, and make your home even more pretty! You can prepare your clothes for cooler days, and switch from t-shirts and shorts to some warmer blouses and pants. Throw away all the stuff that you don’t need or use.

Upgrade your Skin Care Routine

With fall days come cooler weather. And that means you should upgrade your skin care routine with good products that will keep it clean and moisturized. If you were using waterish and light formulas in summer, then it is good to switch to some heavier ones – you can also upgrade your routine by adding some products like facial essence, serums or good night detox oil.

Eliminate Toxins

Fall can be a good time to start a process of eliminating toxins out of your body and life in general. You can take off this process with one cup of warm water with lemon in the morning. Even if it seems like a small step, this will make a huge difference in your body. Then, you can clean your vents, add plants to your home, avoid drinking out of plastic bottles, and take a probiotic daily.

Get Into Workout Routine

Personally, I don’t like to workout. I find it very hard to train every day or any other day, so this task might be the hardest for me. However, I can’t question good sides of the workout. Especially after long dog days in summer cocktails, and barbeques. Give it your best to find even half an hour a day to practice – home or at the gym, it doesn’t matter. I will surely give it a try.

Less Stress

Reducing stress is not an easy task. However, you can start with few things. Instead of watching in your tablet or mobile before sleep, try to disconnect for some time before bed. Read a book, a magazine, or just meditate. Spend more time off your screen, and you will see the difference immediately!