6 Summer Items Every Stylish Girl Need

Summer is a time of year when less is actually better than more. If we talk about the garments that you will need in summer, beauty products or accessories it all comes to one – it is the best to have something chic and classy to wear, comfortable and appropriate for every combination than to change something every day. Light makeup and even lighter wardrobe are in my opinion all that you will need when temperatures hit really high. That is I have gathered around 8 summer items every stylish girl need. If you decide to scroll down, you will see summer essentials that will make your days easier and your routines better.



Even if you own a simple white top, it can be your favorite summer piece. You can style it with both jeans and skirts. Make sure to find a fine lace top or tell your grandmother to make you a crochet top that will be a huge trend in the summertime. Lovely ruffles will make you look even better.



As you already know, straw bags are on the peak of their popularity for two summer seasons now. And we have to admit that it doesn’t come as a surprise because these bags are just – perfect. Made of straw, they match with hot summer weather, beach and seaside. However, the challenge is to wear them in the city’s hot concrete with your everyday clothes. You need to try it!



Oh, tell me please, is there anything better than ruffles on a summer dress? My answer would definitely be no. I love all the dresses that have appeared lately, but I would love to wear ruffles and bright floral prints all summer long. If you share this same enthusiasm as I do, then you should definitely buy one ruffle dress and not worry about looking perfect in summer.


Printed trousers might not be the choice of every girl reading this, but you have to know few things. These pants will make every outfit appear interesting, chic and summerish. You can choose between different prints – florals, botanical or tribal motifs, it doesn’t really matter. You can wear them with the most basic shirt and still look amazing.



When you are buying sandals, make sure that they are comfortable. However, you can also choose shoes that will make your outfits appear exciting and chic. Bright colors or interesting heel can help with that. This year, try a transparent trend. You will love it, trust me.



Gold jewelry would look even better on sun-kissed skin. You can actually have only few statement necklaces and bracelets and wear them all summer long! The pendants like this will be perfect for both casual or elegant outfits.

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