Although we are just half-way through 2018, there are some Instagram trends that are so popular at the moment. This social app never stops changing, and I think there is a charm in that fact. If you are a fan of Instagram as much as I am, then you probably want to be informed about latest Instagram trends so far. I have summed all of them and now I will show them off to you. What are we waiting for? Let’s start.



Many bloggers, influencers, and models tend to share their editing secrets to their followers. There is no better way to do it than with a simple story carousel. They publish a photo that they edited, first raw, without any filters with a title TAP TO EDIT. And when you tap – voila! You have that same photo, with filters and edited. Some of the bloggers went a step ahead. They are even selling Lightroom presets! You can now copy your favorite blogger, model or any other influencer’s feed filters.



Instagram marketing might be one of the most popular at this moment. A lot of companies use this social network to attract more buyers and to sell their products. You can now see the descriptions below the photos that show you to check out their stories to see more products. Advice plus: put all these stories into Highlights.

New option on Instagram is a re-share function. Posts shared to Instagram Stories display the poster’s username, and in this way, letting users tap it to check out the original post. Very handy, right?



Instagram tends to make selling easier. It became kind of e-commerce place where you can see the price and buy something that you have seen on your feed. This comes quite handy for all fashion retailers, companies and others. Buying directly from the app was never easier!



First appeared polls. And now we have emoji polls that are even cuter than the regular ones! When you see emoji slider just drag to the left or right. After doing this, you will see the average answers. This is the great way to engage with your followers and audience through your Insta Stories.



This trend is not new, but it is definitely here to stay. Personally, I have discovered many beautiful and inspirational people through bloggers shoutouts. Each week, some of them decide to share their favorite profiles. There is nothing wrong with that! If you ask me, I love it! However, you have to understand one thing. It can look kind of spammy. Keep this on minimum and try not to overdo it.



Retro filters are officially back! All the Instagramers love it (including me as well). HUJI cam, 8mm or RNI Films are apps that will make your photos look vintage and very interesting. You might have noticed polaroid templates as well. Unfold app will provide you with wonderful templates that you can share with your followers. Make your feed looks interesting and trendy!