6 Chic Accessories Every Girl Should Have

Every stylish girl knows that accessories are keys to transform your outfits from usual and average to fantastic and extraordinary. However, these accessories don’t have to be statement-makers. You don’t need to have massive and expensive pieces of jewelry in order to make your outfits look luxurious and chic. If your wardrobe is grounded on essential staples (remember French girls rules?), then you know that even minimalistic and simple jewelry can make a big change. I will show you 6 chic accessories every girl should have. From bags to rings and necklaces, there some items that will never be out of style. Make yourself comfy, grab a piece of paper and take notes.


I am personally a big fan of stacked or any other sorts of rings. Last few years girls are divided into two groups – massive and minimal jewelry. Personally, I vote for both. However, some minimalistic and delicate rings can always be good luxe lifter. Dainty rings are just perfect. You can’t ever go wrong with delicate silver or gold stacked rings.


These necklaces, whether gold or silver are perfectly minimal and dainty. Since summer is already knocking on our doors, these necklaces can be your best friend when it comes to jewelry. You can combine them with white button-downs, ruffle and flowy tops and some elegant dresses as well. Whether they have some shiny rocks or not, they can make a statement, or be just a part of your minimal outfits.


Is there anything better than a chic, unique shaped bag? I always loved to buy bags and to change them depending on the outfits. If you belong to this group of bag enthusiasts too, then you know what I am talking about. Chic accessories every girl should have must include the unique bag. Some of the trends for the spring are small bags, circle handled, and unique shapes.


In the fashion world, trends are going and coming back.However, some items are just eternal. The cat-eye sunglasses are just some of the retro items that dominated this fashion season. Even though their feminine shape was always here, undoubtedly chic. You can choose between bigger or smaller shaped sunglasses. For unique look choose some eye-catching color.


Every business woman knows the power of good and nice looking watch. Whether you decide to wear slim or bigger watch, it is one of those accessories every girl should have. This accessory is definitely worth investing in. You can choose gold, silver or leather bracelet – you won’t make a mistake in any case. For extra chic look, layer your watch with some stacked bracelets.


Do I even have to explain this accessory? Having even one pair of stiletto heels will provide you with a great dose of luxury and glamour. They are appropriate for every occasion. You can style them with your workwear, or wear them to any formal event you are invited to.

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