Russian bombshell Irina Shayk knows a thing or two about being flawless. She keeps her natural beauty untouched with some pretty old-school beauty tricks. Truth be told, they work better than plastic surgeries. The 32-year-old supermodel likes to take care of her skin; after all, she participated in Marc Jacobs’ special charity project – “Protect the Skin You Are in”.
Let’s take a look at Irina Shayk’s skincare regimen; who knows maybe we will score a Bradly Cooper too!


Russian beauty Irina Shayk starts her mornings icey and fresh. She rubs her face with an ice-cube, which she believes helps her freshen up her face. A glass of hot water with lemon in the morning and throughout the day is also beneficial for your skin, Irina says. SPF protection is a must, even during winter time. Shayk does not believe in wearing makeup all the time; too much makeup can damage your skin. And who has the time and nerves to apply makeup first thing in the morning; instead follow Irina Shayk’s advice; apply your favorite lipstick and you are good to go.


Irina Shayk can’t get enough of her coconut oil. She either uses it right after she gets out of the shower, or she uses it as a makeup remover. In either case, coconut oil works as a charm. Keep in mind that when using coconut oil you should use a facewash to take the extra oil off.


We’re all in love with Irina’s radiant, glowy skin. Her secret: lots of vegetables and fish oil. Other than glowy skin, your body will also thank you for keeping it healthy.


Even perfect girls like Irina Shayk break the rules from time to time. When she has a food craving – she goes for it! However, she knows when to stop. Whatever she puts in her body, she works it out at the gym. Pasta, meats and French fries are Shayk’s weaknesses; but she tries to go raw at least a week in a month.


To have a rocking body like the Irina Shayk can brag about, you have to work for it. Nothing good came from lying around all day! Although she is not a big fan of cardio workouts, and running is not her thing, Shayk enjoys a good Jujitsu or Pilates training. If the gym is giving you nightmares, find the thing that you are going to enjoy. As long as you keep your body moving, everything works!


Washing your face at least three times a day is what Irina Shayk recommends. Imagine what all the dust from the air can do to your skin if you don’t wash it off; especially if you are living in a busy city. A good face wash will take nothing more than five minutes of your time and nothing less than years off your face in the long run.

It is that simple to be the prettiest version of yourself. You just have to find the beauty regime that works best for your skin; maybe Irina Shayk’s will help you out. Enjoy the compliments, ladies!