5 Trendy Jackets for 2018

Jackets are among the most necessary outfits in our wardrobes. We use them in spring, autumn and winter and sometimes take with us for cool summer evening walks. While you may use a single jacket for years, others like to update their collection for each season. Special for those looking for trendy jackets for 2018 here are some fabulous options that come from the latest fashion shows. Find your style!

Long Denim Jacket

So, oversized, long and cozy denim jackets have come to replace the popular tight and short ones. These are rather comfortable and eye-catching than common jeans or denim jackets. They are also warmer and go well both with dresses and trousers. You can rock them with stylish sporty shoes, outfits and accessories to highlight your personal street style. Lately we also see colorful or embroidered denim jackets that hold more girlish touches. Don’t forget to match them with cool sunglasses and comfy sneakers.

Tie-Belt Jackets

Are you looking for something more elegant? Here are trendy tie-belt jackets. They are usually made of soft and high-quality materials that make you feel warm enough and showcase the beauty of your body shape. Although they are simple and monotone, but they look very luxurious with the right chosen combinations of accessories and outfits. All you need to bring out this style is just tying a beautiful belt around your back. Some types of these jackets are called longline.

Translucent Rain Jacket

Wear translucent rain jackets special for rainy days and you’ll be on the safe side. Such jackets come in a number of styles, colors and looks. They are both comfortable and stylish. If you like creative solutions, then super sparkling and glowing rain jackets are perfect for you. They have the power to change your mood on gloomy rainy days.

Leather Moto Jacket

Perhaps one of the most popular jackets out there is the classic leather moto jacket in black color. This trend will never leave the fashion world as it’s the coolest jacket you can ever meet. Recently designers have decided to shorten the style of these jackets making them bolder and more attractive. Now, we have short leather moto jackets to match with any outfit you like and that’s the biggest advantage of these jackets. On the other hand, leather jackets are of high-quality and make you look richer.

Classic Velvet Jacket

It’s not a secret that velvet is today’s most required fabric. It has become popular last year and continues to stay a big trend for 2018. Instead of the common velvet dresses that we have seen in 2017, try to stand out with a new style by wearing velvet jackets. There are old vintage options and simple classic velvet jackets for your choice. The colors mainly range from burgundy, black, deep blue and green but you can go bolder with a brighter color. Try to accessorize dark velvet jackets with light-colored accessories if you want to bring out the shade of the fabric.

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