5 Tips to Take Instagram Selfie like a Male Model

Are you an aspiring male model on Instagram? Do you want to know how you can click perfect selfies for your Instagram account? If yes, then this blog post is for you. Although, there are a lot of posts on how to click selfies and tips from female models on selfies, there is rarely one for males. Therefore, we have come out with some tips that can help you to take Instagram selfies like a male model. These tips include some important points that some of the really hot looking models of the Milan Fashion Week have given. No matter, if you are in London, Milan, Paris, New York, or Florence, you would know the best things including clothes, as these are the places that are famous for their fashion weeks. You would know the best coffee, sparkling water, after-parties, and people. However, one of the other important things in fashion weeks is the self-inducing selfies of models, both males as well as females. And, these selfies get most of the likes on Instagram due to how perfect they look. But, now you too can click selfies like models and get lots of likes on your Instagram pictures. How? Just read on about the tips given by male models themselves. Their secrets include group shots, shirtless mirror pictures, famous girlfriends, and so on.

1. Get familiar with your phone

First of all, you must know that a selfie is different from other pictures, as it is taken by you. It is not a picture that is taken by your colleague or girlfriend, but you. Therefore, you must learn how to do it well by practicing and clicking a lot of selfies. This way you can click better selfies, by knowing which pose, what type of light, etc. suits you. Plus, you must get familiar with the buttons of your phone. Experts use the top volume button to click a picture in place of the standard camera button.

2. Arrange your shot

Make sure that your selfie shows something interesting and cool that people would like to see, such as a plane, a baller hotel room, a limousine, the backstage area, your cool friends, etc.  Do not get plain selfies with no one or nothing in the background.  And, go easy on animals and babies.

3. Find the right light

For a great selfie, it is important that it should be clicked in the right light. For this, you can take your selfie in different lights in various angles and see what suits you. Natural light is great. Additionally, you must lift your face and then click your selfie. Avoid backlight, save for if you want to click an artistic selfie, which is very creative if you get it right. 

4. Do something

Smile, show your abs, squint a bit, wave, give a blue steel pose, make a peace sign, or do anything else. You must do something in your selfie. No one wants to look at your boring picture, sitting alone in your workplace, doing nothing. So, make sure that you make some pose, while clicking your selfie.

5. Have fun

Most of all, you must have fun in your picture. Enjoy your life and live it in the best way. For instance, you are at a party, get some quiet place like the balcony and click a selfie with your friends or eat something nice and put the picture on Instagram.   

 These are the five tips that can help you take Instagram selfie like a male model.

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